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ShowYouLove Sep 2018
40 days of praying and fasting,
40 days for life everlasting
40 days to stand up and say
We are here and here we will stay
It’s a time to answer a calling
Down to our knees we are falling
40 days of peaceful presence
Standing here is solemn vigil
40 days for hope and healing
40 days in faith revealing
The greatness of our God and King
When to his mother our prayers we bring
Open our eyes to see you moving
Open our hearts to what you’re using
40 days to change ourselves
Even as we pray for their change
40 days to discover the value of a soul
40 days to realize how we play a role
40 days for Life 40 days to wander
40 days to invest not squander
40 days to make your love known
40 ways to say you’re never alone
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
Good morning AB
I hope you have a good day
We go home at 3
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
Full of mercy and compassion
Abundant grace and blessing
Justice and peace are never out of fashion
Focus on what we can do and stop stressing
Rest easy and be quiet as we go about living
The Lord rejoices in cheerful giving
Giving some of our time or money or skill
We use what we have been given for good will
The humble and the broken are graced
The lonely and oppressed are lifted
Those who mourn will have a taste
Of hope and joy and all will be gifted
We are to be light for a world that is blind
We are to be love in a world often unkind
We are to be warmth in a world now cold
We are to be courageous when so few are bold
We are to be strength to lift up the weak
We are to be gentle in a world that is not meek
We are to be pure in heart for a world that is broken
We are to be the truth that must be spoken
Be a blessing for others and a blessing for the Most High
Help others, do your best, and always try
Allowing God to bless what little we bring
We find that this can be a wonderful thing
Whatever you did for the least ones
Whatever you did for my daughters or sons
You did for me says the Lord God of Hosts
Help us be humble and honest lest we should boast
You gave us everything we could ever need
You are like good water to our seed
You gave us all we could want and ask
You will aid us in all of our tasks
Be with us Lord when we are burdened and  worn
Keep us safe through the night and wake us in the morn
Let your love go before us strengthen us while we pray
Let us bring your kingdom here this very day
There are so many who suffer in spirit and in physical pain
Give us the grace to bring them back and there, remain
Bring me to your heart and help me love with all I am
Take my hands and use them for your healing
Remind me why I do good with this wonderful feeling
To praise you with all that is in me
Bless and glorify so everyone can see
This is what I hope to do
And serve your people the best that I can
Let me not be prideful in me but rest in you
Continue to refine me in your perfect plan
ShowYouLove Oct 2013
You are a special person in many, many ways
Loving and patient for all of your days
Your smile means everything (though you may never talk)
And your heart soars on the wind (though you may never walk)
You might not express yourself like I can
Or explain what you mean like I can
But I learn from you.
“Oh yes, I do”
I learn how to Love
Like the One From Above
I learn how to Care
Helping others and ourselves through the talents that we share
You are the feared, the looked down upon
But we are the ones who are the real cons
For everything is here for a reason
The world is so cruel and cold it’s like its freezin
We need to warm it up start a fire
No time to sleep, we can’t retire
Light it with love, compassion is our kindling
Keep it in our hearts till to all the world we bring
This revolution starts with two
It starts with me and it starts with you!
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Draw me close to You Lord and never let me go
Arms outstretched on the cross to love me so
Open my eyes Lord to see the beauty around
Place my feet upon the rock and on holy ground
Open my ears to hear the voice of the one who saves
For love of you the dead will rise from their graves
Put a joy in my heart that can’t be contained
A fire, a passion that can’t be dimmed
Your word lights my way through the dark place
And everything is brighter in the light of Jesus’ face
With peace flowing like a river
From the throne of the giver of life
You have shown us the way to the father
You know us and call us by name
You see us as we are and you love us the same
And when the day comes for this life here to end
Lord protect us and let sweet sleep descend
Grant us the peace and the comfort
Wrap us once more in your gentle loving arms
Bring us home to be with you in the fullness of your glory
To be in your presence a saint among the saints of history
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
A Life of Humble Humility

The creator and ruler of the entire universe so powerful and so great, wanted a relationship with his people and loved them so much that he would leave heaven to be with them. He was concieved by a very ordinary ****** girl no older than 13 or 14, was born in a stable with pigs, oxen, and donkeys where it was cold, dark, and smelled very bad. Throughout his 20's, he ate and dined and held the company of prostitutes, tax collectors, uneducated fishermen, bad men, and unclean people. He did things that few could believe and none could explain and often did not take credit for these things. He took time to pray, ask for help and to rest, but was always ready to help those in need. He lived a life of service, of love, compassion, prayer and healing. When he rode into Jerusalem at the age of 33 on a Sunday, the king and ruler of everything came in on a donkey; a pack animal and lowly beast of burden of peasants rather than a horse or camel more fitting of his royalty and status. A week later, he was falsely accused and, though found not guilty, was condemned to be flayed till he was near death and then forced to carry a heavy piece of wood through town, beaten, mocked, spit upon and publicly humiliated to be nailed by his hands and feet to die in the most painful, brutal way imaginable. He was obedient to his father's plan and will to the very end and gave everything so that he might have a relationship with his beloved children.

