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Betty Jan 2020
Your average girl

Is mostly Grrr

With a bit of whirl!
Guilty Dec 2019
Tie me to my bedframe with shoelaces
Touch every inch of my body when I can't resist
Touch me, Please me, Long for me
Tied to my bed with shoelaces
Hello? Someone? Like, a hot girl? Yes? Please?Thank you?
Raymond Cuadrado Dec 2019
Every time I see those numbers,
I stiffen up and wonder,
How to go about this as I've done this before
But missing the right words,
Opening doors leading to nowhere.

Sometimes I ponder of my grandfather,
Only wishing to soak up the language
And never lose moisture but I lost my worth,
Becoming a disappointment by denying my heritage,
I would say ******* but all I can do is apologize, RIP.

I fell miles away from the tree
But the other 9 apples keep close in proximity,
Morphing into shrubs to reach my roots
To corrupt me but I made a promise
To properly grow a garden, but with my mind's seeds.

Even when I'm shrouded in darkness, I'll push aside the bushes
And chase the sun to further the progression I'm on,
But sometimes it covers my vision, that's the effect of humble beginnings,
Relying on 101010, but I fear I'm losing,
But I know me so I'll keep going
I meant to post this on the 10th but its difficult to write when I attempt to give myself a deadline.
I wrote something like this way back. The problems were that it was cheesily written, cryptic, and 3 pages long. I basically took its ideas and simplified it in this poem. There's more to what's actually written but I`ll just leave at this for no.
Bethie Nov 2019
I haven't written a poem
In 10 months, almost
Which is the same amount of time
We've been dating

And in the past 10 months
I've learned a lot
I learned to show emotions
And to cry

I learned the joy of having a person
To love and to love me
And I also learned the complete and utter pain
Of constant distance

I learned to not fear companionship
Or intimacy
And I realized how much it hurts
To miss those things

So these past 10 months
Grew me
I was handed my greatest dream
And biggest fear
Truest tell tale thoughts
Endearing entertaining
Well wrought words written
Guden Jul 2019
I taught a woman
How to speak
About love.
She taught me
How to feel it,
In my bones,
Under my skin.
A priestess of the moon
Was sent to me,
From a lonely planet.
She made me thankful
And hopeful,
A fool.
When my armor and mask
Made me go
On autopilot
She would hold my hand
She would hold my soul,
Naked as well.
We would cry,
We would talk,
We could spend Saturday in bed
She gave me a present,
In the present.
My present is her.
Simple present.
I have known her my whole life.
I guess that’s present perfect.
Elin Roberts Apr 2019
10 years
Seems like a landmark
A traumatising reality
The cold clasp of death
It grips at the starless night
And the moon, oh, the moon
How she screams
Oh how those noises swallow me whole
It wasn't ****
Because I said yes
To you
I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel or the world around me. This is #10
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