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Oct 2018 · 116
Little Flower, Little Way
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
The little flower the little way
Reminds us in a special way
How we ought to live and pray
As children simple and pure
With a faith and love so steady and sure
With so many sick it could be a cure
May our actions and words be sweet
Share a smile with everyone we meet
Start a movement that can’t be beat
Treat everyone with compassion and kindness
Amazing Grace found you and removed your blindness
Pierce the dark with your new profound lightness

May your lives yet be
Sweet aroma unto thee
Like the little rose in bloom
Let your fragrance fill this room
Little flower precious child
Your love and laugh is something wild
For one so small your Faith is strong
Your eyes dance with heavenly song
Formed with love in God’s own hand
How I want to understand
The joy of living and simply being alive
To stop just surviving and truly thrive
Little flower oh little way
Teach me as I walk each day
Sep 2018 · 103
40 Days for Life
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
40 days of praying and fasting,
40 days for life everlasting
40 days to stand up and say
We are here and here we will stay
It’s a time to answer a calling
Down to our knees we are falling
40 days of peaceful presence
Standing here is solemn vigil
40 days for hope and healing
40 days in faith revealing
The greatness of our God and King
When to his mother our prayers we bring
Open our eyes to see you moving
Open our hearts to what you’re using
40 days to change ourselves
Even as we pray for their change
40 days to discover the value of a soul
40 days to realize how we play a role
40 days for Life 40 days to wander
40 days to invest not squander
40 days to make your love known
40 ways to say you’re never alone
Sep 2018 · 126
How Precious
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
How precious are the little feet
That follow in his footsteps
How precious are the tiny hands
That are placed within his own
How precious the shining eyes
That watch with awe and wonder
The mouth that smiles bright
And ears that hear silent thunder
How precious and how lovely
Is the heart of a little child
It is so full of truth and light
A love that is so free and wild
The eyes that pierce the veil of night
How rich and how blessed
Are those children of the King
How pure the voice and spirit sing
How precious are the young
And those that are young at heart
How lucky they are from the start
How great the soul to see his face
How fortunate to see him in every place
How precious and holy and pure
It is to be loved and feel so secure
Let the children come to me
How blessed the life of simplicity
Sep 2018 · 91
The Paradox of Christ
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
It is in dying that we come to life
It is in giving that we receive
It is in surrendering that we are freed
It is in losing ourselves that we are found
It is in silence that we hear
It is in consuming that we are consumed
It is in failing that we succeed
It is in stillness that there is movement
It is in sorrow that we find solace
Sep 2018 · 124
Hands Held Open
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
With hands held open you pour out blessing
With hands held open I lay down my burden confessing
With hands held open you give us the greatest gift
With hands held open we are here to uplift
With hands held open we receive your very life
With hands held open we come to you tonight
Our hands are open; so too our hearts and minds
Enter in now, move and stay
While we sit and watch and pray
With hands held open you gather us in
Washing the stain of guilt and sin
I struggle so much and so often fail
And on my own I will never prevail
But I’m not alone for I have Emmanuel
And Mary and the saints and angels as well
I must fight the good fight and call upon the name
Who is and was and will forever remain
With hands held open you beckon and call
And help me back up when I trip slip and fall
I am not perfect, but I can always improve
Embrace and face shadow and light
And by the grace of God I’ll make it through this night
It’s not easy and it hurts but the struggle could be worse
God can make a blessing from what once was a curse
With hands held open we prepare
To celebrate this great mystery
I know a peace beyond compare
When I share in His-story
Sep 2018 · 89
The Soul to God
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
I long for you and even faint
For You, the Lord, my God
When we are close, I leap for joy
And when we are apart, I weep
You always reach down and lift me up
During the days out in the desert
When faith and hope are dry
And I wander through the barren land
You are an oasis of shade rest and drink
You restore me and refresh
You bring me back to life
And when I find myself in darkness
In this lonesome weary season
You want to teach me for some reason
And you will bring me back into light
I reach for you My Lord Holy One
Even as flowers reach for the sun
In you I find peace and rest
As high as the mountains
As deep as the seas
As far as the east is from the west
I proclaim your greatness Oh Lord My God
I sing of your mercy I shout of your love
You are beautiful beyond measure
No word can express or define
And still with all I am, I try
I would give anything to be united again
But I cannot yet so here I remain
To know love and loss, joy and pain
When I cry out I know you hear me
I take comfort knowing you are near me
And so I live in awe and wonder
And wait for the day I might join your number
Sep 2018 · 66
The Heart to God
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
I no longer beat for myself alone
I beat for one who made himself known
Humbled himself to be one like me
I was locked away and he held the key
He knocked on the door said “May I come in?”
He got to work cleaning me from within
Though I was unworthy he loved me the same
The lifted me up and called me by name
When I was broken he made something new
Put me together with something stronger than glue
Piece by piece I began to realize
How special I was in his loving eyes

Eye has not seen nor ear has heard
What I know to be perfect and true
One look at the sunset or creation around
Is all I need to know where He is found
To truly believe what the eyes cannot see
Hold fast to what it means to me
I may not see, or think but i know what i feel
And in the deepest part of me, I know this is real
Sep 2018 · 76
The Mind to God
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
To what shall we compare you
Who are greater than all we can fathom
How can we tell of you?
No eye has seen no ear has heard
The senses fall short to describe you.
We reach out and try to understand
Seeking something tangible and real
We learn and study and think and choose
We can realize and rationalize
We see the odds of our reality
We know how perfect the details
And we cannot help but think this is more
More than chance, more than serendipity
The details and exactness make it seem
Like something greater was at work
How else could we make sense
Of such an impossibility?
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
I want to fall in love with you and then
Fall in love with you all over again
Rewind time to go back and relive
There is nothing that I wouldn’t give
To have the moment we first met
It’s a feeling I’ll never forget
You looked at me and saw right through
All my walls, disguises and masks
The smallest flaw in my suit of armor
Was more than big enough for you
You came and flooded and swept me off my feet
You settled in, put down roots,
My demise was now complete.
Now here I am and still you stay
You are there when I wake up each day
You stole my heart and gave me your own
So never again will I be all alone
Something you say or do and I’m falling in love
Everyday I raise my eyes to Heaven above
And I think: I want to fall in love with you and then
I want to fall in love with you all over again
Sep 2018 · 81
Opus Dei
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
Reform me from a life of sin and shame
Conform me until only you remain
Refine me so I more closely reflect you
Redefine me with purity and truth

