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Lacy Nov 2019
I get so upset cuz things isn't a watt-books
there's no devotion to a lively romantic ending
At least not for me

For all i want is to be loved
I crave that every single day
when i have it im never satisfied
With it

my romanticness goes beyond what you think is cheesy or cringy
For I crave the love of a fairytale

Yes there be pain disagreements sadness
But im willing to go through it all

I want someone who's gonna fight for me to be with me
Make me happy and just love me for me

That love seems to not exist
why me

Why love so great in the eye but not in the beating heart
Xgaizer Mar 2019
You treat me like a Trash
Thought you where my Johnny Cash
Thinking that we could make a pack
But you lock me in the dark

You treat me like a toy
Thinking I'm full of joy
but you slowly ripping me apart
Breaking walls down like lego parts

You throw me in the mad
like i was just a door mat
You left me inside my head
thinking I was all dead
Aashutosh Shahi Jan 2019
We go on through many curves,
But keep moving on, Is in my nerves;
I never stop looking for something,
I may even end with a ding!
My destiny is prewritten,
And it can never be rewritten;
I pray that love which I share today and tomorrow,
May even mean more to you without any sorrow;
I am used to obstacles in my way,
But they can't be ignored everyday;
Some obstacles teach me how to survive,
While others help me in coming up high;
I learned that the person who treats everybody nice,
Usually ends up treated like a MICE;
Some people can't understand what it takes to put this fake smile up,
But they just care about their coffee cup;
It's fine it'll soon come to an end,
I guess I have to lie this till my dead-end.
Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017
There is one thing people can learn from Halloween.
We live a a world where people are
tricked by the ones
they treated right.
Sad, but true.
George Krokos Jun 2016
It's known that everything expands when it is heated,
so our discontent grows when we're not fairly treated.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.

— The End —