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It’s just a word, but we give it so much power. It isn’t thrown around lightly.

It is also a feeling. It can somehow tear us apart from the inside out, or it can put us back together.

We need it in our lives and in our hearts. It makes us human.

But lately, I haven’t seen much of it.

This world needs more love. Throw it around like your life depends on it.

In a way, it does.
Bunny Jun 2017
Please remember to
ask the happy people how
they're feeling today.
Dont slate me if i've used the wrong 'to' cos tbh I dont really care cos im not a grammar wizard
alex May 2017
Try to be kind even when it isn't returned
because  kindness shouldn't have to be earned
kindness helps the heart grow , is what I've learnt
John-Chris Ward Mar 2016
I'll never be selfish.
I'll never be helpless.
I'll never cry so hard that I feel breathless.
I'll never scream in my dreams,
I'll never be restless.
I'll never be hopeless.
I'll never lose focus.
Out of all of these things I said I'd never be, not one of these things you said I wouldn't be.
If I was everything you said I should be, then would you be proud of me?
If I pushed my shoulders back,
Spoke like this instead of "dat"...
Would you be proud of me?
If I spoke when only spoken to,
Live like you taught me to...
I've tried to be all you wanted me to.
I've tried to ease your pain,
Bear you with less shame.
I try to ease your pain;
The dark circles around your eyes,
The soft tears from hard cries.
I try,
But you don't care,
So I won't care,
Carry on a dry conversation,
Carry on a sad situation.
No violets are red, some roses are blue.
Falling in love isn't easy to do,
But I had/has/have fallen for you.
Tell me now, what you're going to do.
I'll give you a hint,
Three words that end in "too".
First things first, I'm so sorry for my lack of activity. I'm not apologetic about my lack of production but more about my lack of interaction with you (my fellow poets, my friends) during my "hiatus". Now that that's been said and done, I'll talk about this piece. Stop measuring yourself worth by other people's expecatations. You may never be worth it in their eyes but what matters most is how you feel about yourself, because only you know you're "cans" and "cannots". To fully enjoy and understand the fruits of what I just said you must also not be the inforcer, you know how it feels to be in that situation so why would you put someone through the exact same struggle. You never know what someone's going though, we are all multidimensional creatures. Give gratitude at every given chance. If you can acknowledge someone else's effort then yours will be soon acknowledged too. Whoever is reading this I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you.
Stara Nov 2015
Love isn't scary
She doesn't break up lives
She doesn't cause jealousy
She isn't secretly evil
Fear is scary
And the source of all evil
Insecurities cause jealousy
And can break up lives
Love is pure and beautiful
So the next time you try to blame it on love
Remember love is here to love
Don't confuse her with her insecure cousin who lives in fear
Give love the justice she deserves
pastelflowr Oct 2015
The pills didn't work
Useless anesthetic 
To this raging storm inside me

Each and everyday passes by
I fake a smile to the world

No one ever knows
Underneath my smile
Is my broken heart

I had reached a breaking point
The crystals streamed down my cheeks
I screamed, I shouted, I yelled



I can hear them in a whisper
Yet they can't hear me screaming

Tick tock goes the clock
Waiting in the amber of darkness
Embraced only by the lonely night's breeze 
Facing my daunting life's misery


A voice kept playing in my head
Repeating the same words
Over and over and over

As I see
A light at the end of the tunnel
A ray of hope

For in this very moment
I only have me
Only me

I have to fight
No! I must fight

This is my life, my match, my war
If there is only one winner
It will be me!

This game of mine
I am going to blow it up

As only I and I alone
Can paint a future that I truly deserve
Never give up in life..
Try to fight the negative vibes around us..
And shine.. ;)

*this poem related to my poem 'Depression'

— The End —