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Zoo Boxer


TheTeacher Oct 2012
I should have been a boxer....the way I stick and move when I write.  The only person I know that can make the sun shine at night.  

I should have been a boxer....the way i fight with words to paint a picture.  I'm using the jab to set you up for the knockout blow.  I'm looking for your tendencies and when i spot it......down you will go.

I should have been a boxer....float like a butterfly sting like a bee.   A sign of honor to a fellow poet.....and inspiration to me.....Muhammad Ali. I should be a boxer the way i study my craft and observe the legends of the game.  It's all all about the passion.....I could care less about fame.

I should have been a can't be good unless you train.  I have my book pen .....ideas in my brain.  I have so many thoughts I may need another brain.  I'm on the speed bag so my brain is quick with the flow....switching styles like a southpaw.....which way is it coming? I guess you will never know.

I should have been a boxer....because i really like to fight.  Instead of gloves I utilize my pen to pulverize the paper and annihilate those foes and lost loves....father's who left their children at start.  They couldn't finish the fight .....was he a coward or a scarecrow.....born without a heart.

I should've been a boxer.....because my defense is always up.  I hide my poems inside a book's highly guarded so don't try to look.  The thoughts inside are g14 I'm hiring security guards.....if you want to gain must present an identification card.

I should've been a boxer....because I'm always fighting.  My thoughts are knocked to the paper and bleeds black or red.  I write about life .....because I know nothing about being dead.  Although, I been knocked around .....and have had to take a standing eight.....I leaned on the ropes and learned to wait.  Still working the jab......which are the words i write.

I should've been a hitter quitter and then it's time to say "Goodnight!"

Ladies and Gentlemen......we have a unanimous decision.  The new poetic champion of the worldddddd!!! ......I should've been a boxer.....Yeah right.
The Boxer stands in the ring,
A man who used to be King.
Across stands The Young Lion,  
A man who will be a King.

The Boxer shakes his aged head,
A man who had fists of lead.
Across scoffs The Young Lion,
A man who has fists of lead.

The Boxer sighs, his last fight,
A man who has lost his light.
Across strides The Young Lion,
A man who gleams with light.

The bell rings, and the fight begins.
The Boxer strikes, though he won’t win.
The Lion roars, winning in ten.

The Boxer slumps to the floor,  
A man who can take no more.
Above smiles The Young Lion,
A man who only wants more.

The Boxer smirks as he lay,
A man who knows the way.
Above stands The Young Lion,
A man who knows not the way.

The Boxer leaves, knowing this one thing.
There is always a new and waiting King.
Richard Ugland  Oct 2014
Richard Ugland Oct 2014
Two forces collide
    Left Again.
    Gloved fists beat into bone and blood
    The stone will never move
    The ox will make the stone move
    Left hook
    Right hook
    two jabs.
    The ox beats the stone
    The ox hammers the stone
    The ox hurts the stone’s feelings
    Right Again
    The stone cracks
    The ox breaks its horn
    Right hook.
    The Boxer’s ribs are cracked
    The Boxer’s ribs are broken
    Left cross
    Right cross
    Fist connects to skull
    The Boxer’s world is black
    Then its white
    Now its back to normal
    Two jabs
    Left Again.
    The Boxer’s world is the ring
    The world begins at one post and ends at another
    Right Again
    Left Again.
    One eye is swollen shut
    The other blinded by blood
    Left hook
    Right cross
    The blood clears away
    Now the Boxer’s world is the ceiling
    And the lights
    Both real and imagined.
    The world goes black
    Then white.