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Natasha Jan 2019
So do it--decide.

Is this the life
you want to live?
Is this the person
you want to love?
Is this the best you can be?
Can you be stronger?
Kinder? More compassionate?
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
and decide.
Grey's Anatomy
Aditi Jun 2015
The blue of your eyes
Not deeper than the blues I write about,
Yet much more mesmerizing
They could give hope
To a corpse

And when you are you
I could finally be me
No facade, no impostors,
Just one love
Through both of us

The blue of your eyes
In them I drown my sorrow
Funny how sometimes you have to lose yourself
To be found
And all their will fall
Back to the pit where they belong

And when you are you
I could finally be me
You'll take my hand,
I'll break those walls
I built for years
and show you the way
to my heart

The blue of your eyes,
The cheesiest lines have been said for this shade
But has anyone told you,
The spark in them
Gives warmth to my bitterly cold heart

**And when you are you
I could finally be me
You would put arms around my waist
I could finally fall apart
Because yours are the hands I'll fall in.
I'm tired. and this would be the perfect moment for you to find me.
Aditi May 2015
All I know
Since the moment
You decided to walk away
Is how many seconds
have passed
Before I lost track
Of them
As seconds turned to minutes
Minutes flowed into hours
And I still have not
seen your face

All I know
Since the moment
You decided to walk away
Is how you have been my shelter
From everything I loved
Which later on turned toxic,
How you have saved me
From drowning
In a flood that he
And his memories
Always bring

All I know
Since the moment
You decided to walk away
Is how I have been pouring
myself Out in you
And just when I thought I was empty
The momentary bliss would fade
And still
you would hold me
After the many times
I relapsed

All I know
Since the moment
you decided to walk away
Is everything has
gone less tender
Night comes with pangs
In the shape of my worst nightmare
But sleep never does
Days have gone monotonous
Meeting into each other
In a slurry blur

All I know
Since the moment you
Decided to walk away
Is that the symmetry of things
Around me
Does not look the same.
The lonely tree is crying
Dropping its jewel in
Early spring*
Come back
You're not my mcdreamy or, Cristy, you just happen to be the last man standing in my crumbled-to-pieces world. You are the karev to my Meredith. Hope your studies are going great and you come back soon. I'll go hit the books too because without you, quite frankly, this world does not interest me any more.

If you happen to be Grey's fan, this could Also be the poem Meredith would write for Derek I.e. if she were a poet and not a neurosurgeon and also he did not "decide" to walk away.
SMN Dec 2014
I can’t talk to you about this cause if I did
I would tell you that my heart is aching
and hurting so bad I just wanna rip it out
out of my chest with my own bare hands
I would tell you that I’m so depressed
that I sometimes wonder why I keep
fighting this battle with myself and I wonder
if it’ll ever stop hurting the way it does now
If we talked about this I would fall apart
and I don’t have time to fall apart cause
I’m busy holding myself together with tape and glue

Inspired by Miranda Bailey, Grey's Anatomy

— The End —