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ˏˋDalPalˊˎ Sep 2014
he's bringing ****
back to my ipod and hips
agodamn that boy
I might have just been listening to Justin Timberlake while writing and then-
JT  Sep 2019
JT Sep 2019
You can’t compare yourself
With the unbroken girls
Surrounding you
You already shattered
A new form
Of beautiful

a somewhat older poem
DP Younginger Nov 2014
Inside, I’m a house-cat with claws like Hugh Jackman- he’s been waiting on hold for an hour and a half.

I’m a Ghost-type Pokemon wearing a powder blue LT jersey from a time when JT was all glamour shots.

Today I’ll smoke a bowl next to my open window and then spend the entire night hoping my parents stay brainwashed by the Smart TV.

How come all the advertisements on the side of each website I view are related to me in some way or form?

Sometimes I have dreams about shadow monsters hanging out with my Cookie Monster doll.

When I sob my father’s name, it responds by tickling my toes at the end of the bed and twisting my ******* when I fall back to sleep.

My ears are like Batman’s pet bat, except in this world my eyes accumulate wax.

I’m a house-cat hopped up on cat-nip and I can’t sleep so let me be.
JT  Sep 2019
what if
JT Sep 2019
What if
You have been fighting
A losing battle
All along
What if
The silence
Within you
Is only
The calm
Before the strom
It is going to be a fight
You just cannot

my biggest fear.
Joey T  Nov 2012
Eb and flow
Joey T Nov 2012
I try to put the words together
make em eb an flow...
the waves were crashing all around
and began to rock the boat..
it crashed and left him stranded
and enveloped in the swoll..
hes fighting for the surface but he's
being pulled below...
deep down in to the recess of his
dark an dreary mind...
hes surrounded by the thoughts
and feelings of every single kind...
now unsure to where to go from
here its all become to much...
whats real or fake or in between he's
got no reality to clutch...
but now hes scratched the surface
and the disk begins to skip...
hes starting to let go a little push and
then he slips...
he finds himself together
he's perfectly in tact...
now hes got the power harnessed
no way he can look back...
His goal becomes destruction
he begins to look around...
He sees the lies that torture him,
his target he has found....
the source of all this pain and hurt
your deceptions were so good...
How you always faked the smile
he's never understood....
In his mind he begins erasing never saving
what was bad...
Now anything he didn’t want its if he's
never seen or had...
The good did come but came and
went just lost along the way...
Now he sat up and smiled
for he had come upon today....
Just up on the horizon the sun had begun to rise...
the light began to take him
he tightly closed his eyes...
He awoke to find himself alone
just lying on the shore...
He breathed in deep to his relief
he had been there before...
This beach he had imagined every night
he lay in bed....
This place was his escape from all thoughts
inside his head...
The water washed up on his feet
it began to come and go...
The waves they crashed just like the words
that so did eb and flow
Rachel Mary  Jun 2013
jt xxx
Rachel Mary Jun 2013
i was going to write a poem about you
but i decided
you're not worth it
JT  Sep 2019
JT Sep 2019
I wore black
Event hough
I am still breathing
I am no longer

ck  Oct 2014
ck Oct 2014
You were my first.
You were my longest, real thing.
I don't know why I didn't open myself up to you more.
I remember when you told me you "weren't looking for anything".
But, that you still enjoyed my company and cared about me more than most people.
This happened when you lost your job.
You were outside, exchanging words with some sort of boss.
I looked out at this through your window, shivering, naked.
I knew it wasn't good.
I got up, put my clothes on, and walked to my car.
You immediately saw me and followed.
I got in, you got in.
You asked me to come back inside, that it was cold and we could lay in bed and forget whatever was happening.
I didn't go back inside.
I went to see someone else, someone I shouldn't have.
I told you I was going home.
I lied.
I wish I would have stayed with you.
Maybe things would be different now.
Maybe things wouldn't be different now.
It was a hard time for you.
The anniversary of your mother's suicide, the loss of your job.
You were in no shape for me, I know.
And I didn't even know I loved you until it all ended.
This is hard.
LD Goodwin May 2013
Just mahogany and horsehide glue,
machine heads and a ***** or two.
Plywood top, solid sides and back,
bone and fake ivory, ebony, and shellac.

Steel and bronze wire, to make her ring.
A well placed sound hole to let her sing.
But for love or money I played here every week,
for 30 years she has earned my keep.

Four star restaurants, or beer soaked bars,
or serenading a lover under summer night stars.
A joyous birthday, sad funeral of a friend,
she's always been there, on one I can depend.

Drunken'- Dancin' New Years Eve bashes,
barbequed sun baked poolside splashes.
St. Valentine's Day love songs, wine and roses,
or a smoky old blues club that never closes.

A nursing home sing along on St. Patty's day,
a hurricane party till we all got blown away.
Christmas carols by soft candlelight,
I've played this guitar most every night.

From Florida to Canada, Vegas to NYC,
from Frank Sinatra, to Conway Twitty.
Zeppelin to Bach, JT to Pink Floyd,
anything to keep me from being employed.

One night in Nashville Greg Allman played on her,
And asked me to join him, oh what an honor.
We make people happy, we bring them together,
when I play on her I am as light as a feather.

Some fell in love, and got married from our tunes,
some nights we're alone on sugar beach dunes.
She's filled up my tip jar, and filled up my heart.
Because of this guitar my life got its start.

I've sat up with her all night, when she was sick,
changed strings a million times, broken many a pick.
Caressed her, strummed her, as she dashed my fears,
cussed her and ****** her, as she tasted my tears.