Oh you are changing yes rearranging
The pieces of my heart
And you are taking and even making
A priceless work of art
But it’s confusing what you are choosing
And I don’t understand
Come and find me and remind me
That it’s all part of your plan
I am waiting still hesitating
The path seems all unclear
The way to go I think I know
I’m having trouble leaving here
Is it fear that grabs my heart
Is it doubt that stills my feet
Is it sin that ties me up
Uncertainty that clouds my eyes
But perfect love drives out fear
And I trust that you are near
In your mercy you gave your life for me
I once was lost in darkness but I finally see
Your love is my life it’s where I can be found
And one day I know, I’ll know joy and peace profound
Sep 2018 · 83
Holy Mother
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
Holy Mother through your grace
We can see our Jesus’ face
Your heart so full of love divine
All part of God’s grand design
You are the path through which we come
To know and praise and love your son
I know, but sometimes still fail to see
The great things God has planned for me
By your virtues pure and holy
Direct my life to be yours solely
Through purity and love and truth
May I live an upright youth
And in my final days on Earth
Let my end be but rebirth
Sep 2018 · 98
Rest Easy
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
Rest easy in the loving arms of the Lord
Healing begins: the merciful heart outpoured
Find peace in the Shepherd and Savior
Lamb of the flock and part of the fold
Honesty is the first step on the long road
Forgiveness the second on Life’s Healing Journey
Take comfort for you have the light of Christ
Be still be quiet be calm
Let your life be a Psalm
When I am near you, my soul finds rest
And out of the darkness I see how much I’m blessed
My burden is easy when I lay it at your feet
And when I look at you my joy is complete
Sep 2018 · 110
Prayer for the Church
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
Lord, first we thank you for the blessings you have showered upon your bride, the church and we ask that you continue to bless, guide, and govern her with love, in love, and through love now and forever. The church is not a building, but a people gathered together as one in your name. We are human, and in our humanity, we have sinned and caused great pain and suffering. We are wounded and scarred and some leave because of the pain it leaves behind. I pray that in the midst of these trials and sufferings that you would give us clean hearts and repentant spirits to do what is right and be honest. Lord it is often difficult to forgive, at least forgive truly. When we find it hard to forgive others, remind us gently that you first forgave us and you did not condemn, but loved. We don’t have to trust them, but we ought to forgive them. I ask for you wisdom and courage for those in authority, our priests and shepherds to be able to speak and act in an open and honest manner as they continue to minister to your church. Help us to love one another and you in a way that more closely resembles love as it was made to be. May we, together as one body begin to move forward and take the first step on Life’s Healing Journey. Amen
Sep 2018 · 89
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
Sometimes it’s okay to think, speak, act, etc. but we do it so much; constantly moving, rarely slowing down, and almost never stopping. There are times that we need to stop. Don’t speak, don’t think, don’t act. Just listen and be. Listen to the world around you, listen to the silence that you may hear Him speak. Empty yourself so you may be filled, lose yourself so you can be found. Try letting everything fade away so you can focus on the one thing that matters most: your presence to Him and His presence in you. Be patient, don’t give up or get discouraged and keep trying when it doesn’t work. Listen!
Sep 2018 · 226
Storm At Sea
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
The water roils and thunder rumbles
Growls low and long across the miles
The waves stir and the wind wakes
In the storm upon the sea

The boat is tossed upon raging waters
At the mercy of the ocean
Slave to every maddening motion
In the storm upon the sea

As the earth unleashes fury
Driving rain and flashing fire
A prayer sent up; sound swallowed by the wind
In the storm upon the sea

