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11.8k · Feb 2015
Sowing Souls and their Soils
ShowYouLove Feb 2015
The seeds of truth and love and light are scattered all around
Some among thorns and rocks or on the path, but some will find good ground
These are the conditions in which our souls can be found
Those among rocky soil are shallow and cannot take hold
When the heat is on in life they wither truth be told
And at times it seems they act distant mechanical and cold
Amidst the thorns and weeds the souls that fall
Find their deaths in the earthly siren’s call
Thirdly they that fall on hardened soil build up a rugged wall
Response to pain or suffering one creates a shield
For fear of getting hurt again but needing to be healed
Difficult to break through or down to deliver truth revealed
Finally the soul that falls on fertile soil and grows deep root
Healthy and pure they bear plentiful and beautiful fruit
This can be our destiny and our lives can follow suit
At different times in our life our souls can be
Any one of the soul’s soils you see
But we can choose and act any of these
So let us strive without end to find good soil not to break but to bend
Not to weaken but to heal not to tear but mend and seal
Set your seal upon us Lord and help us have the strength and grace
Sign your name upon our hearts as we sign ourselves with the father son and holy spirit
Deliver us from temptation and sin to your heart Oh Lord and we pray for our soul’s deliverance

11.2k · Apr 2015
The King of Victory Meditation
ShowYouLove Apr 2015
The King of Victory

It was a Sunday not quite like any other. The time was near that Jesus would be handed over to the rulers of this world and be subject to them so that he might save many. On their way into the city of Jerusalem, Jesus sends two of his disciples ahead to bring him a donkey to ride in on and to say that the master has need of it. Jesus rides into the city on the back of a donkey and all around him celebrate and rejoice singing praise and giving glory. They lay their cloaks and palm branches which represent victory on the road ahead of Jesus for him to walk on. It truly is a joyous day in the city of David. No one there seems to have any idea that in one short week this parade of celebration would be no longer and many of these very same people would be parading him through these very same streets condemning him and calling for his death.

Jesus your life came full circle. Before you came into this world you entered Bethlehem outside of Jerusalem riding on the back of a donkey in your mother’s womb. A week before your death you would humble yourself once more and come ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. A humble beast of burden, an animal that carries a heavy load and serves. You bore the weight of the cross and the weight of all of our sins and you served us faithfully even when we were not faithful to you. We are so much like the crowds that gathered on Palm Sunday; rejoicing, singing your praise and giving you glory one moment and the next moment we are also the ones who are calling for your death, mocking you and jeering. Still, you look upon us with endless love and mercy. You forgive us, you redeem us, and you call us quietly to return to you once again. You would suffer and die so that on the third day, we might finally see that no power on earth or hell or anything above can separate us from your love, and showing us once and for all you are the King of Victory! AMEN!
10.9k · Jul 2014
Humble Prayer
ShowYouLove Jul 2014
Help me be humble and modest Lord. Bless the work that I do and let me do good things not so people notice me, rather I do them with a pure heart so as to give glory and honor to you and to help those who are in need. Help me remember the good feeling and the reward I get by helping those in need, especially those who cannot repay me.
The gift of their smile, their gratitude and the knowledge that I have made a difference and potentially changed someone's life is a reward far greater, more permanent, and longer lasting than any amount of money or accolades could ever have. Allow me not to become pompous and inflated when I am successful or praised. Remind me when I am tempted to do so that the gift I have been given comes first from you. Help me also to be appropriately gracious and thankful when I am praised or rewarded and keep me cognizant of the fact that, while it is ok to be rewarded for your work, it should never be the main reason for our work.
7.6k · May 2014
Reflections on Amazing Grace
ShowYouLove May 2014
Amazing Grace: your gift for all. So amazing your grace that you would die for us sinners on a cross in shame and agony though sinless yourself.

How Sweet the Sound: to hear "your sins are absolved"

That Saved a Wretch Like Me: Compared to your perfection and glory we are truly wretched. All blackened by sin, but because of your death on a cross not by water or blood, but by water and blood we are saved and washed clean and white. The only chance we have of getting into heaven is by your gift of Amazing Grace.

I Once Was Lost: like a sheep who strays from the flock and wanders off

But Now Am Found: I am safe and sound in your arms once again. You rescue me from danger and bring me back safe and sound.

Was Blind: because of sin and my faults, wrapped up in a blanket of hurting and lies.

But Now I See: the magnitude of this gift you give and because of your death, the pure spotless lamb, and the cleansing blood you shed for me and for many that sins might be forgiven.

'Twas Grace That Taught My Heart To Fear: fear you in a deep respect for your power, fear of not having you always there and fear of satan and the cost of sin.

And Grace My Fears Relieved: I used to fear what would happen if I sinned and I still fear as I should always, but I take comfort in the knowledge that when I sincerely repent, do my best to sin no more, and to avoid the things that lead me to sin I will be forgiven.

How Precious Did That Grace Appear: It is by Grace and Grace alone that we are saved and indeed how precious, how special Grace was as it appeared to me

The Hour I First Believed: The hour I came to believe in you Jesus my Savior who shed your blood, died and rose again that I might live!
ShowYouLove Sep 2015
A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
And here we are: running in place

The miracle of a rainbow, the beauty of a blade of grass
Finding untold treasure where others see only trash
Listen. Here the thrum of wind on golden strings
The bells sounding clear and pure in the trees they sing

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
And here we are: running in place

Feel the complex dance around you come alive as you are filled
With a racing spirit and feet that won't be stilled
A song bursts forth just like the morning sun
And overflows and covers you until you and it are one

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
And here we are: running in place

We lose sight of what's important as we fight to survive
But if we stop to look through a child's eyes we learn to truly thrive

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
But here we are: running in place

A life of joy and wonder greets the sun in morning sky
A life of joy and wonder will run free and learn to fly
A life of joy and wonder finds gladness in the rain
A life of joy and wonder finds healing amidst the pain

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A life of joy and wonder and grace
But here we are running in place

A look at life through a child's eyes
Is pure and honest; without disguise
A child's eyes are bright and strong; they don't dull or dim
You might hear their quiet song if you stop and listen

There is a life of joy and wonder and grace
But here we are running in place
A life of joy and wonder takes patience, love, and care
It takes a long time, many years till we get there

But a life of joy and wonder is a precious thing I'm told...

Because a life of joy and wonder far surpasses the value of gold!
ShowYouLove Apr 2015
The little things that we do can sometimes change a life
We never really know the impact of what we do today:
A smile, a hug, a small act of kindness; letting them know it's alright.

Be hope and comfort in a world where pain and suffering are rife,
Someone might have had a really rotten time that day.
The little things that we do can sometimes change a life.

Kind words and actions heal but a harsh tongue cuts like a knife.
What a difference it can make by being nice and showing love, so hey!
A smile, a hug, a small act of kindness; letting them know it's alright.

When darkness surrounds us and there seems no end in sight,
And when things look bleak and we're losing hope and someone lights the way,
The little things that we do can sometimes change a life.

If we bring peace where there is hatred and always try to do what's right,
Then maybe when we are in their position they help us to see sun not gray.
A smile, a hug, a small act of kindness; letting them know it's alright.

