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Natalie Dec 2020
How can a person heal and hurt at the same time?
You shatter me to my core and make me pick up my pieces,
Yet he can heal all my past traumas as day ceases.

Mister, you hold my heart with your hand..
But when you let go,
The red mess grows colder than winter lands.

Down this river, i row;
Don’t lie to my, ill surly know.
Were opposites such as day and night,
But when you came, I finally saw light
I never knew how dependent I could be. This poem represents the emotions very well.
Noah Apr 2019
My words fuel a fire
Embers glowing bright

My steps stir the ash
Sending clouds into the sky

My lungs breathe the smoke
Dark and heavy

My eyes follow the sparks
Jumping and flying

My body feels the heat
Burning in my chest

My brain is melting away
My feelings lost in smoke
My thoughts burning away

My life is in flames
I am burnt out
Noah Feb 2019
What do I do
when the one I love is so lost
when he is so distant

What do I do
when he is in pain
when everything hurts

What do I do
when everything goes dark
when everything stops

What do I do?
I just wish I could help
Noah Nov 2018
I'm devoid of all emotion
I'm just empty

I smile
I laugh
I joke

None of it meets my eyes

I draw
I sing
I dance

None of it is fun

I sleep
I eat
I shower

None of it seems needed

I hurt
I cry
I cut

None of it seems bad

I'm devoid of all emotion
I'm just empty
Noah Jul 2018
Questions carry in the wind
asking for a simple explanation
for what's holding me down.
I don't have one.

How do I tell them
that I've lost all motivation,
that I don't feel anything anymore,
that I'm just numb,
that scars line my arms,
that I'm desperate to feel anything
even if it's pain?

How do I explain
that in a room full of people
I still feel alone,
that a friendly face
no longer feels friendly,
that I'm alone on a boat
drifting through an endless sea?

How do I say to them
that everything has lost meaning,
that there isn't a shred of joy in me,
that everything I do feels mundane,
that I'm on autopilot,
that I'm just going through the motions?

How do I face my little sister
and say to her
that I want to leave her behind,
that she'll be on her own,
that she won't be able to come to me,
that she'll no longer have me
to comfort her,
that I won't be there?

How do I look my mother in the eye
and tell her that the child she brought
into this world is desperate for a
way out of it?

Questions carry on the wind
asking for a simple explanation
for what's holding me down.

— The End —