The plea is heard as the wind whispers
The clouds roll off to show a sea of diamonds
Moonlight reflects off shining waters
In the night upon the sea
Sep 2018 · 159
ShowYouLove Sep 2018
Wrapped in a cloud of light and love
Surrounded in strength both soft and strong
The quiet whispers of peace be with you
Take heart and be not afraid, I am with you
Your Guardian Angel to care and protect
Calming your fears and drying your eyes
Waking you early to watch the sunrise
Beside you always and never out of reach
Sometimes they shield and other times teach
Your Guardian Angel specially hand select
Your shelter in the storm a blanket soft and warm
Your strength to carry on when hope seems gone
Your refuge and strong tower, help in darkest hour
The hug that says it all when words cannot suffice
The sheer joy that suffuses you when the day is so nice
More than simply angels are the many in our lives
Who are guardians that we don’t always realize
Some for a moment and some who may stay
Those who may watch, and love, and pray
Sometimes in the background, behind the scenes
Working for your good even though unseen
For our Guardians up in heaven and those we meet on Earth
Nothing comes close to how much they are worth
So we recognize our Guardians and say a special prayer
That they be blessed and lifted up in the Father’s loving care
We may be a Guardian for someone else in need
And with faith and grace, we too, can plant a seed
Aug 2018 · 178
Flame of Love
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Restore our hearts renew our minds
Turn our thoughts from evil things
Melt and shape us till we see
The reflection of truth and purity
Let our hearts burn with the flame of love
Setting fire to everything they touch
Until the whole world is burning
For healing water we are yearning
It will burn so bright the devil will be blind
For the source is of a special kind
It is from the Immaculate Heart of Mary herself
Gathering strength from the sweetest devotion
In words brought to action not just motion
Flame of Love burn through what is excess
Through pride and greed, lust and shame
Until you are all that still remains
Help me be faithful to the prayer
And committed to the cause
I am loved and you are there
In my faults and in my flaws
Flame of Love illuminate my life
That I may radiate and be a beacon
To point the way for others like me:
Lost and searching, found and free
Aug 2018 · 133
Words of Life
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Sometimes what you say is hard to swallow
And there are days when it is all I can do to follow
The way you walk is never easy and rarely pleasant
And sometimes it feels like you’re not present
But through it all I know that you are there
In spite of it all you still love and still care
Lord you have the words of Spirit and Life
You spoke into the darkness and created the light
We will walk by faith; in your promises we believe
And so it is in the Eucharist that we receive
The body and blood of Christ crucified
Through this love and sacrifice, we are truly alive
Consume my heart with love for you
I feel in my heart what I know to be true
By the Sacred mystery this miracle of love
I have your life within me: Heaven’s gift from above
Lord you have the words of life eternally
You became a prisoner so I could be free
I never could repay you for this second chance
You looked at me with more than a passing glance
By your grace I live my life in a way I hope will show
The change in me and how I hope to grow
Where else could we go? To whom else could we look
Where one so great came down and in our form took
So we might see and come to understand
What it means to love and lend a hand
Can we believe in something greater than ourselves
Don the cloak of humility and put pride upon the shelves
Lord you are the way that leads us to the father
You are the shepherd and you are the potter
Lord you are the truth in a world of lies and deception
The banquet is prepared for the wedding reception
Lord you are the life that shines in me today
And though sometimes it’s hard my faith in you will stay
Aug 2018 · 95
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Entrust yourself to Mary give your heart to her
Seek refuge in her peaceful presence
Take comfort in tender loving arms
Entrust your life to her as Christ once gave himself
Take her into your home and care for her
Just as she provides for her children
Entrust it all to Mary give her everything
Totus Tuus- Totally Yours
Trust that she will light the way, she won’t lead you wrong
Trust that in all things she is walking with you
Mother full of grace and love and faith
“Listen to Him and do whatever He tells you”
Open us to hear and listen to what he tells us
Grant us the courage and grace to respond
Guide and strengthen us as we strive to follow
His Will and the road that leads to Heaven
Entrust yourself to her as she leads us to our Lord
Surrender your will so the Divine will shine
And in that perfect Divine Will
You may find your peace and purpose
The Holy Longing you’ve been waiting for
Entrust yourself to Mary
Mary, I trust in You!
Aug 2018 · 90
Mother Mary
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Holy Mother blessed mother of my savior Jesus Christ
****** Mary walk beside me for today and all my life
Pure and blameless born without the stain of sin
Help me to be like you Mother cleanse me from within
Full of grace and perfect beauty Queen of Heaven above
Wrap us gently in your arms fill us with your tender love
Hear me Mother as I pray
Help me love you more each day
Mary guide me and pray for me your little child
Help me live like you: so strong and meek and mild
Mother Mary here with me from my birth unto my death
Take me home to be with Jesus when I take my final breath
Aug 2018 · 102
Angels Bow
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
The angels bow in reverence to the Lamb upon the throne
Through his suffering and death the love of God was shown
We who walk upon this Earth that we call home
Are never very far from Him wherever we roam
There are no words that I can say
No prayers that I dare to pray
That should ever reach your ears
But you reach out and calm my fears
You hear me, you see me, like only you can
I am waiting, contemplating, trying just to understand
Help me Lord to learn to be still and to discern
Transform my heart so my desire is your Holy Will
Aug 2018 · 88
In Glory Crowned
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
So sings my soul a song for my Lord
Glory and praise to his name on high
His wondrous deeds and mighty works
Are clear in creation and written in the sky
He lifts the lowly and humbles the proud
A word from His lips could silence a crowd
He is full of compassion, merciful and just
My eyes have seen the glory in Him I will trust
Nations will bow before His mighty right hand
Against love and forgiveness no force can withstand
The Heavens declare the greatness of God
The rocks and trees and Earth cries out
The mountains and valleys echo the sound
And so our Lord in glory is crowned
Aug 2018 · 99
Beautiful Still
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Your beauty is more than a rainbow
Shines brighter than the stars in the sky
It surrounds you with a tangible glow
More powerful than to see an eagle fly
All the treasure in the world could never match
A brilliance that the sun can’t even catch
All you do and all you are
Is made with love crafted with care
We have our scars and our pain
Broken and ugly still you remain
We are beautiful in your loving eyes
Once we finally see and realize
Everything changes. A new way to see
To know, through it all, I’m still beautifully me

I may be imperfect and I fall into sin
But I learn, get up again, and it’s a win
The outside matters less that what is deep inside
He loves my heart and looks at me with pride
Here is my child my beautiful work of art
Crafted carefully by hand every single part
No being can fathom no mind comprehend
The beauty in creation causing the soul to ascend
Aug 2018 · 78
The Confession
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Wash me white as the new-fallen snow
Purify my heart and cleanse me from within
I come to you with filthy rags and scars and sores abound
You wipe them away and they are nowhere to be found
Transform me let me shine your light anew
Though I don’t see, you’re making me more like you
No longer red and filled with dread, sweat upon my brow
Purest white the soul’s delight the color I see now
To find victory I must surrender
Sometimes strength is gentle and tender
A peace sweeps over, brings me to my knees
A door was locked and now you hold the keys
I am found when I lose myself in you
By burden becomes light in the shadow of your cross
To tell you all my deepest secrets though you know them all
Leaves me feeling better and I can once again walk tall
The hardest part is getting there being vulnerable and weak
And every time I’m amazed by the loving words you speak
Each time, I am transfigured; made into something more
Each time you patiently wait for me every time I ignore
I will fall and fall again but you love me just the same
How amazing, how great, is the power of Your name
Aug 2018 · 72
White as Snow
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
White as snow and blindingly bright
To look upon Jesus on that great height
Transfigured made new His radiant glow
His brothers and friends afraid of the show
It is good that we are here now let us remain
Let it wash over us and take away our pain
Aug 2018 · 108
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Surrounded by friends and angels and saints
In awe of your power and love
My soul longs for you and it even faints
For the grace that flows from above