The little things that we do can sometimes change a life.
It doesn't take much to make a difference, it's true! So again I'll say:
A smile, a hug, a small act of kindness; letting them know it's alright,
The little things that we do can sometimes change a life!
6.3k · Sep 2013
If I were a Chocolate Bar
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
If I were a chocolate bar, life with you would be so sweet
Being around you, I feel like quite a treat
Gotta love Hershey's: the kisses and hugs
And on Valentine's Day combine with Doves
Like Reeses or S'mores, we compliment one another
Flowers, wine, and chocolate for a significant other
If I were a chocolate bar, life could be Grand
Although on a hot day, I'd melt a little faster than planned....
As a chocolate bar I'd be broken and shared
Spreading gooey goodness to everyone there
Maybe being a chocolate bar isn't quite for me...
... But it's fun to imagine just how it might be!
ShowYouLove Apr 2015
Good Friday: What is it and what’s so Good about it?!

What exactly is Good Friday and what is so good about it?! Jesus died and we put him there. He died in the most terrible way imaginable and did nothing wrong. As far as we are concerned, we killed our best hope for freedom because now he is dead and that isn’t anything to be happy or good about!

Good Friday is a day of extremes. It is a day of great and overwhelming sadness and a day of hope and joy. It is a day of suffering and agony and a freedom from them. It is a day of powerful evil and of far greater love, day of death and life, of end and of beginning. This is Good Friday. It is on this day that we are reminded of our sin and humanity. So often we are the throngs of people singing hymns and giving glory to God as on Palm Sunday and we are the same angry mob that demanded Jesus death on the cross; mocking jeering and spitting at our Lord and Savior. Yet, in all our sin and hatred not once did Jesus despise us. Rather he looked on his people with all the more love and compassion.

Only Jesus could make something as ugly as the cross into something so beautiful that it is one of the most recognized and venerated symbols today. His heart broke for us as on that cross he showed us the power of perfect love. It is said that love isn’t love until you give it away and Jesus said “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend”. Jesus’s life was his love and he gave it away. It is sobering to think that after all I have done and will do that someone as perfect, powerful and great as God would look on me with love. To realize that he knows my name and calls me, and that he would call me friend, call me child is nothing short of amazing.

On Good Friday we have the opportunity to venerate the cross by kneeling down touching or kissing the cross; in doing so we can bring our troubles, our burdens, our joys, blessings, hopes, and dreams and give them to Jesus in a very real way. Jesus said “Come to me all you who are weary, you who are broken and burdened. Come to me and I shall give you rest; for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. It is at the foot of the cross that all are equal and all can come; the rich and poor, sick and healthy, young and old.

No one has everything, but everyone has something and each of us are called to use what gifts we have been given to be salt and light for all around us; both around the block and around the world.

So Good Friday is Good in part because of it was on this day that through His death on the cross we might come to have life eternal, sin and death were defeated. Good ultimately prevailed over Evil. Jesus’ death and what would happen after was also made true when he said “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat. But if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoever loves his life will lose it and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life”. In his death Jesus’ body and blood are the true bread and true wine given for the whole world. His death also has produced much fruit in the people today who follow Christ and his teachings. For more than 2000 years, people have come to believe and the faith has continued to survive, grow and even thrive throughout the years despite difficulties and trials. What would have happened and how would life be today if Jesus had saved himself from death on the cross, and didn’t die for our sins on that day? The world may never know and even though things are far from perfect, I thank God he did. That is Good.

ShowYouLove Dec 2014
The Second Joyful Mystery:
The Visitation: Elizabeth greets Mary: ‘Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb!’

Mary travels miles to see her best friend, and cousin, Elizabeth who was also with child to share with her this great news! When Mary gets to her cousin’s house the two women great each other and Elizabeth’s baby leaps inside her womb in response to being in the presence of the Lord Jesus. Elizabeth is very happy and says to Mary “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” Elizabeth recognizes that Mary is truly blessed to conceive Jesus while still a ****** by the working of the Holy Spirit. Mary also recognizes she is truly blessed to bear the Christ child inside of her. She alone was chosen among women to house the savior and redeemer of the world. What amazing gifts God has given Mary! We pray to God May we, like Mary be blessed. Help us to receive you all the time and, like Elizabeth and her baby, may we give all praise and glory to you now and forever. May we leap for joy whenever we are near to you. Help us also to feel your presence daily. Amen
5.4k · Dec 2014
A Prayer at Adoration
ShowYouLove Dec 2014
Kneeling at the foot of your cross
Before your presence I am at a loss
I seek your heart as you seek mine
I am bathed in your love divine
As I gaze upon your lovely face
I am drowned in the sea of your great grace
I look no further for you are here in this place
Lifting my heart and my hands to heaven so far above
I can feel the gentle power of your love
I'm asking please help me be quiet so I may hear and listen
Help me find the part of me that, so long, I've been missin'
Help me love you more and more
Remind me some things are worth fighting, even dying for
I am so weak Lord, I am so frail
But over sin and even death, still you prevail
Make my soul as a dove in flight
On the breeze of hope, the air of joy, and the winds of love alight
May your love be the song that I sing
And like a fire on the earth joy and peace I might bring
I yearn to know you more your heart your soul your mind
And I ask that I might know more in time
5.2k · Sep 2013
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Your insecurities have a hold on you

You've been rotten. You know it's true.

Whispers in your ear, voices in your head

Tell you always: you're doomed, you're dead

Cheating on that test, lying to your best friend

What were you thinking when you pushed send?

Too dumb, too fat, a face only a mother could love

You'll never be good enough to ever rise above

Invisible hands are choking, spirit chains will bind

When the light is fading fast, remember it's only in your mind

The past is gone, you can't go back and try once more

Now to remember not dwell and to look forward

Learn and grow

Your insecurities have no real control

They have no power

In God's love and mercy you are showered

Pray and give them all to the cross

Goodness and joy take the place of what is lost

For He knows your heart and He knows your worth

A beautiful working creation fashioned by God before birth

So never forget how beautiful, special, and loved you are

And shine brightly for the world. You are a STAR!
5.2k · Mar 2018
The Day The World Waited
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
The world waited with bated breath
What would happen to the man they put to death
The world in solemn stillness lay
It seemed that death had won and hope was far away

All his friends ran away in fright
They forgot the words of Jesus Christ:
"Destroy this temple and on the third day it'll rise
Then you will know this is true and there were no lies"
The people walked with heads bent low
As fear and anxiety continued to grow
Many went back to what they were before
And the faith of so many was shaken to the core
The sky was gray and the sun looked more dim
As if nature itself was dying with him

The world waited with bated breath
What would happen to the man they put to death
The world in solemn stillness lay
Death had won and hope had gone away

But we have seen what comes next
We have read the ancient text
We know the end of this great story
Christ alive and full in glory
Quiet love has conquered all
Scattered fear and darkness, brought down the wall
"The one who died is now alive" the angels sing,
"Rejoice! Sing Hosanna to the Risen King!"
Shout it from the mountain tops so all the world can hear
Spread the good news to all people far and near
We are people of Easter Light in a world dark and dreary
In Him we find our hope and strength when we too are weary
Rise up Oh Children like the sun on that Easter morn
Shine on, like the son for today you are reborn

The world waits with bated breath
The return of the man we put to death
Join me now with the world as together we say:
God has overcome and love has come to show the way!
ShowYouLove Oct 2013
All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I didn’t know what I was looking for

Searching the Earth for to fill my need

Sloth and envy and pride, jealousy lust and greed

Money, popularity, status, possessions; the life I lead

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I didn’t find what I was looking for

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Never one to stay for long in any case

Living life at a breakneck pace

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I couldn’t find what I was looking for

Leaving me hungrier; wholly unsatisfied

Nothing helped. There wasn’t one thing I hadn’t tried

So elusive it was: true happiness and joy I was denied

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

But I wouldn’t find what I was looking for

The world had nothing left for me; I gave up hope

And at the bottom of a very steep and slippery *****

Nowhere left to run and ready to die.