Lord, help us please to love as you loved, serve as you served, to live as you lived. In a society that focuses on competition, personal gain and success even at the expense of another; send your Holy Spirit to be with us as we try to live by the example you have set for us: a life of humble humility. Whatever success we have, help us remember that it is from you or you working in and through us. As we strive to serve each other and you in a way that honors you and gives you glory, fill our hearts a with joy and peace that only you can provide! AMEN.
ShowYouLove Sep 2015
A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
And here we are: running in place

The miracle of a rainbow, the beauty of a blade of grass
Finding untold treasure where others see only trash
Listen. Here the thrum of wind on golden strings
The bells sounding clear and pure in the trees they sing

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
And here we are: running in place

Feel the complex dance around you come alive as you are filled
With a racing spirit and feet that won't be stilled
A song bursts forth just like the morning sun
And overflows and covers you until you and it are one

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
And here we are: running in place

We lose sight of what's important as we fight to survive
But if we stop to look through a child's eyes we learn to truly thrive

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
But here we are: running in place

A life of joy and wonder greets the sun in morning sky
A life of joy and wonder will run free and learn to fly
A life of joy and wonder finds gladness in the rain
A life of joy and wonder finds healing amidst the pain

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
But here we are running in place

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A child's eyes are bright and strong; they don't dull or dim
You might hear their quiet song if you stop and listen

There is a life of joy and wonder and grace
But here we are running in place
A life of joy and wonder takes patience, love, and care
It takes a long time, many years till we get there

But a life of joy and wonder is a precious thing I'm told...

Because a life of joy and wonder far surpasses the value of gold!
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
We fall down at your feet Lord
Humbled in your glorious presence
We fall down in awestruck wonder
When you split the sky with lightning and thunder
Before you we lay down all we have and are
And arise with so much more by far
There are walls built up around us
In our hearts and in our lives
Brothers from sisters husbands from wives
Some to keep in, some to keep out
Some because of fear, others in doubt
But these barricades provide little comfort
No way to leave, communicate, relate
And walls close in on us siphoning life
Lord let the walls crumble let them all fall down
Turn our world and our thinking all the way around
Break down these walls find the cracks in our armor
Leave us vulnerable and needy
Let us build from the rubble bridges instead
Let out minds and hearts in harmony be wed
Joshua marched for 9 days around Jericho’s wall
And on the power and mercy of God Joshua would call
Let us march and pray for 9 months and 9 days
And sing songs to our Lord who is worthy of praise
We trust in you Lord, but in all things, your Will be done
And we give glory to the Father, the Spirit and the Son
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
He made the sun to shine for you
The grass, green and the sky so blue
He made you the stars to point the way home;
There for you wherever you roam.
He made the wind to dance in your hair
He gave us a love that we could share
He gave you the sea to ebb and flow
He gave you the rain to make life grow
He gave you the trees to heaven reaching
He gave you the wisdom for little ones' teaching
He gave you a heart made of pure gold
He gave you a Spirit strong and bold
He gave you this gift so we could adore
He gave you His life and so much more
He gave you all this from a love so divine
Let us give to him our heart, soul, and mind
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
Lord God we pray for all souls on this day, especially those whom we have lost recently. Have mercy on their souls and bring them into the fullness of Your glory to be with You forever in Heaven. We pray for our souls that those lost or in the dark may find their light once more. We are all sinners and have turned away from You and Your love. Have mercy on our souls. For all the unborn for all those who never saw the light of day, take special care of those precious souls in your presence Lord. We pray that, by Your gracious will, we may all be reunited with the ones that have gone before us that one day we may all glorify You in Heaven forever.
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
You Oh Lord are the Alpha and the Omega
You Oh Lord are the beginning and the end
You Oh Lord are the counselor and healer
You Oh Lord bring us here and now you send
You Oh Lord are the word and the light
You Oh Lord are God of the day and the night
You Oh Lord are the wind and the rain
You Oh Lord are God of my joy and my pain
You Oh Lord are present here and now
You Oh Lord give me the strength to stand and to bow
You Oh Lord are God of my life and my death
You Oh Lord allow me to take my next breath
You Oh Lord are the life blood that flows
You Oh Lord stir a fire that grows
You Oh Lord are my rock and stronghold
You Oh Lord are the anchor to which I hold
You Oh Lord are my Shepherd my Master
You Oh Lord make my heart beat faster
You Oh Lord hold me in your hand
You Oh Lord are firm footing in shifting sand
You Oh Lord are my peace and provision
You Oh Lord help me make a good decision
You Oh Lord help make me complete
You Oh Lord have made me a seat
You Oh Lord are good when I am not
You Oh Lord love me a lot
You Oh Lord are the reason I get out of bed
You Oh Lord are where I lay my head
You Oh Lord are knocking at my heart
You Oh Lord love my every part
You Oh Lord of my good, bad, and fair
You Oh Lord are inescapable, you are everywhere
You Oh Lord love me even when I fall and sin
You Oh Lord you come running to take me back in
You Oh Lord are my shield and my sword
You are my Savior my King and my Lord
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
The angels bow in reverence to the Lamb upon the throne
Through his suffering and death the love of God was shown
We who walk upon this Earth that we call home
Are never very far from Him wherever we roam
There are no words that I can say
No prayers that I dare to pray
That should ever reach your ears
But you reach out and calm my fears
You hear me, you see me, like only you can
I am waiting, contemplating, trying just to understand
Help me Lord to learn to be still and to discern
Transform my heart so my desire is your Holy Will
ShowYouLove Aug 2015
(Angel Warriors)

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care

Guardians of light of love and of truth
Unseen warriors fighting for you
Though you can't touch them they are always close by
No need to fear so wipe the tear from your eye

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care

They guard and protect you they'll keep you from harm
Though you can't see them don't be alarmed
There is never a moment when you are all alone
They are present always; even when they aren't shown

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care

They walk right beside you wherever you go
I feel a calm, a peace; and in my heart I know
Watching over you all day and when you sleep at night
Surrounded by the enemy they stand and fight

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
The sun peeks through my window

