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Druzzayne Rika Apr 2018
We do not own the earth
     no one does
          it gives shelter to many lives
              lets the mother nature rule the way.

The consequence of humans breaking the rule
countless times
the balance is disrupted
It is killing the earth slowly
affecting flora and fauna.

Humans may try to find another planet to disrupt
try to pollute other spaces with their selfishness
Taking advantage of Earth's kindness,
leaving behind the unrecyclable waste
The disaster is set to come
And the destruction will be worse.

Save the Earth now
let the life grow.
james m nordlund Mar 2018
And rather die as a mayfly, in one day, on their feet,
Than live as long as an eagle flies, on their knees.

"...It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain...",
One instant can damage so much Grace,  

Yet, abominable that only 400 years of supposed science has almost
Destroyed what it took The Evolution 15 billion years to create, the Earth's life!

Extinction is forever and no one will wear it well, the corporate structure's
Convolution need not con anyone, we let them steer our perceptions and ships.

Walking in nature's balance, giving back to her abundance, "...we(e)...",
Illimitable in potential, and indivisible as life, evince to be!

"...They don't stand a chance against our ...(heart),
No, they don't stand a chance against our love..."

If you're lifelong students, self-actuating and evolving, leaving no footprints
That followed none, they will echo forever on, in all ways, always,

Only if humanity gains the sanity to abolish the 'use' of fossil fuels,
Thereby abolishing global defacto-slavery, as well.  Be well.

"...There's a beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye...",
Words weren't meant for cowards, be brave...".

The Cosmos can't stop us from basing global society on scarcity, instead of nature's abundance.
Tragically, our delusions won't be dispelled until that premeditated extermination of 7 billion.
Thanx to Elton John, Robbie Robertson, Happy Rhodes for their great songs lines, from: 'In Your Empty Garden'; 'Ghost Dance', 'Words Weren't Meant For Cowards', respectively, above- before this 48th Earth Day.
pH7 Apr 2017
forget all your selfish rights its about our world’s birthday

an organized campaign to remind you of public consciousness

lets think about our annual environmental concerns event, but just for one day

from grassroots to ancestral roots for our future youth

who needs clean air, water, energy anyway

Remember what you learned, now practice it in the next days

Earth is the real house, the greatest phenomena, in life’s miracle play

My birthright is give her my respects and repay

Not to turn it into mother nature’s biggest grave
YoYoWrites Apr 2017
It was spring, my favorite season.
The trees gathered their color from when the winter took it away.
The flowers began to bloom, the colors yellow, and purple that hid with the grass .
The sun that shone bright, how the clouds stood the way they were late at night
The birds chirping happy to be back home after a long cold winter
Humid by morning, cloudy by noon, rainy by night were the days i was looking forward to.
r Apr 2017
Last night
I lifted my head
to the sky
not so far away
like my dog on the porch
to the songs of the frogs
singing up a storm
I asked her, sweet mutt
of mine to interpret
their words
and she looked at me
as if to say
just listen my friend
they sing of the wind
and the pines
the ocean
that great saltwater dish
where we were born
and the coming
of a great tide
and how we should be
more kind
to our Mother
the Earth tomorrow
on her Birthday
they sing instructions
and warnings
of obituaries heard
in a thunderous warming
then she sighed
and closed her eyes
thumping her tail
in time with the chorous
as the moon
raised his great blind eye
up over the forest.
Earth Day 2017.
MindInTheClouds Aug 2016
We are like a tattoo,
forever there changing.
We cover the Earth's beauty,
like a scar of the skin.
As time passes, we change.
We spread in all directions
slowly fading, sinking down,
down into the skin of the earth.
We overlap,
lose our beauty in the concrete jungle.
We become ****.
Loosen out grip on nature,
but we envy its eternal youth.
We want to go back to our original beauty.
We can't.
We grow old.
We continue to fade until we are a form with no beauty.
Till the earth is covered.
Humans are Earth's fading tattoo.
First light in the Hudson Valley
Arbor Day of April, 1970.

Adrenaline coursed through our young
bodies, our hearts on fire with purpose.

As we rode our bikes, walked, or jogged miles
to our rural high school, red-winged blackbirds
called out from the misty swamps.

Beautiful but invading, acres of purple loosestrife
were rapidly taking over their wetland habitats.

Harbingers of the forests, blue jays issued
warning cries from deep in the woods,
where blights were killing our trees
with increasing frequency.

Three of us rode together, cycling in relative
silence, until we came to a meadow
selected for our early breakfast picnic.

We feasted on special fruits and cheeses,
hungrily stuffing in rare treats.

One friend began to send iridescent
soap bubbles into the chilly air.

Up they rose, up over the soft, puffy cloud
of her reddish curls, and into the dawning sun.

One bubble landed, unbroken, in the cold, dewy grass.

We stared at it, somehow understanding that here
was a delicate metaphor for our own fragile planet.

Approaching our school now, we breathed deeply the fragrance
of apple blossoms from commercial orchards all around us.

The spraying of pesticides had yet to be banned.*

We were sleepy in our classes that morning;
most of our teachers understanding that we stood
now for something worthwhile, that we believed in,
and they smiled with kindness, some even with approval.

Our principal agreed to an awareness-raising slide show
designed for our fellow students, teachers and parents.
An intelligent man, he was admirably tolerant of the wave
of changes that our generation brought with us.

Smoke stacks, polluted water, and dying wildlife
flashed onto a screen in the darkened auditorium,
accompanied by the vivid symphonic power of
Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring'- a score so revolutionary
that a riot broke out at its premier, in May of 1913.

We had no idea then how much worse things would become.

All these years later, we each do our part, blessing
the efforts of our children and their children,
*hoping fervently that we are not too late.
Written on Earth Day, April 22, 2016. This poem is dedicated, with special, heartfelt love, to my fellow alumni of Highland High School, Highland, NY, USA, and to our supportive parents and families. Special thanks to Gloria Caviglia for her timely, sweet reminder!
Above all, may we be blessed with active, disciplined, purposeful love for our Mother Earth, with tolerance and understanding for each other.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
was here before us...
leave it,
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