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Mark Parker Nov 2014
A red dawn starts a bright green day,
but we still call it black Friday.
A day to remember December
and all that's to come with Christmas!
Toys for all the girls and boys,
but don't play coy,
I know what you want most of all!
A poem that makes sense and stays on topic!
Wouldn't that be treat! Well guess what?

Fun stuff. It happens.
Brycical Nov 2014
Sing songs of parsley vivacious ***** jazz.                                    

Dance that moon hoodoo rattlesnake tango.

Play ancient games like enter the mysterious iridescent doorway.

Smoke your poetry books.                    

Remember to forget your cell phone in the shower drain.

Cauterize your family pictures onto magazines and newspapers.          

Sail across the ghost waters of unforgiven memories.

Throw yourself into your heartstrings.                                                    

String yourself onto your nirvana sphere.            

Lick the soul.

Burn square enclosures.          

Paint with your mind's mouth instead of the hands.                      

Live and ******.
M Eastman Nov 2014
I'm drowning in a sea
of Korean
Keep your cool, There's always money in the banana stand.
Micah Fagre Sep 2014
The banana is an inside joke
from God
It is His calling card
And you can call home
if you would hold it to your ear
and speak directly to Him
Just kidding
Bananas are for the belly

He would have used perforated edges
but naysayers would be in an uproar
"How could your God think us so stupid!"
For they always imagine
that God reflects their own stupidity
And the atheist too
would have a fit
and a slew
of jokes about how the real evidence of God
has banana split

But just like little children know
mother puts the best food in the lunchbox
Humble believers can tell you
good loving means good grubbing
on the inside of the banana peel
And that's real
unknown Aug 2014
I didn't know what love was until she looked away as I passed her...
I was originally gonna share my experience but I feel like this is all that needs to be said.
StuKerr Jun 2014
Please never do that
Now I'm getting quite nervous
Your bites aggressive
There is a fear that beckons heavy shivers,
Summons enveloping shutters,
Brings cold cringes and endless, eternal tears
Constrains me in the Stygian night
Convulses my chest without the pinpoint ray of light
Physically it cannot harm me,
Just detain in cold dark
Though attacking the innocent, malicious—and holy
Never has it fossilized anyone such as I

To be tossed without trying,
To fail without attempting,
To submit without fighting,
To die without living—
My gravest, deadliest, most harrowing fear
Is that I die without any acts at all.
Without friends, hope, or even soul
Just debilitating terror...
JoBe Arenas May 2014
Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it aside

If you thought this
Was a recipe
It is
For a disaster

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it inside
A little clever poem on bananas
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