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  Sep 2014 William McDaniels
I used to wake up with texts
But now there's no one left
I dream of you but wake up alone
Everyone's gone, out doing their own
thing while I'm still waiting here at home.

Left behind and forgotten until we meet
face to face
Then, suddenly, "I miss you so much,
won't you please stay in touch" it's
suddenly a different case

But I do stay in touch, as per request, but
I'm met with oops I got to go
And the host becomes the guest.
Once again I'm here left alone

I could try to make new friends, meet new
people, but that's easier said than done
I'm still not sure how I made the old ones
They weren't the best but we still had fun

Maybe it's me, I know I project bitterness
And that can get hard to be around
But give me some warning, tell me the
reason, I promise I won't be angry
But that's just it, I'm always angry,
always bitter.
The second I step in, no one is to be found.
In a room of people, in a town of
strangers, I sit and stare at my twiddling
I begin to block out my lonesome feelings
until I'm hazily numb.
I think it was for the best in the end,
because my time alone showed me how
to be my own best friend.
  Sep 2014 William McDaniels
Insecurity* is my *Enemy
Lonesome is my Friend
Emptiness is my Safe Haven

*© Pax
I feel so alone again
I feel so empty yet again
in this safe haven... sigh...
Keep your cool, There's always money in the banana stand.
Hes never been less, than clever and fresh.
The final test is to out dress,
Kanye West, in a versace vest.
Not his sunday best, but always on a quest
to add zest to his chest, and possess
clothes that leave lookers in cardiac arrest.
Always unimpressed, making days stressed.
People think hes blessed, a sickness infests,
needed bed rest, but instead felt possessed
Thoughts of civil unrest, led him to his ammunition chest

I suggest you know where the tale is going to end, my friend.

Days later he violently expressed, which led a big mess.
Forced to confess, now hes in the coocoo's  nest.
Distressed, now force to digest nasty chicken breast,
but thats what happens when you become obsessed.
Vainity is a killer.
  Sep 2014 William McDaniels
I would rather be empty
Than lead a shallow life.
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