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I never found what I was looking for…

Down to me came a rope. Taking that rope my life changed forever that day

The light in my dark, show me the right way

What happened I couldn’t really say.

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I might have found what I’ve been looking for

I still fall and lose my way. God knows I’m not perfect

It’s a long hard road, but God believes I’m worth it

And I know you have a plan for me. Still not sure where I fit

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I think I found what I’ve been looking for

Life giving water, sustaining bread, and solid ground

Love, joy, and peace. New life I see all around

What I’ve always been looking for, I’ve finally found

All my life I’ve been searching for something more

Something missing; an emptiness down in my core

And I (Finally) found what I’m looking for!**

Thank You Jesus!

ShowYouLove Oct 2013
By dying on the cross He erased our sins
By coming to life He makes new life begin
We see Him on the cross and it brings a tear to my eye
He could have chosen other things and yet… He CHOSE to die!

CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out his arms He’s welcoming the price
With wide open arms He says “I love you”
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
With supporting arms He carries us

God gave us all a second chance
So out of love “Shall we dance?”
Though He died and we ask “What good can come of this?”
He saved all so rather than despair we bathe in bliss

CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out his arms He’s welcoming the price
With wide open arms He says “I love you”
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
With supporting arms He carries us

When we fall down He picks us back up
He fills us with His love like an overflowing cup
Now I see with open eyes and heart
“You and I were never far apart”

CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out His arms welcoming the price
With open arms He says “I love you”
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
In His hands He carries us

The Lord our God is a promise kept
And when He wiped us out He also wept
God sent His Only Son to die on a cross
And by rising on the third He showed satan who was boss!
CHORUS: There is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice
Holding out His arms welcoming the price
With open arms He says “I love you”  
With a caring heart He says “I do”
With an open mind He welcomes us
In His hands He carries us
I look up at the cross on high
And ask my God the question “Why?”  
He doesn’t answer me that I can hear  
But nevertheless to me my God is dear
That is Beauty in the Ultimate Sacrifice!
ShowYouLove Sep 2015
What can we give you that isn't already yours? What can we offer that you don't already possess? You don't ask for slaughtered goats or lambs. You don't need them to survive; they are yours anyway. You don't need us to call attention to outward sacrifice, you would rather our sacrifice be quiet and internal. Sacrifice a little of our time and spend it with you. Sacrifice our desires, our bad habits and make good habits. Sacrifice our selfishness and be a little more selfless. But the most pleasing of all sacrifices to you, you say: is a sacrifice of praise. To give thanks and praise and to glorify your Holy Name. You assure us that if we do this, then when we are in need and call upon your name, you will be there for us.

Lord, so often, as humans we focus on what is on the outside but what matters most to you is what is on the inside. We are often so busy and preoccupied with by the world around us that we forget to stop or slow down and we miss what is most important in our lives. Lord help us sacrifice a little of our time to deepen and strengthen our friendship. Help us Lord to step back and open our eyes to what matters most in our lives: friends, family, and faith and to take time to be grateful for them and really cherish what precious short time we have together.

Open our hearts Lord and fill them with the love you had and gave for the whole world so that we might be less selfish and more selfless. In being more selfless there is less of my self and there is more of you. We were all created in God's image and likeness. God is selfless love. The more we are selfless the closer we are to God and the more clearly we reflect the image and likeness of Christ to the world and those in it. We were created to be selfless, but like Jesus we must take the time to be alone, give thanks and praise for all the blessings we have and to eat, drink and rest that we might have Strength for the Journey.
ShowYouLove Dec 2014
The First Joyful Mystery:
The Annunciation: The angel Gabriel appears to Mary, announcing she is to be the Mother of God

Mary is represented by the church. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit may be compared to an orange in that they are three parts, but the same fruit or nature. Peel, pulp/meat, and seeds. Jesus is the seeds that God put in Mary, the church and later Mary gives birth to Jesus. The angel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her she is the Mother of God. Mary follows God’s will at all times like the church listens to God. Mary is very afraid, but trusts God and goes out to share the good news with her best friend, and cousin, Elizabeth. We pray Hail Mary full of grace, blessed are you indeed in many ways. Your immaculate conception, your carrying of Jesus in your womb, your being chosen to bear our savior. Oh holy Mother of God, pray for us sinners from our first cry to our final breath. Amen
4.4k · Sep 2013
The Servant's Heart
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Lord this day I ask and pray:
Purify my heart, create anew: a spirit to serve, love, and adore you.

Every day and through each night: may you be my guiding light.
Instill in me the servant's heart: and help me please to do my part.

A light for the lost and alone: and in all things, let Your love be known.
Lord I pray in me you fill: a hunger and thirst to do Your will.

Reaching out to the poor and broken: a voice for all those unspoken.
The servant's heart is made of: sacrifice and selfless love.

Your blood and life spilled on a tree: was cost enough to set me free.

Song and praise; Your name I'll lift: for there is no greater gift;
Than to lay down ones life for a friend: and give of self until the end.

And in doing so I ask: be at my side in every task.
In every day and every hour: You oh Lord are my strength and power.

Grant me strength to serve awhile: and do the things that make You SMILE!

4.2k · Sep 2014
Soul Searching
ShowYouLove Sep 2014
As I gaze upon the vast expanse of the night sky
As I look upon the greatness of the seas
As I ponder on the things I cannot know
As I dive into the deepest parts of me
It is there that I see and I come to believe
In the presence of one who at times reminds
The heart and soul of peace love truth there are signs
I am blind to my mistakes keep playing in my mind
There is chaos and sadness but sometimes I find
A love quiet and strong sadness and pain but hope in the rain
A stronghold a shelter when I am burdened and weak
It is here the presence resides that I seek
There is a longing an ache a burning I feel
So great that I am caused to kneel
But it is here somehow that something begins
In tears and in pain the great weight of my sins
Seems a little lighter and I know that God wins
He paid the greatest price on one fateful Friday
And He is faithful good and true in my day
Sadly it seems sometimes this world is forgetting
The kind of example that Jesus was setting
To show us the true meaning of life and love
What it is to be human and divine
A single candle in the dark can brightly shine
Illuminate my deepest darkest corners of me
Clear away the cobwebs, sweep away the dust
Clean this old house of pride, jealousy, and lust
Help me once again to see
Just how much you must love me
3.9k · Sep 2013
Insecurities Devotional
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Your insecurities have a hold on you

You've been rotten. You know it's true.