I yawn and stretch and wake up slow

Get ready for a new day of adventure and surprise

Hear the birds greet the brightening sky

A smile on my face and a song in my heart

A good day and a great start

A day a work and a day spent with family and friend

Talkin' 'bout life, love, and good times by the day's end

The sun is slowly sinking in the sky; setting eart on fire

The air cools and the colors inspire

Soon the sun is asleep and with it the women and kids

A yawn escapes, a wolf howls, and heavy are they lids

The day is through, a new one will greet you soon

You fall asleep under the blanket of stars and the moon

Before you know it you are roused from sleep

By soft rays of light, the golden wamth penetrates deep

I thank God and look forward to another glorious day
ShowYouLove Dec 2014
Kneeling at the foot of your cross
Before your presence I am at a loss
I seek your heart as you seek mine
I am bathed in your love divine
As I gaze upon your lovely face
I am drowned in the sea of your great grace
I look no further for you are here in this place
Lifting my heart and my hands to heaven so far above
I can feel the gentle power of your love
I'm asking please help me be quiet so I may hear and listen
Help me find the part of me that, so long, I've been missin'
Help me love you more and more
Remind me some things are worth fighting, even dying for
I am so weak Lord, I am so frail
But over sin and even death, still you prevail
Make my soul as a dove in flight
On the breeze of hope, the air of joy, and the winds of love alight
May your love be the song that I sing
And like a fire on the earth joy and peace I might bring
I yearn to know you more your heart your soul your mind
And I ask that I might know more in time
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Lord right now I’m lost and confused
Hear my cries Lord I’m begging you
My life was going so well and you turned it upside down
And now I can’t tell which way is up and which is down
Lord I’m trying so hard to understand
How this all fits into your grand plan
I feel you calling me to be to be a husband or wife
I feel you calling me to married life
I know I ought to trust but right now my heart is as dust
To follow you I’ve tried and tried
But what you want I can’t decide
I’m hurting Lord can’t you feel my pain
And world is gray and my sky is all rain
Help me Lord I don’t know what to do or where to turn
What is it Lord that you want for me to learn
Part of me should feel happy but part of me feels dead
The days are painful reminders and most nights I cry in bed
Oh Lord my God why must you wound me so
Please hold me close and never let me go
There are moments when the pain is too much to bear
And when I pray I don’t seem to feel your presence there
I know you love me and you are by my side always
And, if you chose, could turn this protest into praise
But even if you don’t right now I know I’ll be alright
And from this darkness deep inside will come a brilliant light
I’ll be there eventually, but right now what I really need
Is your patience, your guidance, your love, and your lead
ShowYouLove Mar 2016
Wild weary wanderer come to me rest your heavy head
Tired hungry travelers all come to the table and be fed
When the burden is too heavy and the load too much to bear
Stay with me and know just how much I care

Come give me your doubts and worries and fears
Be assured I will answer and that I am all ears
Listen now, be still and hear the whisper faintest voice
Earnestly I seek you I call your response is a choice

Come Saint come sinner come young and old
The ends of the earth and the four winds are the flock of my fold
Come together in love and unity
Strive for greater peace and harmony

Out of the many we find a place all as one
Together turning from darkness and learning to face the sun
In a beautiful family so many strong
All find a place they can belong

There is a peace and love far beyond compare
To which, when exposed, you cannot help but share
Caught up in the world there is never enough time to do
Because it was not for the purpose of doing that I created you!

I created you for love, with love, in love from the dawn of creation
You see, I created you to be: be with others and with me in right relation

You are my children and I love you more than you can conceive
Enter into the song, join in the feast, receive and come to believe
Sense the love coursing alive and warm through your veins
In the final analysis love has won; only love remains.

You who are lost, you who have found
You who are seeking find your feet on sacred solid ground
Here there is a place of truth and light
Light a blazing beacon in the blackest night
Here is a place of refreshment and rest
Here I take you in my arms and hold you close to my chest

I have written my name upon your heart burned my word into your mind
In the Father Son and Holy Spirit you have been SIGNED

Just relax and try to let go of the ill you feel
Let me in and slowly begin to heal

I have set my SEAL upon your heart I have marked you as my own
From now on you will never be alone

I died to conquer sin and death and so DELIVER
Life in abundance and healing river

Send you out to be fishers of men

You are mine and I AM YOURS
Always and forever from present day to eternity's shores
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Traveling along down that long dusty road
Carrying within a heavy load
You journeyed far as Christ in-dwelt
A warmth that would cause ice to melt
You went forth to Bethlehem: house of bread
With no guarantees only Spirit led
From there he came forth to shine the light
That pierces even the blackest of night
Born in a stable not a place to call your own
But that night love itself came home
Shepherds and wisemen and animals send
Honor to the king as on knees they bend
They came from fields both near and far
Following the radiant wandering star
They pay their respects and you hold it in your heart
Could you have known the truth right from the start?
You son would come to redeem and save
But to do so, he would first be in a grave
Was it quiet and still on the first night was all the world at peace
For we received the presence of the one who frees
As a mother you wrapped him in your loving arms
As a mother you tried to keep him safe from harm
As a mother you danced when he laughed and wept when he cried
You held his body in your arms again when he died
As a mother you walked beside him as he went
You trusted his plan even if you didn’t see at the moment
As a mother you were present and you cared
You comforted your son when he was scared
As a mother, show us your son that we too may know
Him and follow him and likewise grow
May our faith be strong and may it never die
May the well run deep and the living waters never be dry
As our mother, we look to you for compassion and healing
As our mother intercede on our behalf as we are kneeling
Be with us always and give us the grace
To look around us and, everywhere, see Jesus’ face
Bless and protect us and forgive us I pray
As we battle to move forward day by day
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
A flower dances under a sky of blue and white
Petals outstretched to take in the sun’s great light
A bloom so beautiful and pure that none can match
No words can contain nor brush that can catch
The radiance of this single solitary rose
Of how it came to be, no one truly knows
But here it stands tall and strong
Blessing all those who happen along
Is it just a hardy stubborn thing or is it something more?
Is it a message for someone and, if so, who is it for?
For myself it is a reminder of all that life can be
And a statement of all that we can achieve
We can overcome heartache and sorrow and pain
We can be an example and stand strong in the rain
With patience love and kindness we can cultivate the seed
And with grace and peace and quiet strength, be what people need
But like the rose we must open to the sun
And by our living lead others to the Holy One
He is our strength he has given us this gift
So let us now sing out and our faces lift
How Great is our God who alone can save
Whose death and resurrection brought vict’ry o’er the grave
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
You never said it would be easy

