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NTR Jan 2018
deep below the crashing waves
that crush the apostles into cliffsides
and way past underwater caves
inhabited by mysterious sealife
somewhere below there are fools' graves
drowned by invisible riptides
And the ocean consumes their remains
indifferent to their demise

and though the living die
the killers still make their living
Even stealing tears from their eyes
the cold depths have no misgivings
And without a chance to say goodbye
The heart of the sea is unforgiving
inspired by
and also my friend who is deathly afraid of water
NTR Jan 2018
flies circlin as i'm breathing in smog
gravel in my throat making me choke
with a voice that sounds like a bullfrog
I tried calling for help but just croaked.

If all my lies were miles my tongue could pave tiles on a path all the way from  home to heaven or hell
I must have come off course where the road forks, no time for remorse, oh well.
Call me silvertongued i could make monks buy trunks full of ladders with no rungs, but i've got nothing left to sell.

and the devil could do just as well

it doesn't matter now,
however much i wish and pray,
or vow that I'd go a different way,
I keep inching forward every day but I think I've gone astray.

And I long for a place to stay,
somewhere i belong,
I hope to find it someday.
But it's not today.
let me just sit down for a bit.
NTR Dec 2017
I'm far from fine, feeling fanatic
unloading my emotions
action automatic
slide slow and smooth
stay silent and static
just going through the motions
though inside, I'm frantic
a short practice in alliteration
NTR Nov 2017
feverish scrawling writing in tongues
speaking in fingers
eyes blind to the outside world
mind's sight fixed on a familiar girl

who are you
you already know my name
I'm confused
you only have yourself to blame
leave me alone
I know you'll be easily tamed
please stop this
I'll teach you to love this game

I wake to the pain of pencil splinters
and a poem ended with bloodied fingers.
washing my handsin the sink
I need a moment to think
I need a breather
drown myself in water
muddled, all my thoughts are.

eyes open to the outside world
I check my reflection
eyesight catches a familiar girl
are you ready your lesson
deepest lore
ntr will return for the sequel
Thanks for the daily
NTR Nov 2017
We had always been friends since childhood
and we stayed just as close in highschool
then one day that girl said that she loved me
I guess at that time I felt happy

We still teased each other like before
we started to argue a lot more
and she'd say I should be more manly
I guess at that time I felt angry

I realized too late things might soon end
"maybe we should've just stayed as friends"
she asked me, confirming my worst fear
I guess at that time I shed tears

My other friends came to hear the news
and then offered their own points of view
told me not to let it bother me
I suppose that they felt sympathy

but at that time I just felt empty

Don't look at me with those empty eyes
Don't think of me with your empty mind
Don't flatter me with those empty words
Please don't make feeling empty hurt
I wrote the last stanza first, and tried to fit everything else around it, but idk if it worked out too great.
NTR Oct 2017
The winter this year will be the coldest one by far
I can see it in the coldness of my heart
Got bills to pay but my car wouldn't start
Had to heat my house with gas siphoned from my neighbours car

The winter this year will be the coldest one by far
I can feel its cold in my bones
the way they creak like old folks' homes
some days it feels like I'm trying to move through coal tar

The winter this year will be the coldest one by far
I can see the cold in my old friends' gazes
Whispers behind my back, the usual phrases
"Still playing guitar?"
"Still want to be a star?"
"Doubt you'll ever go far."

The winter this year will be the coldest one by far
I feel the cold coming out of my veins
my nerves so frozen I can't feel the pain
I only numbly hope that it doesn't leave a scar

The winter this year was the coldest by far
I was starting to think it might be my last
But somehow before i knew it winter had passed
Looking back I wonder if it was really so hard
Winter ended in August. Wrote a SAD poem for it.
Whater is cold?
NTR Oct 2017
It seemed like our eyes only met by chance
but when you smiled and asked me to dance
I've never believed in love at first glance
but something about you had me entranced
and we moved all night to the beating of my heart
and I guess that's where I felt the first spark

I suppose I was blinded by her dancing's wildness
so i asked if she'd like to go somewhere more private
but I was surprised by her sudden shyness
eventually she slowly, coyly nodded in silence
something inside my snapped at that sight
and soon we were kissing by flickering candlelight

I don't remember when we took off our clothes
but the sight of her body was beyond description in prose
I was so enraptured that for a moment I froze
then she drew me close, a faint smell of rose
finally overcome by our desires,
we were making love like wildfire.

but there was no happy end
nothing so romantic
There was no fight
nothing so dramatic
simply returned to friends
something so diplomatic
for that night filled with magic
perhaps it feels anticlimactic
but left with our burnt out passion
all that remained of love were ashes
written to the prompt of "fire"
I imagine this is what it's like to use Tinder.
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