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I can hear them
Voices being raised
As each shell detonates
And I know I'll be
Walking in a field of landmines
For the next few days
As is always the case
Since I was eight
Each time my earplugs I grab
Drowning the sounds of the blasts
Shielding my memory form its shards
But only a while this could last
For a knife I brought to a gunfight
I was dragged
And the blasts over and over
Explode in my head
As my mind a war zone it became.

┬ęBelema .S. Ekine
being doing a lot of wordchallenges lately. this poem is a 3 in 1 piece.
1 poem 3prompts- 1. shell 2. grenade 3. earplugs
Jenna May 2014

To drown out
Baby cries.
Engines exhaling.

"Don't be afraid"
"You've done this before"
"He knows what he's doing"

The tired.
The disagreeable.
The impossibly experienced.

Smile-free faces.

I'm ready.
You're ready.
Let's go already.

— The End —