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MindInTheClouds Aug 2016
We are like a tattoo,
forever there changing.
We cover the Earth's beauty,
like a scar of the skin.
As time passes, we change.
We spread in all directions
slowly fading, sinking down,
down into the skin of the earth.
We overlap,
lose our beauty in the concrete jungle.
We become ****.
Loosen out grip on nature,
but we envy its eternal youth.
We want to go back to our original beauty.
We can't.
We grow old.
We continue to fade until we are a form with no beauty.
Till the earth is covered.
Humans are Earth's fading tattoo.
MindInTheClouds Aug 2016
What a crazy thing!
It is almost infectious.
Pulling at my insides,
Throwing my emotions out of wack.
It could be used as a form of torture.
It weasels its way into my mind,
my heart,
my bones.
Muscles are stretched in unfamiliar directions.
A burning, a yearning for more.
It builds in the pit of my stomach.
It is infectious.
This place breeds the infection.
It grows like a mad mans craze.
There is no place to run,
no place to hide from the contagion.
It surrounds me leaving no escape.
I wait for the infection to spread,
to take over my body.
The endless happiness envelopes me.
All that remains is a diseased body
left behind by the infectious *World of Disney
MindInTheClouds Aug 2016
Am I going to wash away?
Pulled by a river and wash away?
Drenched by a dagger and wash away?
Poisoned by a snake and wash away?
Drained by a bullet and wash away?
Catch me as I wash away!

Fade into a dream and wash away?
Plummet into darkness and wash away?
Submit into weakness and wash away?
Collapse into betrayal and wash away?
Catch me as I wash away!

Succumb to fate and wash away?
Lead to failure and wash away?
Surrender to temptation and wash away?
Lie to shield and wash away?
Please, catch me as I wash away!

Am I going to wash away?
I did not ask to wash away.
But, now, I must wash away.
However my way, I'll wash away.
Do not catch me as I wash away!
MindInTheClouds Aug 2016
We have always been under the boot of men,
Giving them support till the end.

Even if we are treated like rugs,
We smile and hide our emotions in hugs.

We were raised in a world of cultural bias,
Leaving men with the highest.

Our voice is soft to calm and please,
But men are the hardest to appease.

We act unsure and not too bold,
Though men are blunt and can be cold.

Women can work above the rest,
yet men are still considered the best.

A man with women on his arms,
It's a compliment and does not harm.

She, the one at his side,
A *****, a crook along for the ride.

Women can stand as tall as men,
But are always pushed down or made to bend.

This plight, this fight must end soon,
for it will bring our unfortunate doom.

This balance is unjust and unfair,
So women, lets make them care.
  Apr 2016 MindInTheClouds
Mike Hauser
Just when your world collapses

To the point of fall apart

There still resides a tiny spark

Deep within your hungry heart

The tiniest of slivers

A slight glimmer of hope

A righteous nod from the voice of God

Letting you know you're not alone
  Nov 2015 MindInTheClouds
dating a writer
is like guessing the weather.
you think you know what you'll get,
but you never do.

you never know

she'll create a hero
from your weaknesses

and she'll write a great character,
from every last flaw.

she'll create a thousand plots  
from your worst nightmares.

she'll take every last thing you hate
and create something you'll love.

she'll turn your anger
into confessions of adoration,

and she'll make you,
everything you're not.

but worst of all,
she'll leave you wondering-
is it you she's in love with,
or things she's created from you?

but here's the beauty of it:

if you date a writer,
you'll never die.
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