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  Aug 2017 Jamil Massa
Arco Transept
Under the sunset
People busy the mirror looked
Your within.
I am still here
A broken mirror arranged
Because I no longer seen
A baby's face
Who not know how to frown once
because a heart broken.

Under the sunrise
Aggressively people in
Defend and keep alive for self.
While I continued to felt the stretch the sense throne of
Never folded which,
Because I not find myself yet, but this fire keeps licked.

  Aug 2017 Jamil Massa
Gilang Perdana
whichever comes first
an arch or its point
you scratched on

a question mark
can not answer
the question itself

indeed so — even
in languages
which hasn't been created
  Aug 2017 Jamil Massa
Gilang Perdana
in the beginning was believe
above the fate's monochromatic
on a length of the piano's bar
— : in which colors it will stop?

you were more fathom, about
— a poetry-like score
— a syllabic-like tone
likewise — as I am-like me

there is a clink that you drag
either from the flat or the sharp
— that's half of my grasp
transformed from the sounds

— an untraceable of whom — was
sculpted — aligned on an epitaph
— an untraceable of the sounds
you disguised — with the words

how — the shift of chromatic scale
sounds like a ***** of question mark
— is it quite likely its arch was
the origins of an earlobe-shape?
Jamil Massa Aug 2017
Me and the drizzle
Are two different things
Who loves every strand of your hair.

Me and the moon
Are two different things
Who hopes to fall in the pool of your eyes.

Me and the air shiver
Are two different things
Who wants to marry all your embrace.
Dua Hal Berbeda

Aku dan gerimis
adalah dua hal berbeda
yang mencintai setiap helai rambutmu.

Aku dan rembulan
adalah dua hal berbeda
yang berharap terjatuh dalam kolam matamu.

Aku dan gigil udara
adalah dua hal berbeda
yang ingin menikahi segenap dekapmu.
  Aug 2017 Jamil Massa
Hasan Aspahani
HE stroked a white cat. The cat slowly turns into a cloud. He was about to cup the cloud but the whole cloud came into his eyes. She became sleepy and fell asleep.

The cloud that had entered his eyes became cloudy outside his eyelids. He dreams about a sheet of sky that will rain. Then woke up with slightly wet eyelashes. But it was not the tears.

Who cried in my eyes last night?

He did not see, the cat or the cloud wanted to answer but they were stuck in a holy book that on one page of inserted a brochure course an easy way to reach the paradise that has been long past the date of its operation.
Jamil Massa Aug 2017
Pick up my call
For the sky will fall
And the last thing I want to hear
Is your soul.
(Original version - Indonesian)

Nada Sambung

angkat teleponku
sebab langit akan runtuh
dan suara terakhir yang ingin kudengar
adalah suaramu.
Jamil Massa Aug 2017
We sat side by side that evening
:a pair of lost children
before the menu list of dining.

Looks like I'm the only one
who can hear your heart throb
looks like you're the only one
who isn't bothered by ugly music
in that tea shop.

From where does this nervous start?

Eight kilometers ago a greedy fate
swallowed all holidays
and postponed journey of prayer,
delaying your arrival in the reach
of my helpless desire.

Though you finally arrived
and we sat side by side
all evening, the cracking
weather at the end of the year
did not stop sending a signal
to the trembling cup of tea in
my hand.

The conversation is like a wraith,
because words already we keep
in faith.

And in the arch of your cheeks,
twilight becomes innocent
Like a single little sin
that slowly being forgiven.
(The original version - Indonesian)

Dari Mana Kegugugupan Bermula?

Kita duduk bersisian sepanjang sore itu
:sepasang anak hilang yang gugup di hadapan daftar menu.

Sepertinya cuma aku yang bisa
mendengar debar jantungmu. Sepertinya cuma kau yang tak terganggu musik jelek di kafe itu.

Dari mana kegugupan ini bermula?

Delapan kilometer lalu nasib yang rakus
menelan semua hari libur dan menunda
perjalanan doa-doa. Menunda
ketibaanmu di jangkauan lenganku
yang tak berdaya.

Meski akhirnya kau tiba dan kita duduk bersisian sepanjang sore itu, cuaca yang retak di penghujung tahun tak juga berhenti mengirim isyarat kepada secangkir teh yang gemetar di tanganku.

Percakapan ini alangkah sunyi, sebab kata
kata telah terlanjur kita imani.

Dan di lengkung pipimu,
senja menjadi murni
seperti dosa kecil
yang sedang diampuni.
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