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mer Feb 8
I see a magazine at the checkout
A half ***** woman is on the cover
and rude words are splayed across the paper
I wonder who writes such ****

I see a little girl staring at the woman
whose body is obviously altered
Please don't listen to those lies,
I silently plead with her in my head

I see another girl looking at the magazine
This one is older, a teenager
She picks up the tabloid and flips through
"WEIGHT LOSS TIPS" is where she stops

I want to tell them both that they are not fat
I want to tell them that they don't need to listen
they don't need to look
they don't need to change

But I already know it's too late
when they both buy a copy
and leave
I sigh and try not to think about it too much
mer Feb 8
you're like a coffee

you cover yourself up with milk and sugar
hide your bitter taste and dark demeanor
with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle

you pretended to be something else
you tricked me into believing your lies
at first you were sweet
but as i got closer to your core
i discovered your true self

by then it was too late
for i had already consumed you
mer Feb 6
depression doesn't care
if you've got millions of dollars
or you're just getting by.

depression doesn't care
if you've got loving friends and family
or you're all alone.

depression doesn't care
if you've got a successful career
or you're unemployed.

depression doesn't look at your life situation.
depression is a mental illness, not an emotion.
depression doesn't care.
mer Feb 3
she doesn't know
what it means
all she knows
is that she
is going to


she hears the word
over and over
she asks her mom
what it means
there is no reply


she's eight years old
she'll never go to college
never kiss anyone


she hates hearing
that word that means
she cries
why will no one tell her
what it means?
mer Feb 3
The sunlight caresses her dark cheeks and she smiles
She runs her fingertips over those soft, dewy, red petals of a rose
Her bare brown feet step over the broken twigs without a sound
The blue sky smiles down at her from above the dogwood trees
mer Feb 1
passion burns in your beautiful eyes
i can't bear to meet them
for fear of losing control

they're blue, like the stream
that runs past my parent's house
not bright, but subtle

they look at me much too often
i can't stand their teasing touch
i want them to be mine
mer Jan 31
i walk around like a robot has stolen my soul
all my emotions are numb
because you broke me

i was once your best friend
don't you remember me?

i remember you
in fact,
i can't seem to get over you
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