Surrounded by your holy fire
Surrounded by your perfect peace
I marvel at how you inspire
I’m breathless by the sweetest release

Covered in prayer and in praising
Drowned in your holy flood
We as one our voices are raising
Washed clean by your precious blood

Surrounded by your holy fire
Surrounded by your perfect peace
I marvel at how you inspire
I’m breathless by the sweetest release

Renewed by the ultimate sacrifice
Filled with the spirit of God
This is the true body of Christ
Break through our hardened facade

Surrounded by your holy fire
Surrounded by your perfect peace
I marvel at how you inspire
I’m breathless by the sweetest release

As I sit here now, I ponder
I gaze at your face and sit at your feet
And though sometimes I wander
Still I know: my life is complete

Surrounded by your holy fire
Surrounded by your perfect peace
I marvel at how you inspire
I’m breathless by the sweetest release

Now here again I stand awe
Of your promise and your power
Of your faithfulness I saw
So much gift in a short half hour
Aug 2018 · 137
Life and Salvation
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Bread of Life from Heaven sent
Blood of Salvation sinners repent
Eternal life is our new inheritance
All are given a second chance
This is the body this is the blood
Here we see how deep is His love
United: the marriage of two minds and two hearts
To beat and think and be as one
With the father, Spirit, and son
Bread of Life and word of truth
Help us lead and guide our youth
Blood of Christ and heart of mercy
Those who drink will not be thirsty
Free our hearts from these heavy chains
Console and comfort us: for you know our pains
By dying with Him we may also rise
And life in Heaven can be our prize
Long is the road, narrow and hard
We must stick together and be ever on guard
But the Bread of Life is our strength
And with the cup of blessing we can go any length
Jul 2018 · 119
To Serve You
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Let me serve you the best that I know how
Every word and every page devoted to you now
How can I best serve you in the world today
Use me as your instrument: this is what I pray
I’m waiting for a tug, a gentle little leaning
Hoping for an answer to give my life some meaning
Then I wonder if I should STOP...
And just listen to the silence
I might feel that quiet breeze
I might hear the spirit whisper
Father let me serve you the only way I can
By being open, listening, and saying yes to your plan
Wherever the road may lead, may it lead me straight to you
Whatever the outcome, may the outcome let me be made new
By your will, through your love, in your grand design
I am yours: your humble servant until the end of time
Jul 2018 · 117
Broken and Blessed
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
You take me as I am: broken and weak
You bless me and I am made strong and whole
You find me as I am: blindingly I seek
You love me and restore my heart and soul
There is nothing I can give you Lord of everything
No words to speak nor song to sing
You want my life, you want my love
You want me with you high above
You break me and bless me Oh Lord you multiply
Without you I will never be enough no matter how hard I try
I lay this offering at your feet
I lift it up and it is complete
Whatever I give, I receive seven-fold
The feeling of joy and wonder never gets old
Sometimes I must break so I can heal properly
Shaped and changed like a piece of pottery
There can be miracles for those who believe
To those who are open, they will receive
I the Lord God, am your portion, provision
Come to me in your every decision
See for yourself I am not lacking in abundance
My love for you is more than just a passing glance
I bless you my Child forever and a day
I want to bless you in every little way
Jul 2018 · 196
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
So many are hungry starving for food
So many without that which is good
They are pleading they are crying
We are living while they are dying
Can we not, in our abundance
Share a little without reluctance?
Teach them how to provide
Give them the tools to thrive
Love them like Jesus
See them like he does
So many are hungry for the love of God
So many yearning for the daily bread
They come from miles around to drink
Brought back to life from the brink
Feed them, lead them they are lost and alone
Give them shelter, give them rest, bring them home
There is more than physical hunger in the world today
It goes much deeper to a spiritual way
Share your bread with the hungry
Share your food and share the word
And the hungry will listen your words not unheard
So many in the world are hungry
Needing so much more than water and bread
So many in the world are hungry
In greater need of love and good news instead
So give what you have to the Lord
Let him bless and multiply your gift
Give thanks and praise for his goodness
And do what you can to uplift
Jul 2018 · 87
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Some weeks, Lord, are great. The days are smooth and pleasant and all is well, thank you for those weeks. Other weeks are less than stellar. The days are rough and choppy and I feel frustrated and impatient, thank you for those weeks. In weeks like this, I am forced to rely on you for the strength and grace just to get through today. Not tomorrow or the next day, just today. My patience seems to be out of town and I’ve had it up to here. I need a vacation; a time away. Maybe just to sit here with you, talk, and pray. I know there will be better weeks and other weeks not good, but this is trying my patience and mercy more than it normally would! Thank you for getting me through today. It is good to feel the love and know that soon it will all be okay. I doubt you would give me tough days just so I would be with you more often. I don’t have to have tough days to keep you company for an hour or so each day. I know you hear and help me out so I know I’ll be alright. It’s when things are darkest that we can most clearly see your light. AMEN
Jul 2018 · 110
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Breathe, just breathe
Rest easy, and drift softly asleep
Heaviness and warmth surround
And I know this is where peace is found
Fill your lungs with the presence
Of the giver of all good things
Once weak and weary slowly dying
Now filled with the spirit of life
Release the tension, the impatience, irritation
Take in the calm, the quiet, the peace
Breathe in the sweet perfumed air
Of a space saturated with prayer
Breathe in and let the healing waters flow
Let the sunlight follow wherever you go
Let your breath chase away the clouds
Of despair and sorrow
And may the sun shine even more brilliantly tomorrow
Breathe in the love that casts out fear
And remember you are welcome here
Let go of the weights that bring you down
Until you fly with your feet on the ground
Breathe in the freedom and laugh with all your heart
For the joy of being truly alive is where it starts
Breathe in, breath in deeply
Begin to refocus and re-center
Begin to let peace re-enter
It hovers close though, at times, unseen
If you pay close attention you might see what I mean
So when things are stressful and getting out of hand
Breathe, just breath and remember who is in command
Jul 2018 · 576
Let Me Sit
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Lord, let me sit here for a while
Let me stay and rest in your presence
Let your mercy wash over me
And your love flood my entire being