You never said life would be fair

But You said You'd never leave me

You said You'd always be right there

And when I stumble on life's road

Lord You catch me when I fall

When the weight is heavy and I'm burdened by the load

You help me and You answer when I call

I am weak and can't do much on my own

But You said I can do all things though You who gives me strength

And whatever I do, wherever I go, I know I am never alone

With You by my side I know I can go to great lengths
ShowYouLove Aug 2017
I come before you now and I lay down at your feet
I come before you now with the weight of this day
I come before you now in Humble praise and joyful Adoration
I come before you now to show honor and thanksgiving

I praise you for your goodness and for another day of living
I praise you for your love and mercy brand new every sunrise
I praise you for your grace and peace that stills my restless soul
I praise you for the gifts you give and blessings from my life's role

I sit at your feet and listen to all you have to say
You walk by my side and give me the spirit to illuminate my way
I sit at the table and take in the great feast and try to go out and to share with the least

I lay down my burdens my stresses my troubles and tears
You raise me up with strength and peace give me rest and quiet my fears
I lay my heart before you bruised, broken and unclean
You lift my eyes towards Heaven and to yourself bruised and broken so I could be redeemed

I fight surrender even though surrendering is the only way to win the fight
I don't let go of the chains that bind me
When you don't let me go and I cling to the one who sets me free
I don't trust you enough to completely be open
But you can be trusted completely, trust me, I know

With all of my faults I try to run away and hide
But you love me the same and run to me to bring me by your side
How great this love that I don't deserve
It's painfully obvious how much you love us if we stop to observe!
Written at St. Patrick's Catholic Church at Adoration tonight
ShowYouLove Jan 2017
A new year is upon us, another time around the sun
A year full of faith and fellowship and fun
A year of family and friends and joy and dreams
Laughter and tears, hopes and fears.
Every year there is a cause for hope for things to come and things to change
Some things we do differently, but most just stay the same.
This year is  a year of Hope! A year to believe in miracles and dreams
A time to walk by faith and not by sight; to quest for the unseen.
It is a year of big things happening, changes great and small
The year may not reveal all the answers, but leads us all to hope.
Hope for families, hope for peace, hope for jobs, for freedom and release
If we come together in love and unity
We can make this world a little better and a little brighter than when it first arrived
Come to the water, let it wash over you and take the dive.
The spirit is moving swiftly and roaring like a lion
Stirring our hearts and starting fires in our souls
Breathing the spark of life back into these flickering coals.
Dry bones will come alive and the earth itself shall cry out
And God's people will have no doubt:
He is Risen, He is Alive, we have been set free
And that knowledge alone is Hope enough for me!

ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Go back to baby steps back to one foot at a time
Live in the moment and you are in your prime
Remember that before we walk we have to crawl
And before we can stand, sometimes we fall
It’s not how often you fell it’s how often you got back up
It’s not the mistakes you’ve made it’s the lessons learned
Baby steps start small and uneasy
But they get there just the same
Before we run we have to walk
Before we fly we have to run
It might look bad now, but one day you’ll be lifted up to soar
Free from what binds you, clips your wings
You were born to be free,
to sing and dance and play
With faith in yourself and our faith in you
You’ll be there soon one day
You’ve been shaken and you’re frightened
You feel the scars it left behind
They don’t define you they remind you
Just how far you have come
Find once more that inner light
The fire inside your heart
Let me remind you how it looked to me
I saw the strength, I saw the hope
I saw the courage and the pain
I saw the love I saw the caring
I saw what life had done and what remained
And I loved it. It was beautiful, it was raw
It was real: this I saw.
It is special just like you
a treasure through and through.
What you see before you is not a fixed thing
It may be part of your story so learn and grow
Please remember we are here and you are not alone
We may not be able to carry your burden
But we can carry you
The line between space and too much space
Is often gray and hard to find
We worry because we care, we care because we love
If we can be faulted for anything it’s loving you too much
Although I don’t know that it’s possible
Before we walk, we have to crawl
Before we stand we sometimes fall
Step by step we’ll see it through together
Because we are your friends forever
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
How beautiful this sacrifice
Of prayer and love that is our Christ
For we were once bent down in shame
Now we bend to praise your name
ShowYouLove Aug 2018
Your beauty is more than a rainbow
Shines brighter than the stars in the sky
It surrounds you with a tangible glow
More powerful than to see an eagle fly
All the treasure in the world could never match
A brilliance that the sun can’t even catch
All you do and all you are
Is made with love crafted with care
We have our scars and our pain
Broken and ugly still you remain
We are beautiful in your loving eyes
Once we finally see and realize
Everything changes. A new way to see
To know, through it all, I’m still beautifully me

I may be imperfect and I fall into sin
But I learn, get up again, and it’s a win
The outside matters less that what is deep inside
He loves my heart and looks at me with pride
Here is my child my beautiful work of art
Crafted carefully by hand every single part
No being can fathom no mind comprehend
The beauty in creation causing the soul to ascend
ShowYouLove Oct 2013
By dying on the cross He erased our sins
By coming to life He makes new life begin
We see Him on the cross and it brings a tear to my eye
He could have chosen other things and yet… He CHOSE to die!

CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out his arms He’s welcoming the price
With wide open arms He says “I love you”
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
With supporting arms He carries us

God gave us all a second chance
So out of love “Shall we dance?”
Though He died and we ask “What good can come of this?”
He saved all so rather than despair we bathe in bliss

CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out his arms He’s welcoming the price
With wide open arms He says “I love you”
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
With supporting arms He carries us

When we fall down He picks us back up
He fills us with His love like an overflowing cup
Now I see with open eyes and heart
“You and I were never far apart”

CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out His arms welcoming the price
With open arms He says “I love you”
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
In His hands He carries us

The Lord our God is a promise kept
And when He wiped us out He also wept
God sent His Only Son to die on a cross
And by rising on the third He showed satan who was boss!
CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out His arms welcoming the price
With open arms He says “I love you”  
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
In His hands He carries us
I look up at the cross on high
And ask my God the question “Why?”  
He doesn’t answer me that I can hear  
But nevertheless to me my God is dear
That is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice!
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
You say you want to be happy
You say you want to live well
You say you want to be satisfied
But you’re not I can tell
If you only had this one thing
More time, more money, more of that
But, when you do, peace it doesn’t bring
No matter what you have
It never seems to be enough
I want you to be happy
I want you to live well
I want you to be satisfied
I want to give you peace
Be content with who I am content with who you are
Be content with what you have and where you are
I am the one who can be your true happiness
I can help you see how much you are blessed
I have you right where you need to be
I have a plan a future that you don’t yet see
You worry about what lies ahead
But you miss what I’ve just said
Be okay to live in today to live right now
Things tend to work out someway somehow
Be content to stay with me
Place your hand in mine
Listen grow and learn to see the sign
Be content to walk with me
As we travel along the way
Be content to rest in me
To be silent and to pray
Lay your burden down place your troubles at my feet
Trust that I am in control I will give you what you need
Be content to sit with me
To speak not, but be still
Be content to cry with me
For I too cried upon the hill
Be content to laugh with me
To dance and sing and run
And celebrate with me when I find the lost one
Be content with me for I am more than enough
I won’t leave you when things get tough
I softly call your name in the middle of the storm
Cry out to me and I will keep you safe and warm.
When you wonder when you doubt
That there is any way out
Cling to me and you will see
The sun slowly begin to appear
You will know and you will grow
There is nothing you need to fear
Be content with me my child
Let me be enough for you
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Be Not Afraid!

There are many times in our lives that we are worried or afraid or scared. We are constantly worrying or fretting about something: how we will do on a big exam, a strong storm, finances, safety, whether what we did is enough or not or even making a difference. We make ourselves sick with worry and spend valuable time and energy being afraid, scared or running away. God tells us often throughout the Bible "Be not afraid!" He is always reminding us that He is in control and all things are under His command. With a single word, Jesus calmed the wind and waves, and at other times he calmed his disciples! God will provide for all our needs if we pray and place our trust in Him. He doesn't always give us what we ask, but he will always give us what we need. When we can't hear him it doesn't mean that he doesn't hear us. He might be telling us "No" or "Not yet". He also might have something far bigger and better planned for us. "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future" -- Jeremiah 29: 11
In all things, let us pray to the Lord our God for peace, for courage, and for strength to face each day's fears and worries and to rely on him in everything. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be discouraged, do not be terrified; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go!" -- Joshua 1: 9

Lord, there are so many things that I worry and fret about every day. There are also many times that I am scared or afraid and run away like a coward. Please remind me every day Lord, that You are always with me with every breath and every step I take. Help me please and give me the peace, courage and strength I need to face what scares me, remembering always that you are by my side at all times. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!" AMEN.
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
I am tired Lord and my thoughts drift
Incomplete and jumping one to another
I am safe and warm in your presence here
I feel my body relaxed and drifting to sleep
I will sit with eyes closed and breath deep
And pray that you would help still my mind
My heart my mind my soul find their rest
And in your abundant love I am so blessed
Let me be the one to quench your thirst
For love and souls until you burst
Let me be the one to care for you and dry your tears
Let me be your hands and feet, eyes and ears
Let me rejoice in my weakness and glory in my suffering
That I would lean on you for every single thing
Unite my heart to yours and bring me deeper still
I pour out myself so that you can enter in and fill
The missing piece the hurt deep inside
With love so deep and arms so wide
If it is your will then by your grace allow me to lead
Your children your sheep your people in need
To bring you the love and souls you so desire
With the help of the Holy Spirit to truly inspire
In Mary’s hand I place my own
To walk with her; faith is grown
The quickest way to the heart of the Son
Is through the heart of his mother
Their hearts are connected in more ways than one
The bond they share is like no other
Let me be the one for Jesus with you
And serve Him who is holy and true
ShowYouLove Apr 2018

