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pH7 Aug 2018
i cannot fall , if there is no ground.
I do not fall, i see no ground

- the gravity of my space
pH7 Jul 2017
7 billion people in the world
And only that sound of laughter
Speaks truth brings joy
Releases tensions and fills me with ease
Sheer-flushed, blush face
Makes this world feel less like a disgrace
Slows down time, air and space
Holds (my pinky) perspective
All clarity found in the presence of                                                               ­   
                                 children's place
pH7 Jul 2017
The time I have with you shouldn't feel spent or bought... 
it should linger like the last kiss
under the moon
bright and lighted
Saved yet felt
in memories
pH7 Jul 2017
The love we have
was always unspoken, the roles we played has been
and is 
Unspoken word.
pH7 Jul 2017
Wrong time with the wrong people
for a right place,
*(to learn.)
pH7 Jul 2017
there are as many stars
in the galaxy as there are questions (out)
in this world, but like the heart  
some answers lie (within)
the unknown.
pH7 Jul 2017
In darkness,
shows up
(like a miracle).

In lightness,
the dark
is creeping
on the edge
of fear
(like a night terror).
i'm thinking it needs some changes
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