Whispers in your ear, voices in your head

Tell you always: you're doomed, you're dead

Cheating on that test, lying to your best friend

What were you thinking when you pushed send?

Too dumb, too fat, a face only a mother could love

You'll never be good enough to ever rise above

Invisible hands are choking, spirit chains will bind

When the light is fading fast, remember it's only in your mind

The past is gone, you can't go back and try once more

Now to remember not dwell and to look forward

Learn and grow

Your insecurities have no real control

They have no power

In God's love and mercy you are showered

Pray and give them all to the cross

Goodness and joy take the place of what is lost

For He knows your heart and He knows your worth

A beautiful working creation fashioned by God before birth

So never forget how beautiful, special, and loved you are

And shine brightly for the world. You are a STAR!

Lord God, we stumble and fall so often and are prone to sin. Many times, we become discouraged and listen to the voices in our hearts and heads that mock us, tell us we are no good and feed us negativity. We acknowledge that we fail. Please remind us that you always have and always will love and forgive us no matter what. We are your precious treasure and worth more than anything in the world in your eyes. Help us not to listen or give in to our many insecurities, and help us instead to rest in the security and knowledge that we do not have to live in the past, that the future is in your hands, and to live fully for you today. Remind us Lord that you have made us just the way we are, beautiful, special, and loved by the creator and ruler of everything! Thank you! Amen.
3.7k · Aug 2016
What If I Were President
ShowYouLove Aug 2016
What if I were president? What party, what values would I hold?
If I were president would I be humble, honest, and bold?
When I talk about greater justice for immigrants, I'm a Democrat.
When I speak out against abortion, I'm a Republican.
When I talk about racism and racial inequality, I'm a Democrat.
When I mention small, localized government, I'm a Republican.
When I support the common good and solidarity, I'm a Democrat
When I say the family should be strengthened, I'm a Republican.
When I speak up against the death penalty, I'm a Democrat.
When I refuse to fund contraception, I'm a Republican.
So, where does this leave me? You have to pick right?
Well in some ways I'm both, and in some ways neither.
You see, if I pick Democrat I'm going against my Republican values
And the same is true of my Democrat values if i decide Republican.

If I were the president I'd work for peace, love, truth, understanding
I would work to build bridges between the peoples and the nations
Walls and fences do not, the best neighbors, make.
I won't convince you with anything I say, but if I do my best to live and
To reflect love, to give hope, to find joy maybe you'll want it too
To lift up the lowly, help others help themselves, to forgive and to love
That's some of what I hope to do.

In truth, I'm a member of an institution that teaches that freedom is when a person no longer acts under the influence of someone else. An institution that encourages free will and free thought. An institution that doesn't fit inside a man-made box.

This is being true to myself, this is who I am.

I'm Catholic
Romans 13: 1-7

Part of this writing was taken from a post at
3.6k · Aug 2015
Angel Warriors
ShowYouLove Aug 2015
(Angel Warriors)

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care

Guardians of light of love and of truth
Unseen warriors fighting for you
Though you can't touch them they are always close by
No need to fear so wipe the tear from your eye

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care

They guard and protect you they'll keep you from harm
Though you can't see them don't be alarmed
There is never a moment when you are all alone
They are present always; even when they aren't shown

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care

They walk right beside you wherever you go
I feel a calm, a peace; and in my heart I know
Watching over you all day and when you sleep at night
Surrounded by the enemy they stand and fight

Angel Warriors by our side
Be our lamp, our light and guide
Guardian Angels hear our prayer
Keep us in thy loving care
3.6k · Aug 2014
Something About You
ShowYouLove Aug 2014
Something about you makes me smile
Something about you makes me dance awhile
Something about you brightens my day
Something about you makes me feel special in every way
Something about you gives me comfort in the dark
Something about you makes me hit my mark
Something about you inspires a part of me
Something about you just makes me free
Something about you when I'm lost gives hope
Something about you feels like a safety rope
Something about you is making me write this song
Something about you I knew all along
Something about you when I'm steamed is cool
Something about you keeps me working like fuel
Something about you just makes me believe
Something about you helps me to receive
Something about you strikes me exponential
Something about you says great potential
Something about you seems like a miracle
Something about you is almost lyrical
Something about you is one and only
Something about you feels almost homely
Something about you fills me with great awe
Something about you is strong like a claw
Something about you is special and sweet
Something about you is undoubtedly neat
Together we are strong alone w are weak
ShowYouLove Feb 2017
The First Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden

Shortly before his death, Jesus goes to the garden to pray for grace and strength. He tells his disciples "Watch and Pray" Jesus enters into prayer so deeply that his sweat is as drops of blood mixing on the ground with his tears. Even in the great darknss and desolation, he finds strength to say: "Let this cup pass before me. But not my will, but as you will it Father."

Jesus tells us as he told his disciples "Watch and Pray". It sounds like a pretty simple task, but it's hard. In the midst of the darkness and despair, Jesus found strength and grace in prayer to his Father. In our darkest times, we can also call on our Father in heaven to sustain us. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was as the Garden of Eden after the sin of Adam and Eve. Blood was used to cover sin and wash it away. The blood, sweat and tears in the garden are a reminder of our fallen state as well as an example of the Eucharist with blood and water.

We Pray: Jesus, help us to remember that whatever we go through in life, even and especially in our darkest times, remind us of the strength and grace we receive from our Heavenly Father. Help us also remember of your great love for us in your suffering and agony. Even when we fail, when we sin, when we turn away, you are with us. You love us, you forgive us, you run out to us and take us back. You counted up the cost and we are worth it. It cost everything and you paid the price so we wouldn't have to. Nothing we could ever do could amount to what you gave The best I can do is offer my life for you and my neighbor and try to die to myself daily. I am truly and eternally grateful, for by your amazing grace, I have the opportunity to be with you for all eternity. Thank you Jesus!
ShowYouLove Oct 2014
There is a time for all things

There is a time for all things a time to laugh and love and live
A time to receive a time to make and a time to give
A time to work a time to play and a time to be blessed
A time for talking a time to listen and give it a rest

There is a time for all things a time for weeping and for sorrow
A time to remember the past and time to look forward to tomorrow
A time for family friends and loved ones a joy to be around
A time for knowing where your hope and joy are found

There is a time for all things a time for loss and for gain
A time both for times of growth and with them time for pain
A time for time alone with God in prayer and in thanksgiving
A time to ask for help when life seems unforgiving

There is a time for all things a time for healing and for prayer
A time to know that in all things God is always there
A time for peace a time for mercy and grace
A time to see in others Christ Jesus’ face

There is a time for all things a time for life and for death
A time to belong to Jesus through our last earthly breath
A time for ends and time for new beginnings
A time to take what seems like loss to change it into winnings

There is a time for all things under the moon the sun and stars
A time for learning and maturing and finding who we are
A time for trying to find our place in this world and God’s will
A time to thank him for his love and ask that our souls be still

There is a time for all things God has got the plan
A time to know just what God see’s in the heart of man
A time to question a time to walk by faith and not by sight
A time to believe that God knows best and he is right

There is a time for all things glorious and great
A time for love and a time for hate
A time for building and a time for destroying
A time for rushing and a time for enjoying

There is a time for all things in the time that we have here
A time that is important and something we should hold most dear
There is a time for all things
And for it, joyful, my heart sings
3.3k · Sep 2015
Psalm 8 and prayer
ShowYouLove Sep 2015
How awesome is your name throughout the earth and your majesty is far beyond  the wonder of the earth and the heavens far above. It is exalted by all creation, even from the mouths of newborns. You have fashioned praise in defense against evil and chaos and render them powerless. I look to the heavens to marvel at your handiwork. The sun, the moon, the stars that you alone, by a word, have set in place. How is it that one as great and awesome as you would notice us, to care, and love us? But in all our frailty and mortality you have created us to be like you, a little lower than the angels. You gave us glory and honor. You have us power and authority to rule over what you have fashioned. You gave us dominion over the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, and the beasts of the field. You have given us all of this. How awesome, how great, is your name Oh Lord My God throughout all the earth!

