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JS CARIE Apr 2018
During her blood moon was the best time to make her moan,
make her legs shake and weak,
Feel her scratch down my arms and peel up my skin
Only 3 days it would last
but during those periods...
she would release multiple times
With the red moons spawn
a bear in the woods would evolve,
hunting her flood through a blessed disaster
finding what I was after,
in a late night spatter
Her finger tips hiding
the stake in my pants,
she'll soon be riding
In these moments I feel a crave,
a longing to misbehave,
Within blankets and sheets we inhabit this cave
Our leveled off breathing
will not reveal harm
Take shelter in the warm of more than apparent
and reside until morning in the arms of the inherent
HYA Apr 2018
Sundan mo ang aking hintuturo at lumapit
Ang aking mga bisig ay sisiguraduhin kong sa iyo nakakapit
Dahan-dahan mo akong ihiga sa nabubulok na kama
Ipikit mo ang iyong mga mata at hahalikan kita nang may tama

Mula sa iyong labi, pababa nang pababa
Huwag kang masyadong gumalaw, isalba ang hininga
Mukhang matatagalan ang ating pananatili sa kapwang bisig
Ngayon na ang tamang panahon upang masilayan ko ang iyong bagsik

Ipapasok ko ang iyong pagkatao sa aking pinagmamay-ari
Hawakan mo ang aking dibdib na namumukod tangi
Igagalaw ko ang aking katawan sa ritmong ating pinagsikapan
Pagkatapos ng huling minuto, aabot na tayo sa kalangitan

Tayo ay humiga sa kamang nakasaksi
Sa ating katakawan sa kapwa katawang maliksi
Niyakap kita nang mahigpit at nagsalita
Subalit ang bawat pantig ay iyong binalewala

Saad ko'y 'mahal kita'
At ang iyong tugon ay isang malalim na hininga
Sabay ang pagbibigay pasalamat
At nagmungkahi na ang lahat ng ito'y gawing alamat

Ang aking pagmamahal ay katumbas lang pala
Ng isang pasasalamat at wala ng ibang halaga
Ipinagkaloob ko ang lahat ng aking kayang ibigay
Ipinangako kong sasambahin ko pati ang iyong kamay

Handa akong isuko ang aking mga kayamanan
Handa **** tanggapin ang lahat at sa huli, ako'y iwan
Handa akong ipagsigawan sa madla na ika'y aking iniibig
Handa mo akong ipamigay at ipayakap sa ibang pares ng bisig

Ngayon, muli **** sundan ang aking hintuturo
Sana'y maintindihan **** itinuturo nito ang aking pinto.
huwag magmadaling isuko ang bandera ng mga kakabaihan sa katulad niyang hindi makakatumbas sa halaga ng seryosong labanan

striktong patnubay at gabay ng mga magulang ang kailangan
Äŧül Nov 2016
The only time I had had *******,
I now remember fully each detail,
She had told me to get off prematurely.

The girl was on the defensive mode,
I perfectly remember how she fumbled,
She was nervous if I emptied my load.

The way she requested me next day,
I can remember it with bittersweet hue,
She said, "Don't marry anyone else."

The fate had wished something else,
I met with a really serious road accident,
She used to visit me then in the ICU.

The injured me was in a comatose state,
I was told that she often used to visit me,
She surprises me as a guardian angel.

The injured me could remember it not,
I was looked after by the dark angel how,
She wiped forehead sweat from fever hot.

The surgeon in charge of my treatment,
I was told by him as well of how she cared,
She used to summon him oftentimes.

The girl told my mother about both of us,
I was just her best friend she told my mom,
She named my ex- as my then girlfriend.

The girl asked me on phone desperately,
If I could remember about the Agra trip,
She was just disappointed with my reply.

The girl is now married to someone,
I had killed the relationship between us,
She knows not I remembered it not.

Perhaps I should accept it now,
I would have to be alone forever,
Now that I remember all of it.
HP Poem #1238
©Atul Kaushal
Knit Personality Jul 2016
If you desire some stimulation
   I'll brew you a cup of tea;
And if you desire some relaxation
   I'll make it caffeine-free.

But spiked or not,—black, green, or Grey,—
   No matter how it's took,—
Tea's best enjoyed on a rainy day
   In a ******* with a book.

NuBlaccSoul May 2016
****** Sanity

my physique is that of divinity
even before I was separated from my virginity,
it's always been that of royalty.
from rooftops in the city,
to the visuals that play out through one's perspicacity.
my piece of sanity...

beautifully spread out over any,
...and ever surface there is,
all she ever anticipated was a ****.
legs in opposite directions,
drops of perspiration,
bodies curled up to the beat of pelvic vibrations,
intertwined by the rhythm of the motions.

she came so gloriously,
it was almost as if
her vaginal opening
was the mouth to
a fountain that overflows
with nothing but ***.
(C) IWishIKnewWho. 2016. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of author. IWishIKnewWho - trademark. // ANOTHER THIRST DAY THURSDAY contribution by the aforementioned. Experimental writing
NuBlaccSoul May 2016
'The Insatiable Lust'

Buried in the depths of my heart
is a space that has no source of containment
from all I ever expose it to.

