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Colm Dec 2019
When I lose myself, in the quiet, I go
I dig till the tin scrapes rock and Orr
Find soil in the sand and make it so

In my sign, unfound
Reach down into the well for a drink of cold
Pluck stars from the sky once young and align

It is not enough to claim these seas, my own which roll
And boats that turn on waves a dime

What I do in each moment is this

To the pit of my stomach I reach
I grind
Intimidating much?
A M Ryder Aug 2018
You should know that I often fall in love with girls I play board games with.
Really, it's nothing personal.
It's just that when I get competitive, sometimes I get romantic
Someone once told me that they can't love someone until they've witnessed their worst, and I think you should know that I'm not my worst self anymore.
Breaking down isn't realness.
So for all that self awareness..
I am more of a coward
than I am a king
And I will fill my time with more ordinary things
Because I can barely stand the way all these feelings within me sing
hani aqil Mar 2018
sometimes I get
in my ambition; a

venus fly-trap.

people are only
numbers on paper to cull
paintings on canvas to crush
medals, trophies, certificates to
crumble, burn,
charred broken ash;

flies to squash.
JT Dec 2017
Perhaps I can say it was my passion
To think vividly and put that picture into a composition
To come up with silly adjectives and a strong emotion
But perhaps, I was wrong about that notion

This system that has corrupted me
Where compassion is much like the dead sea
Those students that hide their knowledge and secrets
All being sly and sitting beside their best bets

Reaching out a hand seems quite a challenge
With incapability to pick up a lecture seems like an overwhelming package
People were fascinated with lessons such as "competitive advantage"
When deep down inside, I was already damaged

Thank you, for creating a war inside my head
That expressing myself would be a dread
So judge me if I loathe this useless algorithm
Because in these words I now struggle to find the perfect rhythm

revised apr 16, 2016
Chloe Chapman Jul 2016
capable but unmotivated,
love being different, hate being misunderstood,
impulsive long term planner.
strange mix of super private and open book.
rational yet unrealistic.
great at giving advice, bad at following it.
arrogant, but painfully aware of my flaws
sure of myself, yet unassuming
introverted extrovert,
rigorous yet care-free,
perpetual loner with tons of friends.
energetic but lazy,
sensitive, yet cold hearted
gregarious yet studious,
intelligent but spacey,
personal, yet detached.
unhealthy, yet understanding therapist,
competitive mediator.
The optimist who just wants to see the world burn.
Where do I fit in?
Curses of an ENTP
Gavin Barnard Apr 2015
Conkeldurr, bisharp,
Clefable, Heatran,
Flying washer named Rotom-Wash
And a god of the dirt called Landorus-T
Make up my team of pokemon and me.

Lead with Lando, nicknamed Konietzko,
U-turn back and set the tempo.

Super-speedy, Choice Scarf needy,
Crazy hasty heatran known as The Heat
And his sheer nuking power of overheat.

Clefable, also known as, well, just Clefable
Is the great fairy in charge of turning the tables
When something twists my team to be unstable.

Rotom-wash is a magic floating washing maching
That manages to poke at the creators creativity.
I named him Rubix Cube
For how many heads he can abuse.

Conk isnt just some fluff,
He can do great things and stuff
And goes far beyond the *****.

Bisharp has become much less obsolete,
For enemy teams he rushes to deplete
By embedding a whole lot of deciet
Without causing somebody to click delete.

Offensive pressure is our strategy
Cause stall teams hate you and me.
A volt-turn core and nothing to lose
Makes me the strongest, don't refuse.
These people made their own pokemon league, which I am the champion of.

This wasnt meant to be a good poem, just some fun thing.
Where would we be
If our world weren't so competitive?
I never thought that
I could be competitive
Until I came here.

— The End —