Atrisia Jun 5

...drip drip drip drip
The rain is a blanket of sound, a theme song that empties my now, vanquishes me to dreams of two bodies entwined moving to the rhyme of hearts that beat until the melody synchronises to the tune of the rain drips...
...frequent and irregular...
...gasping, he lifts me up body and soul, to demonstrate he can handle me, and my crazy thoughts. I open up, abandon my reservations, then curl my limbs around him, till our souls be only separated by our skin. stretching our all to each other like rain drops do on window panes, willing themselves to reach that next droplet and then running the rest of eternity together...
...happily there after...
...which we all know its facing the world everyday as a unit. having bad days, but working through that pain Finding new heights of excitement and doing old things you like to do again. even when the rain comes and goes, I can always dance to the memory of us
drip drip drip drip...

Atrisia Jan 22

I don't hate kissing you.
Wait let me start over again.
I love feeling your lips on mine
Like chocolate melting in my mouth
I can almost taste the weight of my worries turn to dust
And I don't know how to live without them.
They wake me up in the morning.

It's not right you know
To have someone else quiet your mind
Draw your attention to a singular moment
How do you do it though?
Will yourself a door in my wall.
Walk right into my space.
And tell me what do to.

It feels a lot like hypnosis.
Like I know the answer but I don't know how
Like I have these feelings but I didn't till for this emotion
Like you know this heart of mine a little too well
It's kind of creepy how bad I want to respond.
I need a second opinion.
I need to have one up you.
To be sure I have control.

You quiet my mind then leave me with questions
  Dec 2016 Atrisia
Erin Marie

Falling for you
wasn't gradual.
It was like skipping the
last step in the dark.
There was a moment of panic,
and then you smiled
at me and I knew,
it was too late.

-- Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

Atrisia Dec 2016

It's hard to believe eating an apple got us here sometimes

That the blame game was in that which Eve ate.
That the tasting with ones mouth has a direct link to seeing how naked one can be...

Until your lips fall on another's...

'Cause I blame you for the way I feel, dear.
I've never felt this emotionally bare..
Now I need you to cloth me with love..


Why apples are great for practicing kissing
Atrisia Nov 2016

The last time I gave you my heart.
You broke it but I fixed it in the next second.
I didn’t weep, nor use my eyes to blame you.
I didn’t waste time in doubting myself or hating you.
I dont know how to do these things anymore.
I’ve been here to many times to let this be how my day goes.

The first time I gave you my heart.
it was shone like moon. You were its sun.
It was calm, peaceful, full, never crescent.
Next to it, the rest of me sparkled like the night sky.
I didn’t know the end from the beginning.
I had been a fool to think I had lived before.

My heart is like a radio now.
Picking on heart frequencies.
and I will only tune in if the signal is stable enough to listen.
I can only continue to listen if the signal is about love.
I can only love the things that are loveworthy.
but if the melody changes
I will leave, having experienced love.
knowing it exists is enough for me.

Some relationships are agree to disagree: on this lets go our separate ways.
Others are build on mutual respect and trust: I'll do this for you and will love it even though I hate it.
Others are partnerships: today we do my thing tomorrow your thing..but you owe me 6 days worth of things.
We dont always understand how we come to love the way we love.  but we know love like we know heaven. It is something good.
Atrisia Oct 2016

Modesty is for things you already have, not things you hope to get.

Be more open to hoping, confidently present yourself to opportunity.

Don't let modesty veil you from the sun, make you a shadow, make you invisible.

Atrisia Sep 2016

Wake me up, 

When the sun turns gray. I'm aware I'm dreaming For I walk through this realm without feeling its rays' resolve. 
When I hope the clouds would fly low and offer me a ride to another day.
When I've got time on my hands matching the things I have to do today,  but can't get the will to act until tomorrow.
When I need the world to pause for a minute,  and it feels like i'm falling behind. Running as if I were on a trendmill speaking but in a vacuum,  doing but having no effect

Wake me up to a perspective that sees it all, that know effort can't be measured at force value,  growth seizes to be about how tall you can get,  a perspective where life  sometimes goes in circle because you are trying to go too far yet home is living next door to you. 


When life is feeling empty and poetry saves you
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