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  Jun 2018 Bunny
It's all the same;
the destructive kind,
the beautiful kind.
It's an obsession;
satisfied only by desperation.
it tears you apart,
it puts you back together.
It is weakness,
it is strength,
Without it we are alone;
with it we are forgotten.
It can be overturned so quickly,
it's nature changes.
Light to dark,
Dark to light.
Hope turns to fear,
fear turns to hope;
it's all the same,
Now read it backwards
Bunny Jun 2018
I set the photo of us as my home screen
because I thought that I would miss you less
but all it does
is remind me that you're not here
and you're not
Bunny Jun 2018
I want you to be happy
but at the same time
I want you to be sad enough
to want to be with me
instead of her
what even am I
  Apr 2018 Bunny
Francie Lynch
If you were a book,
I'd read you again.

If you were a ride,
I'd wait in line.

If you were my dream,
I'd never awaken.

If you were a star,
I'd never look down.

If you were a flower,
I'd never look up.

If you were mine,
I don't know what I'd do;
But I'd do it.
Bunny Apr 2018
and after all that
he went and broke my heart in
twenty seconds flat
  Mar 2018 Bunny
Black Leaf
I'm tired.
Tired of everything.
I just want to sleep,
And never wake up again.

No, I'm not lazy,
I'm not running away from life.
I'm just tired of the world and myself,
And too tired to change anything.
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