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james nordlund Sep 2019
Mammon, their false god of avarice, says,
their 'final solution', extinction,
to steal everyone's everything,
can't be stopped, notseeism will rule.

"...We(e),..." bay, nay, you will be separated from
the State, as the Constitution dictates, the people
will rise again, your treason will end, Oyate.

Somatic revolution, each one's foci of attention
solutioning with all life, betwixt Earth and Sky,
evincing to be alival, not survival, lifting sights,
inspiring visions, meditations, actions, sweats to Sundance.

While we look to the 7 th generation, with our climate crisis strike,
starting 9-20-19 and 'the Green New Deal', we also mournfully remember
'Wounded Knee', 12-29-1890, where 300 Native Americans were exterminated.

Most of them were women, kids, a root of our king-kong sized terrible-two's
current war on kids, mostly Latinos.  I would fly just for a day, as a mayfly,
the Beauty Way, if I were more me, rather than as long as an eagle flies,
selling out, destroying, killing.  Viva la evolucion.  Wakan Tanka.
The Constitution dictates, "separate religion from State", so avarice, the actual religion of almost all, they practice behind masks of Christian, atheist, Hindu, etc., must be separated from the State; no?  On this anniversay of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks that were purposely not prevented, let us remember all murdered by the united **** of assassins Gov't.  The evolution and love exist in politics, see Marianne2020 dot com   :)   reality
james nordlund Aug 2019
In Greenland, another billion tons of ice were dropped in

The drink, this time it melted in less than a day, recently,

No way! Our king-kong sized terrible-two just dissolved our

Nation's humanitarian program in USCIS, which allowed kids to

Stay because of severe medical needs, where's the republican's

Hearts?, the world at large, and everyone of us should, bay!

Still ineffectively addressed by the dinos, impeachment,

Grows more necessary to defend our country and the world.

The tariff war, which is only a growing tax on each US

Citizen by the republican conspiracy and the Trump

Organized crime family, shout out, we the people

Will not stand for tariffs that are only taxes on us!

To top it all, at the G7 Summit, RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler

Tried to get them to let Russia come back in next year's one?

They didn't go for it so he stated that he wanted the next

Meeting to be at his Miami resort, not only so he could

Make a killing over-charging everyone for everything, but,

Also so he could just allow vlad in against All wills, never!
"...We(e),..." must decry, cry treason; no?  Inspired by the great site Marianne dot com also.    reality
james nordlund Aug 2019
From whence and whither, we've come and may go,

Interwoven throughout the fabric of life, waves of love

From souls eternal, mending the whole of the weave,

Heartlessness would tear asunder.  Yet, could never,

As you are here, and I am, evolving with the evolution,

Each footfall anew, leaving no footprint, that followed none,

Echoing on forever, in all ways, always.  Now on wing,

We only fly, love the 'One Sky' our womb we're birthed from,

On high, in Heaven, and below, Earthen, eternally.
Inspired by Wayne Powell's 'Great Love ~ Aloha Nui', featuring Patti Miller and Marianne 2020 dot com too (Also, 'One Sky' is the great title of a great later song of the even greater Aretha Franklin)   :)   reality
james nordlund Mar 2018
And rather die as a mayfly, in one day, on their feet,
Than live as long as an eagle flies, on their knees.

"...It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain...",
One instant can damage so much Grace,  

Yet, abominable that only 400 years of supposed science has almost
Destroyed what it took The Evolution 15 billion years to create, the Earth's life!

Extinction is forever and no one will wear it well, the corporate structure's
Convolution need not con anyone, we let them steer our perceptions and ships.

Walking in nature's balance, giving back to her abundance, "...we(e)...",
Illimitable in potential, and indivisible as life, evince to be!

"...They don't stand a chance against our ...(heart),
No, they don't stand a chance against our love..."

If you're lifelong students, self-actuating and evolving, leaving no footprints
That followed none, they will echo forever on, in all ways, always,

Only if humanity gains the sanity to abolish the 'use' of fossil fuels,
Thereby abolishing global defacto-slavery, as well.  Be well.

"...There's a beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye...",
Words weren't meant for cowards, be brave...".

The Cosmos can't stop us from basing global society on scarcity, instead of nature's abundance.
Tragically, our delusions won't be dispelled until that premeditated extermination of 7 billion.
Thanx to Elton John, Robbie Robertson, Happy Rhodes for their great songs lines, from: 'In Your Empty Garden'; 'Ghost Dance', 'Words Weren't Meant For Cowards', respectively, above- before this 48th Earth Day.
james nordlund Mar 2018
Sitting on this moonlit night,

Not able to forget when,

At our height, we were one and three.

Two hearts overflowed with love.

Being with you I knew was meant to be.

Nothing could separate us.

Or compare to Thee.

A whirlwind of endless days and nights

Full of caring, grace, and art,

Gathered from windfalls spark,

Would stretch, I thought, forever on.

Still, nothing can ever, ever replace

You in my heart. Then we

Separated, I slowly flew afar,

Losing myself while you moved on.

We can never be who we were,

Our time together now is proof.

How could we stray so far

From the you and me in living truth.

Now, the Sun and Moon may arise anew,

An eagle stretch above a dew, yet,

Nothing will compare, with you!
(written years before the great Sinead O'Connor song came out)

— The End —