From the heartaches that drive you to immunity;
To the painkillers that come in human form;
To the stolen kisses that spiralled beyond control;
To hellos that still hang on a goodbye;
To falling into the trap of lust...

Lust is to your mind,
What the heart is to it's beat.
Constantly pumping to feast it's thirst for life,
That desire to get more out of it,
That reminder that...
You are still on a quest for more.

Lust is to life,
What the air is to trees.
One whiff of it,
And there's no doubt you're gonna wanna keep taking in more of it.

Lust is to your body,
What an ****** is to genitalia.
A moment of pleasure,
Can easily transform into a moment too many.
..stolen moments;
...impulsive kisses;
...heavy breaths;
...gentle thrusts;
...tender grasps;

Prancing in that **** lil dress,
Back of the heels clicking together...
Glancing as I step up to you,
Got that song you love
Playing in the background
Music for amusement
Beat pounding in each pelvis
Frustration turned to torment.
Grinding up against you,
Your hands caressing uncontrollably..
Calm it down a lil boo...
There's still a lot to get through.
Like tender nibbles on your lips,
Gentle kisses on my neck,
Little spankings on my **** cheeks,
Grabbing tightly on those thunder thighs....
Lift me up with all your might,
Heavy breathes,
Hot sweat down spines,
Tightened grip,
Nails sink in your back
Depicting coitus tention.
Inked in ceratin
As I sink deep past ur melanin.
Lust dipped in passion
Carving in salacious affliction
Toss me on the bed,
Rip my underwear down to shreds
Push you back to the floor,
Let me slowly strip tease off what's left...
I on you, then you on me,
Then I flip it.
My shoulders kissing these floor boards
And yours the ceiling.
My arms pinned in
Fingers locked,
Make me do the splits mid-air,
Run fingers along lines and spaces leading to
places between my legs.
Quivering thighs met by moist lips and tongue
And have my legs wrapped around your body
Bodies tightly clenched up against each other,
Sweat oozing through our pores...
Flipping from one angle to another,
One position to the next,
From the lounge,
To the bedroom,
Down til you feast off me in the kitchen....
Heart's pulsating,
Temperature's rising,
Legs twitching,
Hands barely able to grasp onto anything....
Calm it down a lil boo,
Let's catch our breath
And step back into reality...
Where this is all but a mere inception
Of what is still yet to come...

a poem by IWishIKnewWho™
(C)2016. IWishIKnewWho™. Intellectual property. All rights reserved. // THIRST DAY poetry. Wavvy. Another experimental piece but this is not my writing. Posting on behalf of a friend.
Knit Personality Apr 2016
They come together in the night,
   Amid the leaves, within the bush,
   Noiseless inside the stilly hush,
Beneath the full moon shining bright.

Healthy and large and leafy green,
   She beckons him of smaller size,—
   A woody, twig-like male, who flies
To meet his mate, his mantis queen.

They come together and seem as one,
   As though one twig with emerald leaves
   Were moving much with little breeze
Where shade rebuffs the noonday sun.

They turn their heads to share a kiss,
   Antennae twining round like vines.
   The male ignores the warning signs,
Oblivious to what's amiss.

The kiss becomes a vicious bite.
   She chews off quickly half his face.
   He holds, despite this, his embrace,—
Holding it fast and gripping tight.

Headless in bites, he needs no head,
   Continuing the ***** deed.
   His queen discovers her no need
Either of this, nor cares he's dead.

Finished with him, herself she frees.
   He twitches yet, although a corse.
   As though a leaf swept by a force
Of wind, she leaves upon a breeze.

K Balachandran Nov 2015
A million poems seeking light, I haven't attempted to write,
Create waves and tides in my bloodstream day and night,
Demanding to make them heard blending  words that inebriate,
Before I forget them and chase  other butterflies in my garden.

I feel guilty about my choice of words to weave, later sometimes
Couldn't get the emotions I try to express,in my poems,right, regret,
True, there is no democracy even in my choice of poetic subjects,
Disorder could be  the suited order in making my inner world speak.

It's as if I am some other guy when I write, my heart's real prompt,
I don't even insist to be perfect,an inner voice wants to speak it's truth,
I am stimulated by a creative lust and in the frenzy of inner coitus,
Forget even myself,it's a  race towards ****** and strongly I  *******.
The oracular cascade of poetry, but happens in magicalmoments
There was a boy named Tim
Who had some dodgy friends
Fantabulous by nature
With a few too many loose ends
One day Tim followed them out
He didn't even have to ask
As the two boys bent him over
And ****** him in the ***
emily grace Aug 2015
i was never a fan of brown eyes
they never appealed to me
perhaps it's because the first boy i ever gave my heart to
had eyes as brown as pure cacao
and he shattered my heart like a windowpane

or because a man with eyes brown, flecked with gold
hit me like a punching bag one night after the sun went down

but it wasn't until you and i were laying inches apart from each other
on my bed that thursday morning
post coitus
that i noticed your eyes were the color of the sweetest chocolate
a dark ale i wanted to devour
i realized then that perhaps brown is my favorite color after all
a little short snippet.
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