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Ray Ross Apr 2020
You are my fate.
My light in the sky,
My belief in a future,
My friend, my lover.
A man who I can talk to,
Who I'm always happy to see,
And who right now is miles north
But miles have become lightyears
And fate has become hope.
You are my fate,
Your light leads me home.
On our first date I asked you, "Do you believe in fate?"
You're the only man I think I can never let go of.
Ray Ross Apr 2020
I sleep with a knife under my pillow.
I hold it in my hand as I fall asleep,
A lifeline.
Like the final rope holding me steady
To the ship I have sailed relentlessly,
Sweeping across the rolling waves,
I sleep with the knife in my hand,
I hold it just in case.
Ray Ross Oct 2019
That's all he is,
All he ever was.
I was younger,
And stupid.
He is the coffin my mind
Lays down to sleep in
The body I see in my dreams
When it's not you with me.
The body laying in my garage
Underneath my breath,
Where you are now,
Where you wish to be.
He is a past lover,
That's all he ever was.
The one I see in my dreams
When it's not you with me.
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
  Sep 2019 Ray Ross
Ruby Payberg
I talk, and they ignore
The trees
Why won't they respond?

They talk to each other
They whisper
Why do they ignore me

Alone in the forest
I hear words
Amongst the trees

None of them are for me
Alone in the forest
Ray Ross Aug 2019
My body and soul are not synonymous.
When I look at my body,
I still refer to it as she,
I stare into the mirror,
And she looks back at me.
You can regret her but please
Don't forget her.
We'll never be those kids again.
I can't wait to be someone else again.
I'm an anomaly, a shapeshifter.
Ray Ross Jun 2019
I want to be sacred
In a way that only I can be.
I want to be held
In a way that only you can hold me.
Sacred in my skin, that falls from my bones,
When buried deep beneath the waves,
I want you to hold me sacred.
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