Look beyond the surface to see the deeper beauty
Look beyond the act to find a sense of duty
Look beyond the words to see the message they contain
Look beyond the fear and see that I still remain
Look beyond the weakness to see the strength within
Look beyond the death to see where life begins
Look beyond the sound to feel the timeless melody
Look beyond the healing to know the one true remedy
Look beyond the noise to the inmost quiet prayer
Look beyond your helping to find out why you care
Look beyond what you see with your eyes
Look with your mind and soul and heart
Look outside and see the morning sun rise
Look and see what was there from the start
Look beyond blind hate and rage to see the time for love
Look beyond yourself and fix your eyes on things above
Look beyond the cross to see the bridge it made
Look beyond the suffering to see the cost was paid
Look beyond the body and blood to the redeeming sacrifice
Look beyond the anger and do something nice
Look beyond your own little world to find a bigger place
Look beyond apology to see forgiveness and grace
ShowYouLove Jun 2018
Love one another as I have loved you
I came to the world to speak the truth
Sinners all and fallen; death should be the reward
Your eternal life: proof that Jesus Christ is Lord
Justice demands retribution mercy pays the cost
Love has come to be a light for the ones who are lost
Justice doesn’t solve the problem, doesn’t make it right
It can’t heal the hurt and it’s often done in spite
Mercy forgives and mercy loves, it stops hate in its tracks
It is disarming as a weapon and confuses potential attacks
Forgive them for they know not what they do
Forgive us our sins and help us return to you
You opened your arms to take us in one and all
Quietly you knock and softly do you call
What will be our answer as we quest for peace
Beyond Justice to Mercy can the violence cease
Our vision is clouded in the heat of the moment
Help us Lord to reconcile to seek atonement
Beyond Hurt to Healing beyond Sadness to Joy
Beyond Death to New Life to create not destroy
When we try to understand we build a bridge to span
The river raging fast and wide and cross it if we can
Beyond Justice to Mercy in the Sacred Heart Of Jesus
It is with eyes of love and compassion that He sees us
In all our sin and death, still he found us worthy to save
We should cherish the undeserved gift He gave
And strive in gratitude to do the same
To forgive and to love in Jesus’ name
Beyond Justice to Mercy is the key takeaway
And we can improve if we work together and pray
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
The bird takes flight on the wings of the morn
Uplifted; into the sky they are borne
The air is filled by their joyous song
And the earth stirs to sing along
There is nothing so great as a bird in flight
The spirit soars as hope alights
Flying free upon the vast sea of blue
To feel the wind flow past, to be renewed
I am one with the sun, the sky and breeze
Moving effortlessly through the trees
There is a kind of lightness in the soul
In these times, I am made whole
Written by: Dallas and A.B.
ShowYouLove Jul 2014
Bless my hands Lord and the work that they do.
Bless my soul Lord as I try to live for you.
Bless my mouth Lord and the words when I speak.
Bless my eyes Lord that it is you I seek.
Bless my feet Lord and the path upon which I walk.
Bless my lips Lord and what comes out when I talk.
Bless my mind Lord and all that I may think.
Bless my faith Lord and when I start to sink.
Bless my heart Lord and the love that I give.
Bless my voice Lord to praise you while I live.
Bless my life Lord that I may use your gifts for good.
Bless me Lord and help me do what I should.
Bless my ears Lord help me hear your voice.
Bless me Lord that in temptation I make the proper choice.
Bless me Lord and help me see the face of one whom so loves me!
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
Peace and healing be on you,
Strength and grace be with you too
Both now and forever Amen.
May you walk in the light that guides,
Your hand in his own and your footsteps besides
Both now and forever Amen.
Each day, you awake to greet the morning sun
And count the stars that blanket the heavens when day is done
Both now and forever Amen.
When will you see He is holding you and me?
Both now and forever Amen.
We will never have to fear, for our God is always near
Both now and forever Amen.
He died on a cross, sinless unto death
So we could live free and have life giving breath
Both now and forever Amen.
As long as there is life in me and my Lord is in this place,
I will praise with word and song and ask for His Amazing Grace
Both now and forever Amen.
When things are hard and life seems too much,
I need to call on Jesus and get in touch
Both now and forever Amen.
Sometimes I am led astray and my feet begin to wander
And other times I see glimpses that even angels can only ponder
Both now and forever Amen.
But you love me now, you loved me then
You love me always; both now and forever Amen!
Written last Wednesday during Adoration at St. Peter's
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
Breathe, just breathe
Rest easy, and drift softly asleep
Heaviness and warmth surround
And I know this is where peace is found
Fill your lungs with the presence
Of the giver of all good things
Once weak and weary slowly dying
Now filled with the spirit of life
Release the tension, the impatience, irritation
Take in the calm, the quiet, the peace
Breathe in the sweet perfumed air
Of a space saturated with prayer
Breathe in and let the healing waters flow
Let the sunlight follow wherever you go
Let your breath chase away the clouds
Of despair and sorrow
And may the sun shine even more brilliantly tomorrow
Breathe in the love that casts out fear
And remember you are welcome here
Let go of the weights that bring you down
Until you fly with your feet on the ground
Breathe in the freedom and laugh with all your heart
For the joy of being truly alive is where it starts
Breathe in, breath in deeply
Begin to refocus and re-center
Begin to let peace re-enter
It hovers close though, at times, unseen
If you pay close attention you might see what I mean
So when things are stressful and getting out of hand
Breathe, just breath and remember who is in command
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
Hope alights like a new dawn
Springing forth on young legs like a fawn.
We are yet in darkness and despair
So, unseeing, we are not yet aware
Of the light that lies just beyond.
Before too long a new day has dawned.
Hope flies on the wings of tomorrow
Where we begin to let go of our pain and sorrow.
A single ray of light in the darkest night can pierce,
And a single small flame can burn all the more fierce.
Like a river will eventually find its way to the sea,
We follow our hope to the source that makes our hearts free.
Brighter days are soon to come;
Spreading hope to everyone.
ShowYouLove Jul 2018
You take me as I am: broken and weak
You bless me and I am made strong and whole
You find me as I am: blindingly I seek
You love me and restore my heart and soul
There is nothing I can give you Lord of everything
No words to speak nor song to sing
You want my life, you want my love
You want me with you high above
You break me and bless me Oh Lord you multiply
Without you I will never be enough no matter how hard I try
I lay this offering at your feet
I lift it up and it is complete
Whatever I give, I receive seven-fold
The feeling of joy and wonder never gets old
Sometimes I must break so I can heal properly
Shaped and changed like a piece of pottery
There can be miracles for those who believe
To those who are open, they will receive
I the Lord God, am your portion, provision
Come to me in your every decision
See for yourself I am not lacking in abundance
My love for you is more than just a passing glance
I bless you my Child forever and a day
I want to bless you in every little way
ShowYouLove Oct 2017
Christ is our cornerstone love is the foundation
The cross; the bridge between the people of every nation
When we work together, when we love each other
One big family with one father and mother
Compassion will seal and wounds begin to heal
In safety and peace we have nothing to fear
We are building your kingdom here
With mercy for all; a place of refreshment and rest
Here in the kingdom we welcome the guest
We'll bring just a little bit of heaven down to Earth
And try to help everyone see the greatness of their worth
In the building of your kingdom all will have a place
In the building of your kingdom we shall see your face
In the building of your kingdom all will be made new
Singing, dancing, and great jubilation for we will be with you
You love us and you call us each by name
You hold us in your hand the Lord the One Who Reigns
We are building your kingdom change us from within
We are building your kingdom may the whole world join in
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
Lead us to the heart of the Father
Comfort us and show us the way
This is my son i whom I am pleased
Filled by the Spirit of God