Lord, we exalt and we praise your name through all the earth. How great how marvelous are the works you have made. You have lifted us up from our smallness and weakness to be like you, to be close to you. You have given us power, authority, and dominion over your creation. Help us to be good stewards to take care of and nurture all of creation and all life. We are too prone to turn our thoughts to the evil one and we don't always protect and respect this gift as we ought. Forgive us Lord, look with love and compassion upon your beloved, and lead us back to yourself once more. Amen.
ShowYouLove Apr 2015
Jesus he's my savior
He lived near Galilee
I know about his ministry
And of his great love for me

He sought out his disciples
They followed him blindly
He loved the poor and healed the sickly
And he helped the blind to see

I know that he's my savior
He died to set me free
Each day I love him more, his disciple I will be
As I walk the path of righteousness and spirituality
To the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

The name the views and beliefs expressed in this piece are not, in any way, intended to be a reflection or representation of the Righteous Bros or Peter Paul and Mary's "Puff the Magic Dragon"

I do not own the rights to the song or bands. That said: this is an original!
3.1k · Sep 2013
The Nature of God
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
All the earth speaks to Your glory Lord

The trees strong and tall stretch up to the sky

Giving food, shelter, shade to so many creatures

The flowers so delicate and beautiful bringing color

And joy to so many. A wonderful gift

The birds, insects, and all creatures create a symphony

You are the master orchestrator Lord

The wind: at times gentle and pleasant others powerful and destructive

Sometimes moving or inspiring, still more, pushing, prompting

Water: reminding of patience, calm, creativity

Great power. Life giving and Life taking. Water shows

The power of teamwork.

Fire: so much power and destruction. Violence and death

But cleansing, purifying, strengthening too

A little bit can be light, a source of pleasant warmth

A guide and used properly a blessing; attractive to others

All nature all earth speaks to Your glory Lord.

Praise and Glory and Honor to You Lord of All!

3.0k · Jun 2015
Love and Happiness
ShowYouLove Jun 2015
What is happiness?
Happiness is living, loving, and laughing
It is filling even the sad times with hugs and smiles
Happiness is many, many things
Among these things is love.
Happiness is having more than one family
Happiness is having a friend
A friend who shares your joy in laughs and your pain in tears
A friend who would gladly take the burden off your shoulders
And carry the weight themselves
A friend who would travel the whole world to find you again
A friend who would go to such lengths to keep you happy
A friend where everything they have is yours
A friend who would take each blow
So you might not know pain
A friend who would never leave you
A friend who is always by your side
A friend who is there both night and day
A friend who would even die for you
Happiness is knowing you will never be alone
Happiness is having a family all together
Happiness is a quiet time alone
Happiness is being among family and friends
Happiness is many things to many different people
But happiness regardless is a good thing indeed
Happiness is a smile or a hug when sad
Happiness is a rainbow after the storm
Happiness is the sun shining through a cloudy day
3.0k · Aug 2014
Mountain Sky Water
ShowYouLove Aug 2014
Massive mountains tower above reaching to the sky
Overwhelming sense of smallness in the whole big scheme of things
Unfathomable is our own beating heart's desires
Natural beauty present in these majestic peaks
Tranquility on mountain-tops
Awe instilled by these terrible towers
Inspiring me to write a little rhyme
Nighttime when everything dies for a while

Simplicity is all around with fields of cotton above
Kindling the flame of imagination
Youthful do the skies make me feel

Window into the world as the eyes are to the soul
Amazing it truly is to see such potential
Turbulent waters in the water and in the soul
Electrified am I and alive I feel as I watch
Reflection upon this scene says natural beauty.
2.6k · Dec 2016
Spirit of the Lord
ShowYouLove Dec 2016
Trumpets will play at the sound of your name
All of creation will echo the same
Angels will sing out the praise of the king
Victor over sin and death; let freedom ring!
Shining star, Lord of Lords and Prince of Peace,
We come to you now. Let hope arise and faith increase.
Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts,
Sharing in perfect communion: Father Son and Holy Ghost.

Hail Mary our Mother, how great was your "Yes"
Through your faith, and we are blessed.
Comfort and protect us oh Mother of ours
Be near us and save us. Before you, evil cowers.

Oh Joseph most Holy, be with us this day;
In our obedience and adherence to do as Jesus says.
May our hands and our feet be gentle yet strong,
Guide us and teach us as we walk along!

Written 12-9-16 at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Geneva during Adoration with "Faith and Fellowship"
2.6k · Apr 2015
Prayer to St. Joseph
ShowYouLove Apr 2015
Prayer of St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph most chaste spouse of the Blessed ****** Mary and earthly father to our Lord Jesus let your soft and strong spirit be upon us this day. You were a quiet and reflective man. You were humble and modest. In a world that in this day does not place a high value on such virtues that you portray, we look to you St. Joseph as a shining example of what fatherhood and manliness can truly be. You were a carpenter, a builder, a worker. Yours were strong hands; rough and calloused from work, but they were also gentle and loving hands. Surely each piece you built was a work of love and crafted with great care. The hugs you must have given Jesus were so strong and gentle. You taught your son how to build as well. It is of little wonder then that the cross he would suffer and die on would become a great bridge connecting us to each other and to your son in heaven. Yours were warm loving eyes. Eyes full of sadness, pain, and incredible joy. Was there a time when it was revealed to you what your son must endure? I can’t image what that would’ve felt like knowing what was going to happen, desperately wanting it not to, and still knowing it was God’s will. Even with all of that you said “Yes Lord. Okay. Let your will be done. I trust in you”. I only hope we might have the smallest bit of the faith, the peace, and the quiet strength that you had. Be with us St. Joseph that we might learn how to better love, better serve, and better protect the sanctity of marriage and of the family. Be with us St. Joseph in our jobs that we may remain humble in the good work that we do. Let all the work that we do, be done with great love. Bless us St. Joseph and especially those that work with their hands. Bless us St. Joseph and bless our eyes so that we may see and love others in a more profound light and that our vision would not be clouded by pain and sadness. Bless us St. Joseph and bless our minds and our hearts that we might have the grace and strength to be pure and chaste as you were. Bless us St. Joseph and bless our souls that we might obtain some of the peace, the quiet strength, the faith to say “Yes” to your son and “No” to the wiles of this Earth. Bless us oh Most Holy St. Joseph that one day we may come to know you and be with you and the Holy Family in Heaven for all eternity.