Lord, let me sit here for a time
In silence and stillness divine
Open my eyes to see you more clearly
Open my heart to love your more dearly

Lord, let me sit here for an hour
Take my weakness and fill me with your power
Let me be content and at peace
As I decrease so you may increase

Lord, let me sit here with you right beside
You know my heart, there is nothing I can hide
In difficult times and failure let me not give in to despair
But remember there is hope and you are always there

Lord, let me sit and take in your life-giving breath
By your sacrifice you won over sin and death
You have given me much more than I deserve
So I promise to give back and use these gifts to serve

Lord, let me sit here in joy and gratitude
And appreciate the magnitude of this moment
The time I spend with you and you with me
It is in this time that I am truly free

Lord, let me sit and be present to you
To listen, look, and love
And in the silence hold me close
As I walk with you once more

Jul 2018 · 115
Grace Flows Through You
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Grace flows through you Oh Mary our Mother
You are the living channel through which God came to save the world
Take us all into your arms and bathe us in the living water of Christ
Make us a channel of His love and peace
Through which the world comes to know Him
Bless us Mary for we are your children
Watch over us, protect us, pray for us and bless us
Help us not forget to honor you with the respect and care you deserve
Oh Mother of the world and Queen of Heaven
Come to our aid, we implore you
In our prosperity we have forgotten your son
And we are paying the price today
Have mercy on us and intercede on our behalf
In the Eucharist, we are channels of God’s presence
In a physical and spiritual way
Our hearts are a dwelling place for the Most High
We become as Christ-bearers
You bore Christ within yourself for 9 long months
When you were chosen and filled with the Holy Spirit
You said let it be done unto me according to Your will
Help us to say yes to God and his Will and trust that he will see us through
Lend us your grace and strength Holy Mother Of God
That we may reflect and imitate your virtues
Lead us ever into an ever deeper and more intimate relationship
With your son our Lord Jesus Christ
And by your grace obtain the fruits of the promises
Especially in the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary
We ask this and all things through Jesus’ name and through your intercession Mary.
Jul 2018 · 122
Baby Steps (Before We Walk)
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Go back to baby steps back to one foot at a time
Live in the moment and you are in your prime
Remember that before we walk we have to crawl
And before we can stand, sometimes we fall
It’s not how often you fell it’s how often you got back up
It’s not the mistakes you’ve made it’s the lessons learned
Baby steps start small and uneasy
But they get there just the same
Before we run we have to walk
Before we fly we have to run
It might look bad now, but one day you’ll be lifted up to soar
Free from what binds you, clips your wings
You were born to be free,
to sing and dance and play
With faith in yourself and our faith in you
You’ll be there soon one day
You’ve been shaken and you’re frightened
You feel the scars it left behind
They don’t define you they remind you
Just how far you have come
Find once more that inner light
The fire inside your heart
Let me remind you how it looked to me
I saw the strength, I saw the hope
I saw the courage and the pain
I saw the love I saw the caring
I saw what life had done and what remained
And I loved it. It was beautiful, it was raw
It was real: this I saw.
It is special just like you
a treasure through and through.
What you see before you is not a fixed thing
It may be part of your story so learn and grow
Please remember we are here and you are not alone
We may not be able to carry your burden
But we can carry you
The line between space and too much space
Is often gray and hard to find
We worry because we care, we care because we love
If we can be faulted for anything it’s loving you too much
Although I don’t know that it’s possible
Before we walk, we have to crawl
Before we stand we sometimes fall
Step by step we’ll see it through together
Because we are your friends forever
Jul 2018 · 91
Strong When We Are Weak
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Lord, in my humanity I am weak. I am pulled between the devil’s twisted images and the divinity I have through you. So often I fall prey to these temptations and do what I know is not good for me. Forgive me, a poor sinner. I ask for the courage and strength to come before you humble and broken just as I am. I am coming home Lord, run out to meet me! I know that I am more than my faults and failings. I can do better, I can be better with your help. Let me be content in my suffering and weakness because I know that my strength is found in you. It is in my weakest moments that you can truly show your strength. I know what I need to do Lord, by your grace and strength, help me act promptly upon this knowledge and so Glory in Your strength. Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done: on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our DAILY BREAD! (Your Word and Your presence in the Blessed Sacrament) And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. You are my strength Lord. Help me be content in my weakness so to testify more powerfully to Your strength.
Jun 2018 · 317
Have Faith
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
When Jesus is performing miracles
He often says “Have faith” “Your faith has saved you”
Do we believe that this is really true?
Do we believe that Jesus has the power
To cure our every ill?
Even if we aren’t healed, do we trust Him still?
Have faith that God is close
Have faith that He is listening
Have faith and be persistent
Pray always without relent
Have faith, my child do not fear
In time, all will be made clear
If we have true faith, mountains can be moved
Waters can part, God’s presence is proved
Not all will move mountains or turn sea into dry land,
But all will see the power of taking Jesus’ hand.
Have faith that where you are
Is where you’re supposed to be
Have faith and shine like a star
Bearing light for all to see
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
For those that fight for the rights of others
For those that stand up against injustice
For those who defend the faith
For those who seek the truth and fairness
For those with wisdom and eyes to see
Bless and keep them safe Lord
Remind them of your presence
Let them act with Justice and yet be merciful
Let them not judge too hastily but look for the good inside
Protect their minds and hearts
Against discouragement and cynicism
Let your love fill them, the Holy Spirit guide them
They have great power, help them use it responsibly
On this day we celebrate St. Thomas More
Patron saint of lawyers, adopted children, those who work in the courts
By your grace and strength may they too be
The “king’s” good servant, but God’s first
The work they do is often hard and difficult to see an impact
Please remind them that they are making a difference
That what they do DOES matter
Put people in their lives to give them encouragement and support
People to turn to on the hard days to carry them
Bless all those in the court system as they work to bring peace
For they are the children of God
May we all be like children living with faith hope joy and love
Grant them and all of us Oh Lord the spirit of Wisdom and Understanding
We ask this and all things in Jesus the Christ your son who live and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. One God forever and ever Amen.

