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Sophia Apr 2020
Even in the dark;
the sun hidden beneath clouds
smog thick and heavy dousing the streets with gloom

still there’s singing;
in balconies couples dance
the laughter of children playing in the yard despite the weather-

How wonderful humankind can be
when we stand together against the odds.
We’re always stronger together than apart, at least I’ve learnt this much.)
Sophia Sep 2019
I want roses to grow inside my lungs
Its okay if their thorns ***** my sides, and the blood pools inside my chest
Its okay so long as
I can ***** rose petals
And choke on their ever growing vines.
Sophia Sep 2019
i wish i didn’t have to shield my eyes from the sun
like i have to when i look at you

i wish i didn’t tremble in the snow
like i do every time you touch me

-i love you like the year loves the changing seasons
Sophia Sep 2019
emptathy is killing me

from the crying women on TV
to the bitter events in the news
from friends drowning in nostalgia
To the characters of books

empathy is killing me

it makes me feel bonded to beasts i should steer clear of
their fangs tear deep
and yet i cry for them, and what they once were

empathy has killed me
my heart a bloodied pulp sitting still in my chest
and i smile
knowing i was the cause of my demise.
my heart's too big for my body. it hurts.
Sophia May 2018
they see my scars and ask ‘what are those?’
i tell them they are battle wounds,

they tell me they are ugly,
i tell them scars are not meant to be beautiful,
they’re meant to prove that i’ve existed

they tell me i can remove them from my skin
i tell them why remove a part of me
to look like somebody i never was?

-don’t belittle me for fighting through hard nights with steel
Sophia Aug 2017
your touch drips like liquid laughter
soothing, seeping over sutured wounds

each course of lips on skin
and scars
a string of unsaid words
that sting and etch onto my being

a litany of swears
and unanswered cries

the next morning we forget all about them
and presume our day with bright smiles
and little winks

the bitter coffee on our tongues
never tasting sweeter
im sad but writing happy poems helps a bit
Sophia Jun 2017
"I don't know how you do it"* man sighed.
"Do what?" pondered nature.

"All this," said man,
"you're kind whilst being cruel
breathing life upon some and inhaling it from others
you're tranquil yet hide a sea of storms inside your chest
you're a contradiction,
with no end to it;"

Nature smiled, knowing eyes gazing upon mankind.

*"A contradiction I may be
in your eyes, yet-
I'm neither kind nor cruel;
Neither benignant nor malevolent.

I simply am.

Then again, she breathed,
What you see in yourself, in your kind;
is what you reflect upon me."
she doesn't love us nor does she hate us. she exists for no one's pleasure.
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