In the body and the blood
You make us as one
Brothers and sisters all family
One in the Spirit of God

Into the desert for forty long days
Tempted and tried he remained
Faithful to the end
Led by the Spirit of God

From your neighborhood to the ends of the earth
We are sent out to share the good news
Share the love and the joy that we have
Sent by the Spirit of God

A lighthouse beacon in the stormy sea
A hand that reaches out for you and me
A rainbow stretching 'cross the sky
Hope in the Spirit of God

Out from the Ultimate Sacrifice
One man paid the greatest price
By water and blood the world redeemed
Saved by the Spirit of God

From clay and the salt of the earth
The breath of God created man
Christ died so we could rise with Him
Alive by the Spirit of God

We are his children the work of his hand
We are his sheep the flock of his land
We are his treasure our value unmatched
Loved by the Spirit of God
written during a "40 Hours Devotion" started by St. John Neumann when he came to America.
ShowYouLove Nov 2017
Called to Be Free

We are bound by our sins, chained by our choices
We cry out, we scream with soundless voices
We are slaves to what we love, prisoners to our desires
All we touch burns and we are ****** from razor wires
Trapped in an endless circle a cycle so vicious
We can’t find up, it is tormenting and malicious

But we are called to be free
We are called to truly see
The weights we carry have been lifted
We deserve nothing but how much we have been gifted
We are called to leave the madness far behind
To seek and know true peace of mind
We are called to rise up on great wings
To laugh in the meadows and dance in the springs
To leap with young legs for the joy of being alive
To go beyond just enough and learn how to thrive

We lose ourselves in the everyday action
We forget ourselves and lose satisfaction
We miss the point and we miss the mark
We wander aimlessly stabbing in the dark
We are the walking dead animated flesh and bone
We cut ourselves off and then feel all alone

But we are called to be free
We are called to look beyond “only me”
We can find ourselves in a breath of prayer
We remember ourselves in our Savior’s care
We can reach the goal and reclaim our center
We a full of light and life when we let Jesus enter
We are united to Christ and to one and all
To be free and alive: this is the call

ShowYouLove May 2018
Oh little flame how bright you burn
And from darkness you will turn
To bathe us in your little light
And guide us through the darkest night

Oh little flame of Holy Fire
In your simplicity you do inspire
You remind me that I too carry
A light that makes the darkness less scary

Oh little flame you are strong
And yet you are so frail
You illuminate the right and wrong
Your little light will pierce the veil

Oh little flame oh cherished glow
Don’t live too fast but take it slow
In living there is sacrifice
In giving there is a price

Oh little flame oh light divine
I hold your light and make it mine
I will shine for all to see
The difference you have made for me
ShowYouLove Jan 2018
Lord, sometimes I get discouraged and I start to question why
Especially when things don’t work out no matter how hard I try.
When the words won’t come and the thoughts don’t flow,
When minutes feel like hours and time moves painfully slow
When I am challenged, you use these moments to teach.
I know you are here even though you feel out of reach.
Lord, I trust that my being with you is good enough:
You take my awkward feeble attempt and edges rough
You make it something beautiful and polish it to shine.
Even in our brokenness, you are still divine.
Lord, help me when I feel that what I give is not enough
You love me when life is good and when times are tough.
My worth isn’t measured by what I can or cannot do,
My worth is measured by who I am to you:
Cherished, and beloved until the end of days.
Often you work in mysterious ways
But I trust you Lord, even though I don’t always see
At least not right away, the lessons you are teaching me.
So, in the challenges Lord, I thank you; I bless your Holy Name
And I pray that every day, you help me do the same.

