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We go on through many curves,
But keep moving on, Is in my nerves;
I never stop looking for something,
I may even end with a ding!
My destiny is prewritten,
And it can never be rewritten;
I pray that love which I share today and tomorrow,
May even mean more to you without any sorrow;
I am used to obstacles in my way,
But they can't be ignored everyday;
Some obstacles teach me how to survive,
While others help me in coming up high;
I learned that the person who treats everybody nice,
Usually ends up treated like a MICE;
Some people can't understand what it takes to put this fake smile up,
But they just care about their coffee cup;
It's fine it'll soon come to an end,
I guess I have to lie this till my dead-end.
Aashutosh Shahi Nov 2018
Can't be won easily by someone,
But can be easily shattered in pieces by THE ONE;
It is a game of mind where some are hell good,
And some give up because they are misunderstood;
Many relate this to a thin piece of a wood,
Who would break it for their own good;
No one care about trust of somebody,
They won't even care to help someone drinking Bacardi;
Some stay away from this mess,
and they also stay away from having stress;
Some have it on anybody disregarding who they are,
And in the end they all wanna go away very far;
Read the instruction before entering in this GAME,
Because everybody in this game is going to divert you from your aim;
I suggest you to trust only a mirror,
Because he is the one who shows whether you are superior or inferior.
Aashutosh Shahi Oct 2018
Hi! Its me the Stairs,
About which no one cares;
It was me who would get you up,
and had never differentiated
was it you or Mr Trump;

Each and everybody placed a foot on my face,
Remember it was Humayun (Mughal Ruler)
who died falling from the staircase;
I may sound a little odd,
Please don't walk over me in a trod;

Sometimes straight, Sometimes round,
Some climb gently while other with a bound;
I may not be the perfect place to sleep,
Well, I'm the perfect place to think deep;

I have this friend of mine,
Whom I can not talk because I'm confined;
He only goes up and down,
And He works like a clown;

Everybody hates me when they start,
But they don't realise what benefits they got.
Aashutosh Shahi Oct 2018
I wish I could fly,
like an eagle in a sky;
I wish I could use a hug,
like a warm coffee in a mug;
I wish I could swim like a fish,
and could also delete one of my bish;
I wish to see everybody clearly,
all those who treated me severely;
I wish to have Newton's mind,
So that I could do something good for mankind;
I wish to have a friend,
Who wont hesitate to share things till the end;
I wish to tell that girl how much I love her,
because I think we are just opposite of concur;
I wish to have a magic door,
So that I could run away whenever I'm abhor ;
I wish to live a peaceful life,
But it is not possible because everyday I have this new strife.
Aashutosh Shahi Oct 2018
I don't know where to start from up or down,
Because you know you are my crown;
When you came in my life,
I had a huge strife;
I was not aware of love,
But still I loved watching dove;
I had no experience in relationship,
But still i float on my broken ship;
It was you,
Whom I saw and flew;
I didn't wanted drugs to get high,
Because I thought I was the perfect guy;
I had you when nobody was there,
That's why i'll be always here;
I love when you get jealous,
Everyday I see you and get zealous;
I cried for you in my room alone,
Seeing you for the first time I was literally blown;
Not sure what i will be tomorrow,
But remember I was I am I will be here yesterday, today and tomorrow.

— The End —