2.5k · Sep 2014
The Man
ShowYouLove Sep 2014
The Man

We are men: leaders in the world today
We are men: called to live in a Christ-like way
We are brothers fathers teachers sons
We are friends students husbands and then some
We are so many roles and responsibilities
We are trying to lead by example and have humility
We are far from perfect sinners its true
We are loved by the father so much he gave his life for me and you
What would happen if as men of God we could stand
Stood up for faith and family wouldn’t that be grand
In a world of deep darkness we are called to be light
In a society where wrong is good we are called to stand up for what’s right
Where there is hate in our lives we are called to be love
And we are called to give our lives if push came to shove
We are men of faith brothers in arms
Together and with God’s great grace we might avoid satan’s charms
Lord help us love our families be there for them always
Lord we are earnestly seeking you reveal to us your face
You are Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, King of Kings
You are the creator, the author of the whole universe and of everything
We are men: like Joseph may our response be “Let it Be Done Unto Me”
We are men: each called for a reason very specially
We are men: trying to find ourselves in who you are
We are men: come from both near and far
Gathered in your presence we look to you for strength and peace
And pray one day for our children the violence and hurt would cease
Lead us to be better men
Teach us to be open then
Show us the way that is narrow and true
So we might live as men like you!
2.5k · Mar 2016
Where I Belong
ShowYouLove Mar 2016
"Where I Belong"

Sometimes you lead me in green meadows and quiet gentle streams
Sometimes you take me into the desert for a while
I will go where you walk before me, where you lead I will follow.

Some days I feel at peace with my life
Other days I feel lost and all alone
And I'm reminded that this is not my home.

I know one day I'll find a place where I belong
I'll be home at long last, I'll be happy and free
All the people living in perfect harmony.

While I'm here Lord living for the moment
Guide me use me show me where I belong
Doing my best to serve you by serving my neighbor.

Help me with the faith to trust in your perfect plan
To believe that all is well when I just don't understand.

When I am lost and wandering you bring me back home
When I crawl back to you humble and broken
You run out to me and hug me and kiss me

And you take me back:
Back where I belong

My soul is restless until it rests in you
And that's where I belong

And one day I'll leave this space to be called home
Back to the place where I belong
2.4k · Oct 2014
Regrets (Going Home)
ShowYouLove Oct 2014
Regrets (Going Home)

I’m sitting at the stop light waiting for the light to turn green
Traffic is bad and I’m waiting for an hour it seems
The song on the radio is playing one from Red
And thoughts keep spinning ‘round, like a carousel in my head
I’m living like I’m driving: always moving but not taking time
To be in the moment or to read the signs
Going through the motions on autopilot every day
What more is there to life? Is there a better way?
What have I been missing that is hiding in plain sight?
There is more in this world outside my personal plight
You know I’m thinking about you now
And I sit here wondering how
You are doing and everything I’m missing
I had so many chances and here I am wishing
Hoping I could go back and do it all over again
To be there for you to be there for my best friend
I lost sight of what was truly important in pursuit of personal gain
I have all this money but the fact still remains:
I have no family now and money simply cannot fix
This emptiness inside the sadness from all this
I want you to know I’m sorry and I was so wrong
I never realized how much I had until all of it was gone
Please know I pray for you and for the kids whenever I can
I know I could’ve been better, been a Godlier man
I could’ve gone to church on Sundays, prayed a little more
I could’ve stood up for our family: a thing worth fighting for
If only I had been aware before all that I now know
I might have done things differently if so
I have come to understand a little a purpose far greater than me
Life is more than just a job, money, or nice things I believe
It is family, it is love, it is a something that you feel
In your heart, in your soul, and it is very real
Helping others, taking care of yourself, being there, showing love
These are all things that matters most if push comes down to shove
Then again it’s not too late to try to reconcile
I’ll take responsibility for consequences and go the extra mile
The only thing I would ask is to keep me in your prayers
And that you know wherever you go someone really cares
The song changes, the light turns and I continue heading home
To a place I can go back to no matter how far away I might roam
2.4k · Dec 2015
Prayer for Called and Gifted
ShowYouLove Dec 2015
Prayer For Called and Gifted

Jesus you are the savior of the world author of salvation and creator of the universe and all good things. We are so small and frail and yet in your goodness you saw it fit to give us so much and to raise us up to more than we can be. You bestowed on your people different, beautiful gifts and call us to use them for others and for you. You have called us each by name and given us unique gifts, each with an integral part to play. You have given us a purpose and a reason. You have given us a passion for life. We are called to be beacons of hope, bearers of light. As wheat only produces fruit once it dies, may we also die to the things that hold us back from experiencing the fullness of your love for us. Help us Lord to be good stewards of the gifts you give so abundantly and so freely that we would be diligent, responsible, and humble as we try to live your love out in the world. You said to your apostles: "Go forth and make disciples of all nations; proclaiming the gospel by your lives and baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit". Lord, bless the people in this room; send your Holy Spirit and let it come to rest in our souls. Guide and lead and teach us along the journey of life to use our gifts that you gave us "for the greater glory of God". Just as we pray for ourselves Lord, we also pray for all those in the church and throughout the world that you would help them realize and utilize what they have been given to make this world a little better and to further your kingdom right here and now. May we all be a "blessing for life and a blessing for Christ"! We ask this and all things in your most beautiful and precious name. AMEN.
Prayer i wrote for Called and Gifted program at my church, but this poem is really for everyone.
2.4k · Jul 2014
Bless Me
ShowYouLove Jul 2014
Bless my hands Lord and the work that they do.
Bless my soul Lord as I try to live for you.
Bless my mouth Lord and the words when I speak.
Bless my eyes Lord that it is you I seek.
Bless my feet Lord and the path upon which I walk.
Bless my lips Lord and what comes out when I talk.
Bless my mind Lord and all that I may think.
Bless my faith Lord and when I start to sink.
Bless my heart Lord and the love that I give.
Bless my voice Lord to praise you while I live.
Bless my life Lord that I may use your gifts for good.
Bless me Lord and help me do what I should.
Bless my ears Lord help me hear your voice.
Bless me Lord that in temptation I make the proper choice.
Bless me Lord and help me see the face of one whom so loves me!
2.3k · Sep 2017
There in the Stillness
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
There in the stillness, the whisper of angel's wings
There in the stillness a place for beggars and kings
There in the stillness a fluttering of the soul
There in the stillness someone broken is being made whole

There in the stillness and silence of this room
Like standing there in Easter's empty tomb
There in the stillness and silence of this place
I open my eyes and find myself standing face to face

There in the silence I think I feel you say
There in the silence that all will be okay
There in the silence I hear my heartbeat still
There in the silence you hold me and you always will

There in the quiet a word of blessing and peace
There in the quiet there is freedom and release
There in the quiet I sing and praise and dance
There in the quiet a part of the sacred romance

There in the rest a river of life overflows
There in the rest a fruitful garden grows
There in the rest I am anchored and secure
There in the rest is a joy so real and pure