St. Thomas More: pray for us!
Jun 2018 · 135
Heart of Love
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Gaze into the heart of love
Pierce the veil of the inner chamber
To find a treasure more precious
Than all the riches of the earth
Sacrifice and pain are there
As are pure joy and blessed life
In the heart of love is loss and gain

A heart of love does not leave because you tell it
It carries you when you can’t go on
Gives you strength when you are weak
And helps you find the path you seek
It reaches out to catch you
It gives comfort and warmth in the cold dark place
And sometimes it stays near, but gives you space

The heart of love is selfless seeking the other’s good
It does not take, nor ask more than it should
It requires no reward, but a happy heart is riches outpoured

How I wish that I could help you; make you whole again
But even if I could make it better, what then?
I wish I could give you comfort; tell you it’s alright
But it’s not right now and you are stuck in the night
I wish I could give you hope; that all will be well soon
But I don’t know when life will be back in tune
There are many things I don’t know lots that I can’t do
If you let me I might help, but that is up to you
There are some things I can do promises I can make:
That I will be here however long it takes
I can offer you my shoulder I can offer you my ears
I can offer you my hand, and a hug to calm your fears
I can offer you my patience and offer you my time
I can offer you my friendship and all that is mine
I would offer you the world the very sun if I could
I’d go to any length to hear and know you were good
Forgive me if I come on a little strong
It’s just that I get anxious when I hear something is wrong
I internalize, I empathize, and yes I slightly obsess
It’s a blessing and a burden though I must confess
I would not have it another way it is a part of me
It is my heart of love a part of my identity
And so it is and here we are: the most unlikely of friends
And may the parts we play in each other’s lives...
Never find their end!
Jun 2018 · 266
Beyond Justice To Mercy
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Love one another as I have loved you
I came to the world to speak the truth
Sinners all and fallen; death should be the reward
Your eternal life: proof that Jesus Christ is Lord
Justice demands retribution mercy pays the cost
Love has come to be a light for the ones who are lost
Justice doesn’t solve the problem, doesn’t make it right
It can’t heal the hurt and it’s often done in spite
Mercy forgives and mercy loves, it stops hate in its tracks
It is disarming as a weapon and confuses potential attacks
Forgive them for they know not what they do
Forgive us our sins and help us return to you
You opened your arms to take us in one and all
Quietly you knock and softly do you call
What will be our answer as we quest for peace
Beyond Justice to Mercy can the violence cease
Our vision is clouded in the heat of the moment
Help us Lord to reconcile to seek atonement
Beyond Hurt to Healing beyond Sadness to Joy
Beyond Death to New Life to create not destroy
When we try to understand we build a bridge to span
The river raging fast and wide and cross it if we can
Beyond Justice to Mercy in the Sacred Heart Of Jesus
It is with eyes of love and compassion that He sees us
In all our sin and death, still he found us worthy to save
We should cherish the undeserved gift He gave
And strive in gratitude to do the same
To forgive and to love in Jesus’ name
Beyond Justice to Mercy is the key takeaway
And we can improve if we work together and pray
Jun 2018 · 122
Totally, Completely
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Overwhelmed by your beauty
The beauty of the sacrifice
The majesty of love
The mystery of life
I sit here in your presence
I lie here at your feet
Not fear not cold can touch me
I take in the light and heat
Here I am alone with you
Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses
You call me and I respond: Here I am Lord! Speak, your servant is listening
I will go where you send me
I will love how you loved me
I will follow where you lead me
I will see what you show me
While I know that I am yours Lord
I can see how blessed I am
I haven’t always given you the same
And spending more time with you I can afford
I am yours: totally, completely
I want you to be mine: totally, completely
You had something special in mind today
Something to see, something I heard you say
To live with integrity, honesty and truth
To be united in body and soul
In communion with Christ and his body
Moving with one heart and mind
Bring the children, let the children come to me
They are our hope, our future, our legacy
Care for the poor, the sick, the prisoner
For we were all poor, sick, and slaves
To this world and it’s tempting ways
‘Twas by the amazing grace and now in faith
We are rich in His love, healed, and set free
We forget from where we came
Often fail to see how much farther still
Do not be discouraged, rather, take heart
To see the progress you have made
Life has led me here to this day and to this hour
When I give myself totally, completely I will flower
Jun 2018 · 468
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Ask and you shall receive
Imagine what you can achieve
When you love Him with all your being
Miracles can happen if you keep believing

