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Marissa Jun 15
How can you bare to look at yourself in the mirror?
To claim that cheating face — the one that spit out irrevocable lies — as your own.
As you stare into your smoldering eyes, all you find is an eternal disgrace of your name, your family, and your humanity.
Not even a hero could locate the dignity that been retracted from every source in your body.
In essence, you represent hopelessness.
The pitiful source where we must never direct our wishes to.
After years and years of crumbling, your process of collapsing has begun, but only to suddenly end in a silent thud.
A noise that will never be recognized by the ears of mankind.
You are your own worst critic.
Marissa Jun 15
I have been used
and passed around,
from beast to beast.
I have been abandoned
by hope and forgotten
by dreams of a better life.

I have been surviving
and because of this,
I am alive.
My life for today
was guaranteed,
but tomorrow,
these predators may succeed.

So, my world spins
from day to day,
as times loses meaning.
There is nothing left to say.
It is an accomplishment to be alive.
Marissa May 29
My ever changing mind,
Which was bestowed upon me by God,
Is an unfinished product,
Full of as many cracks as chiseled edges.
My unrecognizable reflection,
Which is composed of a momentary
Glimpse into a facade,
Shelters my conscience from the truth.
Marissa May 25
No matter the weather I depend on you forever, always with you making bank together.
I wish not to see you go, but I'm here to let you know that, no business too strong, no sale too low, I’ll talk the talk and win boardwalk.
You may raise the steaks, eat 'em with a shake, but I'll be the one to monopolize park place.

Every day, we continue to strive, simply because we are alive with a passion of conquest that will put any limit to the test.
Don’t tell us your rules, you fool, we pull the strings, so watch what you say, or everything you know of will go missing.
Beware, our empire expands at a rate, which will never yield any capitalist mistakes, because at our core, we are omnipotent nationalists.
We have climbed the steps, to the very top of the throne, and mark my words — the world will be ours to own.
Sometimes, it is fun to write poetry just for fun and dismiss any elements of seriousness. It unlocks a new realm of creativity. So, go write, let it be a little humorous, get a laugh out of it, and smile at the masterpiece you have created.
Marissa May 17
You and your juvenile ways.
Sometimes, the space between a few words is all there is left to say.
Marissa May 7
She’s blinded by a hazy state of mind
The call of an iridescent siren
Throbs in her ear.
The question of
Molds her soul.
It is a template on which
Other phenomena pile upon,
Continuously building
A tower of forgotten reflections
In anticipation of a collapse.
Marissa Apr 26
Temptation controls me
And surges through my brain.
Nothing but shame
Is all I feel towards my
Manipulation of evolutionary instincts,
Which are simply caused by an
Abundance of hormones.
The crafting of this scheme
Was influenced by me.
Although, it wasn’t I alone...
That chose to participate in these
Unconventional series of events.
We were both eager for a
Game of emotions
That would soothe
Our temporary boredom.

These relationships without
Definitive labels and boundaries
Create unnecessary confusion.
I knew this deep down.
But somehow, I convinced myself
It was logical
To play around with attraction
Because any seriousness between us
Lied far out of sight.
You, my quest at the moment,
Easily entertained my time,
As I dissociated from my actions.
I’ll admit, at first, you caught my
Interest with your endless flattery
Composed of intentions to
Explore territories previously blocked
By my fortified sense of morality.
Not all experiences are worth having, which is why it is important to listen to your morals, as they will help you navigate the world.

This is a work in progress, but I will update the finalized version soon!
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