With her I wooed my lover, until she married me.
She has been my addiction, and she has set me free.
They applaud for me, but she's really the star.
I know it's just wood and wire, but she's my guitar.
###====(==O==== )###====(==O==== ) ###====(==O==== )

*For my Takamine "Lawsuit" I bought in Nashville in 1982.
Harrogate, TN  May 2013
JT  Sep 2019
frozen insides
JT Sep 2019
What do I do
When my breaths
Form clouds
In winter air
No longer
Of my frozen insides
Of ice
Frozen blood
Unable to run
Turning blue
Sticking to my eyelashes
Frigid eyes
Burning cold
Stain my
Snow white
On blue lips

Ottar  Dec 2013
Emptied Out
Ottar Dec 2013
Life going up flights of stairs too many missed steps,
                     too many cares,
Life going down the same repetitive staircase, when
you get to
                the top or bottom,
                                              toe tapping,
                                                        ­        what stares
                                                          ­                        you in the face?
Go ahead tell it to the mountain of concrete,
Go ahead break out the map and compass,
                                     don't get pompous,
                                                        ­            find a way through the concrete jungle,
                                                         ­        hey you might find the treasure or bungle,
your way,
the way,
              you did it, better than expected, sing a duet with Frank, while the rest
                                                            ­                                 tank the results,
of shame,
no game,
cold hands
                  of stone
                              touching the frigid corpse
                                                          ­            of a loved one,
                                                            ­                              time to say good-bye  
oh why
             do we
                       miss the
                                    ones that
                                                   fill us
                                                            wi­th regret
                                                          ­                   of more shame,

WHY can't the stairway to heaven be found
  all there is to walk on, is down and down,

wanting to climb out of the basement for a change,
wanting to climb onto a roof top and sing a refrain,
with JT,
needing to sing a Hallelujah, from the gut
                      still it never gets beyond but...

dancing is out,
singing is a bust,
leave enough ink to write with
words covered in rust,
that flakes and falls
like snow gone old,
so no story gets told.

Another day on the gravy train, the office is closed for Another Day,
                                                                ­               in a bad way, so,
"So won't you stay, a little bit longer"
she turns to walk away,
"please please say that you will"
the shape and shadow grows smaller
as the pit in my stomach grows more hollow,
                                                         ­                emptied out.

That moment, lasted only a moment,
                                                         now emptied out.

In quotes, "Up on the Roof" - James Taylor
JT  Apr 2016
I Hate Myself
JT Apr 2016
I hate myself
But Im gonna try to keep living
I just wanna know why I cant use the brain that I've been given
Every time I wanna study I need ******* adderall
Maybe its cuz I don’t have a ****** brain at all
I cant stand this awful ****** up life that I've been living
For god sakes put down the ****** cell phone for two minutes
I want success so bad that I can ******* taste it
But instead of reading books
All I do is copy and paste it
And scribble these words on a page while I’m wasting my time
**** I can’t even be motivated by a dollar sign
When did the rise come? before the fall?
Cuz right now I feel like I cant get up at all
I literally don’t know if I can feel anything at all
And I wanna scream all the way down the ****** hall
But nobody can hear me so I’ll probably tweet this gay ****
Then go into the bathroom and beat my gay ****
Honestly I think its all I’m good for at this moment
I made my girl sick of me and not cuz my ***** is potent
But literally because I ******* think with my ****
I might be sick and now I’m just sick of being a *****
I thought I was a true man and now I’m unsure
If this is true love then I don't want it anymore
I thought i was someone else I thought I was real
But I danced with the devil and he made me a deal
An offer I couldn’t refuse, that made I wound I’ll never heal
He said I’ll turn off your mind so you don’t have to use it
Now you go out and use your slick words and make up excuses
Start using your **** and smoke **** til you abuse it
Start turning off the light in your mind until you lose it
Then hate your ******* self and wonder why you have these bruises
Wonder why your friends hate you and your dreams were shorted
I made myself sick that’s why I look this way
And I’ll still be sick until the day I change my ways
But I’m too ******* dumb now to fix my past
“Hey JT lets go drink ***** and chase some ***”
“Okay sounds good, because **** a commitment”
are you serious dude your ******* worse than an infant!
You really don’t deserve anything at all
You’re a coward and I really hope you always fall
Hope you always fail because of what you did
you were a mistake and don't ******* forget it kid
Your parents didn’t want you so they left without a thought of you
And now you have some parents that really ******* love you
But you must have a ******* guardian angel above you
You must have done something right cuz no one has hung you
Honestly cut off the bad fruit from the tree
**** the lies ive told and replace them with honesty
Honestly, I do not want this life anymore
I gave up the girl I loved for some dumb ******* *****
How dumb are you to have to be to be doing any of this
You should slit your wrists drink a 5th and jump off a bridge
That’s why now my fam hates me and I have no friends
And I’ll read this to myself any time I get too high
Just to remind myself of all the **** I let pass by
And how I’ll never know any real truth or love
I just wanna curse out all the skies above
And if I’m reading this to you don’t feel bad for me please
I’m the one who put himself down on his own two knees
And crawled *** backwards into my own nightmares
I thought it was all a dream now I cry real tears
And honestly I’m done **** it I don’t care
I just wish I could fix the things I know I can’t repair
Who is that? The one with the ugly *** face
Oh that’s jt he used to ******* run this place
Til he sold his ******* soul and he lost his mind
Now he’s a puddle of nothing and he must be blind
He cannot see what he’s done and he does not care
I look hard but I don’t see myself anywhere

— The End —