For He is near to those who call upon His holy name
He is freedom and forgiveness in our sin and shame
We repeat the same mistakes and He loves us just the same

His love endures his hope secures
From His side grace and mercy flow
He took on flesh and was put to death
So that the world would finally know

How much he loved us to the end
We betrayed Him and he calls us friend
He looked beyond my faults to the hurt I hold inside
He held me and healed me and my heart was opened wide

The miracle of mercy the miracle of life
The miracle of peace in the middle of strife
The miracle of being loved for all time
The miracle of God choosing a heart like mine

The miracle of the change happening in me
The miracle of light when the blind can see
The miracle of wonder in the eyes of a child
The miracle of a baby so tender and mild

The miracle of a touch, a word or smile
That one sign a person was praying for
You could be the miracle someone was waiting for

Lord make me a miracle for you to use. Let my words and actions bless others and be a light to show them someone is there, someone who cares. So often we look for the big miracles and, while they do happen, we don’t see them all the time. Help us remember to look for and see all the little miracles in our day to day lives. Birth, the beauty of nature, the sun rising each day, making it through one more day, a helping hand you needed, but didn’t expect. Open our eyes Lord to truly see life around us through your eyes. Thank you for all the miracles you give us big and small and, by your will, allow us to be a channel for your miracles working in and through us. We ask this and all things with confidence to God our Father, in union with the Son and the Holy Spirit who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.
Jun 2018 · 121
These Days (A Reminder)
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
In this day and age we seem not to remember
What it means to be humble kind and tender
There are many sleepers lost in their own dreams
And, if I’m honest, some days the world is lost it seems
Ship at sea: battered sails, no anchor, at the mercy of the wind
We are all in the same boat. All have fallen short, all have sinned
With the chaos and the noise it must have slipped our mind
That most things (including people) respond better when we are kind
Society, the media seem to have turned to what sells
Blurring lines between the heavens and hells
We have taken the easy road but it isn’t always best
Sometimes the narrow high climb is better than the rest
We seem to have lost the ability to communicate
We have lost the knowledge of how to debate
We don’t have to agree, but we do have to listen
Can we begin to get back all that we’ve been missing?
But there is hope; it’s not too late to turn around
To steer the ship so it doesn’t run aground
We didn’t get where we are overnight
It’ll be a while before we set things right
But it can start right here and now
With you and me and here is how:
We must listen, not just hear
Have courage, don’t give in to fear
We must see, not just look
Look inside ourselves and the good book
Bring joy and peace to all whom you meet
And, with a smile, those whom you greet
Stand for those who cannot stand, kneel if you must
Cry out for those who have no voice and trust
In the good you are doing.

If you stand, some will mock you and some may join you- stand still
If you believe, some will question and challenge you- believe still
If you pray, you may not get what you were asking for- pray still
If you live, though you may be threatened or killed- live still
If you cry, some may tell you it’s foolish others may admire you- cry still
If you dance, you may look foolish and silly- dance still
If you sing, you may be praised or criticized- sing joyfully still
If you love, you open yourself up and can be hurt- love still
If you give- and you have so little left to give- give still

For, in the end, it matters not what other people think
All that really matters is what’s inside your heart
Jun 2018 · 1.6k
The Sun Still Shines
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
When the world is all but the blackest of night
And the sky is starless and you can’t feel the light
When you feel crushed and it’s more than you can take
Try to remember that morning will break
The sun still shines

When hope seems all but gone to dust
Your life destroyed by thieves, moths and rust
Suffocated slowly by sin and shame
And you have none but yourself to blame
Look toward the horizon and see
The sun still shines

The sun still shines in spite of our fault
Remaining constant and steady it does not halt
The sun still shines even if we block it’s radiance
On our bad days the sun still shines it’s kindly countenance
The sun still shines

Let my light be the sun that still shines for you
That you too may shine for another
Let my light shine both pure and true
May it connect us as sister and brother
And remember: the sun still shines

When you wake in the morning for another new day
Give thanks and praise to God and say:
The sun still shines and warms the ground
This wonderful world in which I am found
With one word he made it so the sun still shines

When you rest your head in your nice warm bed
And dream sweet dreams of joyful scenes
As you drift away to soft sweet surrender
His might is great, His love is tender
The sun still shines

In faith, we know, the sun will shine again
We have confidence when we say Amen
Somehow we know the sun will shine once more
And it is something I hold deep in my core
The sun still shines

