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That's all he is,
All he ever was.
I was younger,
And stupid.
He is the coffin my mind
Lays down to sleep in
The body I see in my dreams
When it's not you with me.
The body laying in my garage
Underneath my breath,
Where you are now,
Where you wish to be.
He is a past lover,
That's all he ever was.
The one I see in my dreams
When it's not you with me.
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
  Sep 13 Ray Ross
Ruby Payberg
I talk, and they ignore
The trees
Why won't they respond?

They talk to each other
They whisper
Why do they ignore me

Alone in the forest
I hear words
Amongst the trees

None of them are for me
Alone in the forest
Ray Ross Aug 28
My body and soul are not synonymous.
When I look at my body,
I still refer to it as she,
I stare into the mirror,
And she looks back at me.
You can regret her but please
Don't forget her.
We'll never be those kids again.
I can't wait to be someone else again.
I'm an anomaly, a shapeshifter.
Ray Ross Aug 6
I'm not ready to admit it
I don't think he is either.
Will you still want me,
When my voice drops,
When my body changes,
When I have the doctors
Remove my chest
Leaving scars across my bones
My ribcage, crossed.
Will you still want me?
Will you still want me?
Will you still **** me sweetly,
And let me kiss your neck,
When I have a five o clock shadow,
And my moans are low.
Will you still want me?
You wanted a woman.
You wanted a woman
Ray Ross Jun 13
I want to be sacred
In a way that only I can be.
I want to be held
In a way that only you can hold me.
Sacred in my skin, that falls from my bones,
When buried deep beneath the waves,
I want you to hold me sacred.
Ray Ross Jun 13
She's back;
There's ***** on the back of my tongue.
Sleep with a knife beside me in bed;
I fear that she'll retrieve the liquid red,
My time has been wasted, but I am still young.
She's back;
The creeping feeling behind my throat;
that maybe somehow I don't want to die,
But I don't want to stay alive.
If I give up the reins, that's all he wrote.
She's back;
The aching of my shoulders and back,
Losing pieces I fear I always lack,
I do not want to wake again;
She's back;
She's back;
She's back.
Ray Ross Apr 17
I am shaking in my core though my body is so tired
I miss you so much
I miss you so much.

I'm laying in my bed with my body feeling totally exhausted
And not in a fun way,
Feels like just lethargy and painful muscles,
I might cry just because my eyes
Are too ******* heavy now to hold in their tears.

I really ******* miss you all the ******* time
And I don't want to bother you
I don't want to bother you.
Your attention makes me feel validated
In a way that's truly gracious
I wish I had you here now.
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