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yogirlturkey Sep 2018
it felt like my heart and soul were right next to each other
falling out of my chest slowly
it hurt more than it ever did out of just realizations
i couldn't walk
i felt like throwing myself on the wood floor of the entrance of my new home
it felt like there was a black hole inside me
"come on open your present"
i don't answer because of the ******' pain
i throw myself on my bed and keep crying and crying...
"hey, open your gift!"
i don't bother to answer just to see if she'll come and comfort me
i left my door open on purpose
"hey, do you want to open your gift?" she sees me crying and sighs
she lays down next to me, hugs me and sighs once again
i'm still crying and i don't really know the reason why yet
"what did he say to you that made you cry this hard?"
i cry harder and i can barely breathe
i stop just to answer
i think twice before saying what 'i want' to say, but i don't care at this point
i should be able to express myself 'exactly' how i feel it, so then i say...
"he's just a ******' *******"
this isn't really a poem but i wanted to put it out there, i hope you can feel it with just my words and explanation. :)
MindlessSelf Jan 24
My dad wasn't like your typical  dad you'd see on television

The one's who always had smiles on their faces  and loved their family

My dad was a man who would come home from work with a beer in his hand

At times maybe more than one depending on how drunk he would  be

  If my dad didn't have a beer he would  go insane  to the point of punching someone in their  face

That's how much he loved drinking beer to the point there was nothing left

Unfortunately he passed out on the ground that night with nothing but a beer in his hand.
Nikki No Love Jul 2018
Within the shadow of a false icon,
Which hangs over me like fallen titans,
The ones who in the darkness of ignorance wore capes and flew,
But now wear maniacal grins and snarl to.
The same person who used to make you want to say live,
Now only force you to to spell it backwards and with yourself become more combative.

He says he misses me,
But that would make three,
Me, mom and The Monster,
He says "straighten your postue"
I miss the days I could look past your hypocrisies,
Back when I could look at your  and think "these are the right policies "
In my time of need,
You can't seem to see,
Your voice make me bleed,
You're whose killing me

To be stuck in a house, but not a home,
Trapped inside not a shrine, but a tomb,
Imprisoned by the voice that used to be that of ideology and hope,
Which is now the voice of the hate that hangs me like a rope,
The voice that tears my mind in two,
One side screaming "you are wrong," and I should be rejecting you,
The other side creeping and deafaningly whispers I am the infection, adieu.
This is a poem about my dad..I know a lot of people feel like this..hope it helps someone. Also I think this is my longest poem yet.
Ronin Sep 23
Dear Dad,

You said you'd always be there
But you're nowhere to be found
I can't believe you left me
Feeling worthless and confound

There's nothing I can do anymore
I trusted you with all my heart
And you just left me aching
You're the one who tore my life apart

You learned me not to trust
Your promises you would keep
But you always betrayed me
And made me feel so cheap

Now you're the one that’s backstabbed
And left all alone
I told you you would ache like I ached
At last, it’s my turn to disown

I could never forgive you
Even if I tried
And how could you make it up to me
You still think you were right

I hate you for what you did to me
And I wish you would just die
Don’t take me wrong, I know it’s selfish
But I already said goodbye

And when you need me
I want you to know I won't be there
I hope one day you’ll read this
And feel the same despair

I don't want your broken promises
And the empty words you speak
All I wanted was a Daddy
One that’s strong instead of weak

I'm truly sorry, Dad
For all the words I say
You know I'll always love you
But your so-called “love” can’t make me stay

I've moved on with my life
Without you to watch me grow
But I’m done letting you hurt me
And with feeling oh so low

In a way I want to thank you
Because of you I'm strong
And I just wanted you to know
Unlike you, I didn't turn out wrong.

your Daughter
Gut wrenching and open. Raw. Exposed. Loving yet truthful.
Those are the exact words used to describe this poem. It's about my Dad, and the way he always treated me. He didn't physically abuse me, so it took me 14 years to realize that he was hurting me, but with his words rather than his hands.
Lieke Mar 31
i stand here
screaming for your attention
i could climb mount everest
and still it won't be enough

how come they are?
they get kissed and hugged and praised
all i get is a bowl of disappointment
at which i stare with my dumb eyes

i tell myself i don't care
but i'm racing on the inside
looking for a way to break through
notice me, i'm begging you

all i need is a nod of approval
your absence drives me mad
i'll even settle for half a smile
after all, you are my dad.
31 March, 2019
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