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Reza Bavar Jul 2018
Oh Jalaluddin!
You counseled me to "Tear down this house"
My House

Because I Love you
I'm taking your advice
Tearing it down



I'll start from the outside
And work my way in

People will stop and stare
"Another crazy person" they'll observe
"He's gone mad" they'll whisper as I break down the walls
"He's a fool" they'll note as I bring down the chimney
"He's lost" they'll gossip as I break the foundation
"Stay away from him" they'll warn as I sit in the rubble

"Were they right all along" I'll ask again and again
"Did I make a mistake"
"Did I burn my life on a whim"
"How do I know"
"Is it possible to know"

It's a lonely place this one
In the ruins
Tired and hungry
Gathering energy to dig
With the Pickaxe You gave me at birth


I Surrender...
This poem was inspired by a poem written by Rumi called "The Pickaxe"
Reza Bavar Jul 2018
Dance Recklessly
With Passion
With Purpose
            Each          Step        Is
C   r   e  a  t i ng a Universe

Let each step set fire to fear
Move to music your Heart makes
Make the floor slick with your sweat
Feel... Feel... FEEL... FEEL!!!
For the Love of God... FEEL!!!

Before it is too late...

Dance Recklessly
There is no other way.
Reza Bavar Jul 2018
You’re beautiful from every angle
There is no perspective
I Can
Which reveals otherwise
You’re beautiful from every angle
Reza Bavar Jul 2018
Let that butterfly

It’s been so long since I’ve felt anything there
Well… other than the THUNDERCLAP
That was you closing the door

Let that butterfly

It’s been so long
So long since I felt butterflies there
Dancing so hard it made me feel sick

I miss that kind of sick…

Let that butterfly

It’s been so long
Too long…

Let me hear the wind from its wings…
I hope they whisper Truth

Let one antenna brush up against my Heart…
To remind me that I can still feel

Let it see me…
I need to be seen

Don’t fly away
Reza Bavar Aug 2016
They robbed us!  

The one’s that told us what it means to be men…


They told us feeling is wrong.
And they taught us to be STRONG is to be silent.

"Build a pit," they said, "make it so deep that a lifetime of emotion can’t fill it."  
And we oblige.  
But we know it’s there…
The stench keeps us up at night.  
The fetid fumes cloud our vision;
The windows to our souls opaque to the outside world and those we Love, those we want to reveal ourselves to.  

Meanwhile, inside, we’re clawing at the glass with bloodied hands.  

                                       GOD HELP ME!!!
                                                                ­I want to be free of this!!

See me!  
                                               I’m a human being!  

I have hopes,
         I have dreams,
                I have fears,
I feel sorrow, I know regret, and I believe in redemption…
but all of this...
It's for someone else… someone weak.  

What a lie!
So delicious we swallowed it whole—a bitter pill dipped in honey
Given us by those we love,
                                    by those we trust.  

The poison works through us,
T w i s t i n g us, turning us against one another…

No emotions!  
Not here!!  
You’re a man!!  
Be a man!!
**** it up!!!
          **** it up until it chokes you!!!
                   **** it up until you can’t feel anymore!!
                             **** it up until you’re dry and broken!!
                                       **** it up until you forget...
What life was and what death is…
                               **** it up because that’s what men do.

They corrupted our legacy
They stole our future.  
And we let them do it.  
We helped them do it.
I have so many friends that have absolutely no idea how to express themselves.  They spend a lifetime denying their emotions and when the mid-life crisis (revelation) comes around they descend into a deep depression and struggle to "find" themselves.  

I don't even know if it's possible to climb out, to breathe fresh air after the weight of a lifetime of repression/suppression is lifted.  I hope it is.
Reza Bavar Sep 2015
I want to make Love to you, like the flame to the wick
Wrapping around you
                                        Caressing you
                                                                 Lighting You UP
                    revealing      YOU
The Real                              YOU
Not that silly facade you show the world -- cold and lightless
We are shapeless and flowing... dangerous and beautiful...
Love and Lust
Consuming Each Other
Awake and Alive
Tasting the Divine as our Temple burns
This is Life.
This is Death.
Reza Bavar Mar 2015
Life is not a straight line
  It curves
in               chaotic
       unpredictable             and
                    Beautiful ways...
A chance encounter on the way home
A lover lost in a storm
A sunrise after a long lonely dark night
The first cold of winter
And the last dew drop in Spring.

Miracles more than mere Moments
The emotions and memories
Shading in the pattern
Giving it shape and depth
Defining something imperceptible until it is Done.

A Cosmic Mandala - Temporary Divinity
This is Life
Reza Bavar Dec 2014
Is this what It is
Sitting at a table
Surrounded but ignored
Teeth falling
Memory fading
Skin hanging
Friends dead and dying
Is this what it is
Generations erupting and then receding
Ages coming and going
Is this what it is
To live
To die
Why did we choose life
Why do we believe in death
Reza Bavar Oct 2014
Reflected, in your eyes, I see...
Is that how you see me?
A taTteREd tappestry
    A misfit  
From my motivations and inspirations
These all seem to me to be reflected, you see, in what you see that I see reflected in me.

— The End —