There in my life a battle day and night
There in my life a war between darkness and light
There in my life the Lord is always by my side
There in my life my God be glorified

Praise and glory to God on high
Prayer and song fill the sky
Lift your heart and raise your eyes
Please dry our tears and hear our cries

2.2k · Feb 2016
You are a Gift
ShowYouLove Feb 2016
You are an angel sent from heaven to us
You are a gift for which we are grateful and by which we're blessed
There is a purpose a plan a place just for you
The world had a need and from the beginning God knew
The perfect time the perfect family to raise you as their own
To look back ta amazing to see how much you've grown
From the little baby girl to the young woman you are today
For all the missions throughout time and for you I dare to pray
That you would know God's providence and provision
The Lord provided us with you and now to the world given
By your love and your light to you they shall be drawn
Hold them close and take them in let them hear your heartsong
You are a gift from heaven sent down upon the earth
To show every man woman and child what a human life is worth
For this and many other reasons I think of you at night
And ask the Lord to hold you close and keep you always in his sight.
For my friend on the mission in Berlin for the next 2 years
2.2k · Sep 2014
Reflection on Balance
ShowYouLove Sep 2014
Remember when we used to play outside until the sun went down
Remember when we used to laugh run and have no cares or worries
Remember how much brighter the sun was and colors radiant
Remember what it felt like to fly with the birds and swim in the sea
Remember how we were once young and fierce and free?

Now the world seems a little colder a little darker than before
Now it seems that little by little, life has somehow passed us by
We no longer know what it feels like to soar what it means to be alive
Full of concern we worry and fret we begin to forget
What things were like before we grew up.

Eyes so full of wonder filled with a sense of awe capturing each moment
Ears that take in every word every sound
Heart so filled with love and hope and more than big enough for all
Head full of hopes and dreams imagination and inspiration
Have a light and happy heart and never forget to bring your smile

There are many things we may end up teaching our kids one day
Important things to be sure
But our kids teach us and remind us where our focus should lie
Though we may not feel it sometimes they keep us young I would be remiss
If I forgot to mention the wisdom of a child is not a thing to dismiss

They look up to you and for better or for worse they are constantly watching
“I want to be a man like you” or “I want to marry a man just like daddy”
No sweeter words could a father hear, a greater gift no parent could ask for
Let us live our lives with balance: equal measures of youth and maturity
Of work and play, of fun and sincerity

May we have the grace to find balance in our lives
May we receive the judgment to put it into practice
And the peace that comes from having it realized

ShowYouLove Dec 2014
Bring me Oh Lord nearer now to Your Heart
Help me know you a little deeper than before
Help me love you a little deeper than I did
Help me to dance with every part of me
Help me to sing with every breath I have

Bring me Oh Lord nearer now to Your Heart
All that I have you gave me. All I have is Yours
Help me use what you have given me to give back to those around me
Help me to live a little closer to how You lived
Help me Lord when I am strong or weak

Bring me Oh Lord nearer now to Your Heart
Help me Lord that I may be humble and meek
Help me Lord that my soul be clean and my heart, pure
Lord let me seek to understand; to listen, to love
Let me seek to be patient, kind and compassionate

Bring me Oh Lord nearer now to Your Heart
Enter into my body and soul more completely
Consume me with Your mercy, love, and likeness
As I consume You may I see with clearer eyes and heart
A greater, more complete, and more powerful understanding;
Of the most beautiful, glorious, and mysterious gift you give

So to come a little nearer now to Your Heart
2.0k · Jan 2014
Real Strong Women
ShowYouLove Jan 2014
A Real Strong Woman

She's smiling this morning like everything is alright

You'd never know by looking she was crying all last night

She puts on a mask; a well made disguise

But if you look hard enough you'll see the tears behind her eyes

A stubborn fool its true, but she's tougher 'n nails

She'll keep fighting when everyone else would fail

She's a heart of only the purest of gold

A hug that would melt a heart grown so cold

Her touch is as tender as a lover's embrace

Around her 's a smile on everyone's face

She has a love far greater than the oceans and seas

An uncanny ability to just put me at ease

She's a protection that's fiercer than a mother for her child

She's strong and she's tough still she's gentle and mild

She's smiling this morning like everything is alright

You'd never know by looking she was crying all last night

She's a real strong woman and that's a fac'

Them real strong women bounce right back
2.0k · Feb 2016
Take my Hand
ShowYouLove Feb 2016
Here I am take my hand lead me along the way
I will hold you, I will catch you, by your side I'm gonna stay
Reach out in the darkness feel safe with my stronghold
When you run away or go astray I'll carry you back to the fold
Put your hand in my hand feel the nail scars there
Hold my hand and understand just how much I care
They can show mercy forgiveness compassion and peace
Create or destroy cause distress or bring relief
Take my hand and hold it tight
When you are weary take my hand don't give up the fight
The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few
Why won't someone lend a hand? I gave this world you!
Take some time to help out and lend a hand
Set a good example among your fellow man
Reach out and enter in to touch the heart of love
A shower of goodness and blessing rains from above
Take my hand do not fear I have already won
Walk with me and you'll see all that love has done
ShowYouLove Sep 2015
Jesus you asked your disciples: who do people say that I am? There were many different answers. You asked your disciples: who do YOU say that I am? Peter replied "You are Jesus the Christ. The savior." A good answer, but then when you talk about your death and what you must suffer and Peter rebuked you for saying such outrageous things, you scolded him for thinking as we humans do, not as God thinks. Then you said that to lose your your life for Christ and the gospel, you would gain eternal life in heaven, but those who love their lives would lose them. That in order to follow you we must deny ourselves and take up our cross. You said what profit is there to gain the whole world but lose our lives? For what can we give in exchange for the value of our lives?

Jesus, who do we say you are? Who are you to us? Forgive us, like Peter, when we get upset with you when bad things happen because we think not as God thinks but as humans think. We don't always see the bigger picture and purpose. When you said "Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me" you were saying that we must cast off our old self, old habits and ways. We must carry our burdens (our cross) which create a way to connect to each other and to you. "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the gospel will save it." We must learn how to live selflessly and we must be willing to die to ourselves. If we lose or give up our old life for the sake of replacing it with a life for Jesus and the good news we will have eternal life. You remind us and warn us that the things of this life, their value could never come close to the value of our souls. You remind us not to fall victim to loving the riches of this earthly life more than we ought to love you and being with you forever one day. Finally, you tell us to be unashamed of Christ and the message and to share it with all we meet in a gentle and loving manner. We should not be worried about what others will do or say because it matters not as long as we are doing it with a right heart for you and the gospel. Thank you Lord for being our Savior, help us to die to the old ways that we might truly live with you. Give us the strength and courage to be unashamed of the gospel message and you so that we might bring another heart to you. Amen.
based on Mark 8: 27-38
1.9k · Aug 2015
Joyful Song
ShowYouLove Aug 2015
Joyfully sing a song of praise
Our hearts, our hands, our voices raise
Join with Angels high above
Giving thanks to the one who loves

Dance a dance both free and fun
Celebrate God's only son
Who lived to die and died to give
A way that we might truly live

Clap your hands and dance along
Join me in a Joyful Song
We bow our heads we lift our hearts
And on our knees the healing starts

All praise to Him the King of Kings
Creation alive as your name rings
Lord of Lords and Prince of Peace
The song we sing will never cease

From mountain to valley, river to sea
If I pause it is clear and plain to see
You sing a joyful song to celebrate
The goodness of life that you create

You dance with us across the sky
And lead us in a happy sigh
You are with us day and night
May we walk in your radiant light

Joyfully sing a song of praise
Our hearts, our hands, our voices raise
Clap your hands and dance along
Join us in the Joyful Song!