And when the sun does shine it’s last
I pray we will be in a place so vast
That even in our darkness the Son still shines
And in Heaven above we are washed in the light of love
So for now and always the sun still shines
Jun 2018 · 170
Corpus Christi Litany
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Christ’s body and blood
Broken and poured for all
How precious was the sacrifice
Of pain and death to give me life
Christ’s body and blood
Wine and wheat transformed by the spirit
Transforming my life from the inside out
Here we have come to partake of the Lamb
That was slain for the sin of man
Christ’s body and blood
Take me over in spirit and flesh
Christ’s body and blood
Satisfy this consuming hunger
Slake this unquenchable thirst
Christ’s body and blood
To be grateful to give thanks
Christ’s body and blood
Eucharist, communion
Christ’s body and blood
To live within my own flesh and blood
Christ’s body and blood
To share with all those I meet
Christ’s body and blood
To live on forever
Christ’s body and blood
Straight from the heart, a gift of pure love
Christ’s body and blood
Believe and receive the very source of life
Blood the essence and pulse of life
Body a temple and a way to live out
Christ’s body and blood
Such great mystery
Christ’s body and blood
Part of my history
Christ’s body and blood
The prime example of love’s transcendent nature
Love conquers all
Jun 2018 · 171
The Children
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Jesus loves the little children. Some of the faith’s greatest warriors both literally and figuratively were children. The shepherd boy David, the great Joan of Arc, Therese of Lisieux, and the three young shepherd children from Fatima to name a few. David was in his late teens when he slew Goliath with a sling and a stone, Joan was 17 when she led an army to several impressive victories. Our Lady Of Fatima appeared to three young shepherd children. The “Little Way” and one of the great Doctors of the Church is St. Teresé and she was 24 when she died. Jesus said blessed are the little children. They are priceless treasures. Do you remember when you were a child? The sense of wonder, joy, love, faith you had? Everything seemed more alive, brighter, happier. Anything was possible and everything was amazing. When we look at life through the eyes of a child we see life with joy and wonder and grace. Beauty and music are everywhere around you if you can believe it to be so. The wind through the trees, the grass beneath your feet, the sun in the sky, the storms, all life sings for sheer joy of being alive. Worries are less, and grace is more, time is endless, excitement for what tomorrow has in store. Jesus loves the little children. The warrior is a child. We are God’s Children and we are called to be like the children. To trust completely in God, to see with the eyes of love and simplicity. Life doesn’t have to be complicated; we often make it so. When we are tired and scared, we can run to the fortress of our Faith and find safety, strength and rest. Our King does not stay safe in his castle, but fights for us, with us, He is always present and close at hand. When we fall he is there to help us up again. He gives us the strength to keep going and sometimes he holds us to him while we shake and cry inside our armor because the warrior is a child. Jesus loves the little children. As the great song says so simply: “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong. Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.” It is crazy to think just how loved we really are. “There is no greater love than this: to lay down one’s life for a friend.” And that is exactly what God did for us by sending his one and only child to be killed and to die in the worst manner possible so that we who didn’t/can’t deserve it were given the opportunity to experience this perfect divine love. God our Father loves us in the same perfect divine eternal love that is expressed by the the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus loves the little children. We are His children. Never lose the child inside especially when life is dark and stormy. Jump and dance in the puddles and look with wonder as the sun breaks through and a vibrant rainbow stretches it’s arms across the sky. Life gets a little better when you don’t forget the child. Jesus loves the little children and He loves you and me!
May 2018 · 764
ShowYouLove May 2018
My God I am blind for I look, but do not see
Change my heart Oh God won’t you change me?
I trust in your goodness in your most sacred heart
I pray Lord for wisdom and not simply smarts
I pray for your peace and strength in my day
I pray for the light to guide my steps along the way
I pray for your protection against my foes seen and unseen
I pray for a greater understanding of what my life means
I pray for direction and I ask for your blessing
I pray for peace and for less stressing
I love you Lord for your ways and right and just
Lord I trust you, help me ever more to trust
For the storms of life may rage for a time
But even in the storms you tell me “You are mine”
The sun will shine again and in the sky a rainbow fills
Showing us you love us now and you always will
So in your arms I’ll safely rest
For God is Father and Father knows best
May 2018 · 156
ShowYouLove May 2018
Some days are crazy and I can get overwhelmed
Caught up in the flood and demands of my life
My patience wears thin and I’m a bit on edge
Sometimes I feel like I’m standing on a ledge
But you remind me of your presence at all times in my life
You are steady when my world is spinning round and round
I cling to you like a drowning man does a rope
I run to you and in your arms I find there is hope
Some days when I think about you I get overwhelmed
Overwhelmed by your great love for me
Overcome by wonder and awe at your greatness and power
That you create the universe and the littlest flower
When I think upon your sacrifice it overtakes me
No greater love than this than to lay down one’s life for a friend
To image you call me friend after all I have done
But in your love for me you sacrificed your own son
When I come before you in the Eucharist
I receive your body and blood
Heaven meets Earth in marriage consummated
And there in my body new life is created
You overwhelm and satisfy my soul
And yet in my humanity I often look down
Help me draw my gaze to your loving eyes
To focus on you and my ultimate prize
May 2018 · 151
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
ShowYouLove May 2018
Come Holy Spirit send us your gifts
Help us manifest and bear great fruit
Come rest upon your people
Fill them with your fire
Love, wisdom, understanding, truth.
Come Holy Spirit guide our lives and guard our hearts
Open our minds, bodies, and souls
Dwell within us and help us rest in you
You were sent to show us the way lead us to the Father
Reveal yourself to me according your will
Third person of the Trinity
For you alone are least understood and least prayed to
Grant in me a great devotion to you
Within my devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
These graces from on high
You fill me with words to write for the Greater Glory Of God
So I thank you and I bless you Holy Spirit Divine
Make me ever yours as you are ever mine
May 2018 · 132
ShowYouLove May 2018
The Holy Spirit comes to bear witness to our Lord
We are called to testify to light and life and truth
Our words are powerful, but it is our actions that often speak
What do they see when they look at me?
Do they see love, understanding, gentleness, patience?
We may suffer for our faith, but will we remain strong and fast?
For the value of a soul is worth more than all the world
It was for this reason that Christ came down as man
To suffer, be crucified and die.
The value of one soul was worth it all.
Our testimony is our witness to our transformation
From who we were, to where we are, and where we hope to be
People may argue our ideas, but they cannot argue our experiences
In all things show love. Testify to love.
Testify to God for He is love; perfect and eternal.
The reason the world does not know God
Is because it does not know love. True love
Because God Is Love.
Be strong, but be gentle.
Be bold, but be humble.
Be authoritative, but be kind.
Speak with wisdom and with understanding.
Speak with honesty and truth.
Speak life and speak light.
Let your life testify to the good God has done
Let your life reflect Christ’s presence for everyone
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