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mer Jul 24
Life isn’t about the fashion magazine that lies open on the bed, or the box that travels in the truck and holds the newest iPhone. It’s not about the credit card numbers whispered in the dark or the heartless comments on some fifteen-year-old’s post on social media. Life is not about getting to the top or being the winner. Life is not about the celebrities everyone thinks run the world, not about the net worths, like one human life is worth more than another. Life is not about the greed and awful desires. Life is not about the having, or the getting, or the money, or the lies. It’s not about hate.

Life is about climbing trees barefoot, smiling in the sunlight that kisses your face, it’s about the strawberries you pick in the driveway and the fictional books you finish one by one. Life is about the twang of the old guitar, the breath of the sleeping dog. Life is about the good nights and good mornings, the I love you’s and I love you too’s. Life is about the autumn leaves that rustle in the wind, the same wind that blows through your shirt. Life is about the ease of childhood, and the pains of growing up. Life is about poetry and holding hands and bright red roses. Life is about giving. Life is about love.
mer Jun 11
"i wish i looked like u"
"can u plz give me ur legs"
"ur so pretty ***"
"ur hair wow"

flowers look nothing like
the ocean
but they r both part of nature
and both v beautiful

stop comparing ur body
to other people's
u r all pretty people
just in different ways
mer Jun 11
he is 5'3"
and she is 5'11"

her hair is short
and his is long

she likes baseball cards
and he likes nail polish

that doesn't mean
they're ***
or trans

they're just being

and that's okay
mer Jun 11
of water
and now
her lips
are wet
mer Jun 10
the sight of a one year old baby
attempting to eat a sandy shell
on the shore of north carolina
makes me wonder
if i ever did something like that
when i was that young

plot twist

i remember, of course not
because i was born at 56
mer Jun 10
and listen
to the sound
of your breath

one day,
you won't hear it
mer Jun 10
what's the point of writing
if no one reads it?

what's the point in cooking
if no one eats it?

you might say
there is none,

but i ask you to reconsider
and remember that
practice makes perfect
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