1.9k · May 2014
Prayer of a Sinner
ShowYouLove May 2014
Forgive me, I have done wrong against you and myself
I have not done anything to further my spiritual health
You suffered and died so I could go free
And how do I repay you? By sinning you see!
I am a fool for having done such a thing
And rather than praise it is dishonor I bring
I realize you have probably forgiven this sinner
Help me to forgive myself in humble surrender
By grace, mercy and love I have been saved
By your mighty hand lead me to walk the way you have paved
Help me turn my heart to you
I want to serve and live pure and true
I will never be perfect this much I know
But with your help in your love I can grow
May I remember in my tomorrow's and todays
That you Oh Lord are just a breath away
Give me the strength needed to turn from satan's power
Guide me through my darkest hour
And if I forget send someone to help redirect
Lest I stumble fall or lose my way please set me on the path correct
I love you and thank you and help me to follow
Your ways and your footsteps and not be skin shallow
ShowYouLove Mar 2015
What Would Happen (If I said Yes)

What would happen if today I said yes?
What would happen if, for once, I stopped running?
Stopped running away and from, but after and to?
What would happen if I embraced my dark shadow,
And began to accept all of me: light and dark, bad and good?
Could I be whole once more? Could you love me?
Could I love me?

What would happen if today I said yes?
I wouldn’t be the same. Once taken, there is no going back.
What would happen if, at the edge of the known and the not known,
I close my eyes, brace myself, and take a leap of faith?
What would happen if I opened myself up to your will and your plan?
What would happen if you reached out your hand?
I would never need to be afraid or be truly alone because you are here.

What would happen if today I said yes?
What would happen if I prayed more, if I gave more?
How much more would my life be blessed than it already is now?
What would happen if I said yes to you and no to my desires?
There will be pain, but I will feel real joy, peace and satisfaction.

What would happen if today I said yes?
Saying yes is dangerous. It is not something to be taken lightly.
For it is not without pain, tears, suffering and hard times,
But saying yes means that I will grow, learn to truly love, and never be alone
Saying yes means becoming who I’m meant to be and being a man after your heart.
What would happen if today I said yes?

What would happen if today I said yes?
Saying yes is the first step on a long and winding journey
I have said yes. I have taken the path less travelled on...
And that has made ALL the difference!

1.9k · Sep 2015
Hail Mary Our Mother
ShowYouLove Sep 2015
Hail Mary our Mother so gentle and true
For nine months you carried "God with Us" in you
Hail Mary our Mother so quiet and strong
Give us the courage to join you in song
Hail Mary our Mother free from sin and full of grace
Lead us to your son, help us see and recognize His face
Hail Mary our Mother of mercy and sorrow
Pray for us Mary in our todays and tomorrows
Hail Mary our Mother Holy Queen enthroned above
Teach us faith, and wisdom, teach us love
Hail Mary our Mother so tender and mild
Give us the vision to see with the eyes of a child
Hail Mary our Mother shining light, guiding star
Bring back your children wherever they are
Hail Mary our Mother pure and chaste
Quicken our hearts that we would make haste
Hail Mary our Mother look on us with compassion and favor
And one day lead us home to your son our Savior.

1.8k · May 2018
ShowYouLove May 2018
My Lord and my God I am so unworthy
A sinner for all of my days
What did I do to deserve your love
When I deserve death
You died for me you love me wholly
You cleanse my soul and make me holy
By your perfect love you deem me worthy
To be with you eternally in love
You call me your friend, you call me your child
No longer slaves but free from the chains
From my sin and shame you restore me
You raise me up from the mire
Grant me Oh Lord a penitent heart
That I may turn from my ways and die to myself
In dying, you come alive in me
By rising I am born again into new life
You are worthy of all my praise and thanksgiving
You are the reason I am still living
You are worthy of all my love and affection
You are worthy of all my prayer and adoration
You deem me worthy to shine your light
You deem me worthy to listen and write
You deem me worthy to be your child
You deem me worthy of your love
You deem me worthy to be your Lamb
You deem me worthy and though unworthy it is enough
Thank you Oh Lord my God and have mercy on my soul
Help me turn my heart to you and so live in your perfect love
1.8k · Sep 2013
Good Shepherd Devotional
ShowYouLove Sep 2013
Good Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd… I need nothing more

He is my rock, my guide, my friend whom I adore

He binds the wounded and heals the sick

He is there for his sheep through thin and thick

The Lord is my Shepherd… I need not fear

To You Lord all the flock is very dear

No one more important all loved just the same

He knows all His sheep by name

The Lord is my Shepherd… In whom I find rest

He calls us all to our own spiritual quest

His love is forever, unconditional, and unending

I fall down in awe before The King

The Lord is my Shepherd… He knows his own

The sheep know His voice and tone

The Lord makes sure each one is safe and sound

He will bring them back to safe lush ground

The Lord is my Shepherd… He protects us from danger

Protecting us from any stranger

You separate the sheep from the goats

Guarding us from satan (the crafty wolf in sheep’s coats)

The Lord is my Shepherd… I know He will always provide

Even through the darkest night He is at our side

Delivering me from my biggest foes

When we are overwhelmed and scared He takes the blows

The Lord is my Shepherd… Forgiving and open

Taking in and loving us as we are: ****** and broken

As sheep we are so prone to wander and stray

But whatever we do we cannot get away

The Lord is my Shepherd… And I am in good hands

I rest in His wondrous presence; safe from shifting sands

‘Neath His wings I find a peace comparable to none

I bask in the power and warmth of The Son

Lord, thank you for being our good shepherd! Thank you for keeping us safe, providing for us, and bringing us back home when we go astray. Please be the shepherd of our minds, our hearts, and our tongues as we try to follow the sound of your voice and to go where you lead us. As you are a good shepherd to us, your children, I pray that we too may be shepherds to all people here on earth. Just as you told Peter "feed my sheep" "tend my sheep" "feed my lambs" if he really loved you, so are we called to do the same to our brothers and sisters all around the world. For it is by taking care of the least of these and being a neighbor to everyone that we in turn do the same for you! Amen.
1.8k · May 2018
ShowYouLove May 2018
Oh little flame how bright you burn
And from darkness you will turn
To bathe us in your little light
And guide us through the darkest night

Oh little flame of Holy Fire
In your simplicity you do inspire
You remind me that I too carry
A light that makes the darkness less scary

Oh little flame you are strong
And yet you are so frail
You illuminate the right and wrong
Your little light will pierce the veil

Oh little flame oh cherished glow
Don’t live too fast but take it slow
In living there is sacrifice
In giving there is a price

Oh little flame oh light divine
I hold your light and make it mine
I will shine for all to see
The difference you have made for me
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