Written 1-25-18
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
So many choices, options, decisions
Bombarded barraged created divisions
The possibilities are endless; a veritable buffet
This is the world in which we live today
We choose how we act, how we feel and what we wear
We choose what we say and how much we want to care
God gave us free-will he gave us a choice
He gave us our minds and he gave us a voice
Tricked into the sin of jealousy and pride
Realizing the mistake and trying to hide
Like Lucifer we too fell from Grace
And sin entered in to the whole human race
But God in his mercy would not be outdone
For in the fullness of time he would send his one and only son
To suffer and die and rise from the grave
Not to judge or condemn but that we might be saved
He gave himself freely; his body and blood
The ultimate expression of his divine love
Our hearts are broken and we seek things to fill
But no matter what we try nothing fits the bill
His body as bread he joins his heart to ours
His blood the wine sweeter than flowers
United on a physical and fundamental plane
So intimate and so profound you can never be the same
We have a choice: we can be believe and accept
Or we can deny, and doubt and be circumspect
But we have a choice and it can’t be coerced
What will satisfy this longing this deep thirst
And when all is said and done at the end of the age
It’s your turn in the spotlight it’s your time on the stage
Our choices carry a surprising amount of weight
Did you choose to love, did you forgive instead of hate
Did you follow in His footsteps and help others on the road
Did you ease someone’s burden, help them carry the load
Many times you have to make choices that are hard
None come through not bruised or cut or scarred
Though the way is hard and the journey ever long
We are not alone and together we are made strong
In the world of a million choices there is one that I will make
Find something that will mark me like a stamp or seal
I choose to live a life of love that’s real
and not just some cheap fake
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Candy canes and Caroling up and down the street
Hearts aglow with everyone we meet
Ringing in the New Year with hopes and dreams held high
Inside we come to sit by the fire to warm up and dry
Snowman snow angels snow that softly falls
Time to remember what is truly important and make those calls
Making the most of the precious moments spent together
And if we have each other there is nothing we can’t weather
Sleep sound in sweet heavenly peace
ShowYouLove Dec 2013
Christmas Presence

The time of year is upon us once more
Filled with travel, shopping, stress
Running here, over there, buying this, giving gifts,
Ever more and ever longer Christmas lists!
Busier than bees in the summer, nuttier than squirrels in the fall
It's a wonder how we live at all!
We never bother to stop or pause or even slow down,
But what if we did? What if we dared to take a step back;
See beyond what we have to find what it is we lack.
If we go back to the beginning I think we might just find
Some Christmas presents of a slightly different kind.
A child was born a cold dark winter night,
Three rich wisemen brought expensive gifts and travelled many miles
A poor drummer boy played a song for the babe
But the greatest gift of all that day
Was the birth of baby Jesus
Sent to earth to give us great gifts:
The gifts of His mercy, forgiveness and grace,
The gifts of His love, wisdom, and compassion.
But the greatest gift of all was he gave us His LIFE! Died so we might live.
Every day He is with us, we are surrounded by His presence in our hearts and in our lives.
Each morning we wake up is a gift from God and every day and night He is with us.
We celebrate Christmas just one day a year, but Christmas is really all year!
I hope that we do not too quickly forget what is truly important and what Christmas really means.
Christmas isn't about the ribbons, the bows or tags,
It isn't about the packages, the boxes or bags!
It's together with family friends and loved ones to remember the gifts that they are;
Jesus gave us the gift of His PRESENCE, may we be PRESENT to Him and a GIFT to all both near and far!
ShowYouLove Sep 2016
Love one another clothed now in Christ
Morning draws near to cast out the night
Things done in secret no longer can hide
Thorns in his brow and spear in his side
Love beyond measure, peace like a flood
Washed white as snow by his precious blood

Love your neighbor as yourself showing kindness to all
Work together in unity lest we may fall
Wrap yourself with truth and justice put on peace and grace
With wisdom and understanding we might know and see his face
The Word is our sword and faith is our shield
On our knees we steel ourselves on the holy battlefield

Clothed now in Christ we look to the sky
And together, with one voice, we cry
Lord, banish the darkness and show us the way
The sun is rising bringing forth a new day
The war is over Jesus has won
But here once again the battle’s just begun
Adapted from Romans 13:8-14 and Ephesians 6:10-18
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Red is for the apple: so shiny and bright,
or the red of a ruby: wow, that's a cool sight

Orange is for the pumpkin: so big and so round,
or the orange of a tiger: an agile cat pound for pound

Yellow is for the hot summer sun on your back,
or the sign on the road that reads: Dead End! Turn Back!

Green is for the pine needles: so rich and so sweet,
or the green of the grass: alive beneath my feet

Blue is for the sky: so endless and vast,
or the sadness for things that happened in the past

Purple is for the kite: that whistles as it flies by,
or the purple of mountains: towering in the sky
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Poem before Confession

Hello God, how are you?

I want to be made anew.

Because you died scorned and shamed,

I stand scot-free because you took the blame.

When they wrote “Amazing Grace” they had to be thinking about confessions

I really want to say that I have learned all my lessons,

But I really haven’t; I still do these bad things.

Still, because of You, my heart sings.

I am a sinner throughout all time

And I try to praise and thank you in this rhyme.

Though we may have been forgiven; our sins forgotten,

You are true and clean when I feel so rotten.

But that can change in the blink of an eye.

With one act being Your dying.

And as I prepare for confession I write this,

Soon enough, regret will turn into bliss.
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Prayer of Confession

Lord, I have sinned against You and Your people. Help me to say what is necessary. I have fallen into temptation and sin and Lord I ask you not only to forgive me, but help me forgive myself as well. To many, I should likely be punished, but to You Oh Merciful Lord, I ask for a penance to do. I realize now what I have done, that it must be righted, and Lord may you know now that I am truly sorry, and intend with Your help, not to do so again. In Your sweet name I pray. ----Amen.
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Poem after Confession

Lord, in order to save us, sinners through and through,

You, who had no sin, were killed out of a love so true

Giving up Your life and taking on all our sin,

Brought up again, You make new life begin.

I laid my troubles, sins and pains at Your feet

Vulnerable and helpless You bade me to take, do, drink, and eat.

And I am empty, hungry; I pine for Your touch;

Help me surrender; I need you so much.

Afraid of what I’ll find if I let it all go,

You give me the peace. Ask, and I’ll follow.

Feed me, give me drink. May I be transformed tonight.

And now that I’ve come, and now that it’s done, I start to see the light.

I start to see Your Light.
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