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They left their planet
in droves did they flee
for they had left, her
their planet on her knees

To the last star ship
the glory of the fleet
her glorious name
was CYA 290412

She was a light ship
a creature that folded space
blessed was her body
she was a warship of grace

She and her captain loyal
through time would toil
to bring those they cared for
to a world worth while

So here they landed
this sweet blue world
and the children so foolish
another world they did soil

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
© 2012 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
jennifer ann Jan 2015
Cassie walked down the stairs and imediently ran into pyper "oh dang" she spoke nervously. almost bumping into her. "how are you doing this evening pyper?" she tried to keep her cool. "i'm good." pyper replied. "i went into your room and found your ipod." pyper handed cassie over the pink ipod. "you did?" cassie smiled. "well that was really sweet of you to go out of your way like that." cassie grinned. "what a kind person you are." she added. "yeah, i guess." pyper nodded and sighed. "got any plans for the night?" cassie asked in a friendly tone. "well i was going to go out walking for awhile." pyper sighed. "i'll be back in about a half an hour."
"perfect!" cassie grinned.
"what?" pyper asked in confusion and agravation.
"i'm just saying your perfect, i wish i looked like you. you're like an american dream." cassie lied.
"um, ok? cya around cassie." pyper sulked down the hallway. she looked very tired and sad and her hands were shaking. and she had her hands in the pocket of her leather jacket like she had been cold. "cya around pyper." cassie patted pyper on the back and smiled."
"don't touch me!" pyper snapped.
"alright." cassie backed away cautiously with her hands up.
JulYa04  Aug 2018
Para Sayo
JulYa04 Aug 2018
Mahirap hanapin ang bagay na wala
Lalo na kung ito ay isa lamang bula
Bula na kung saan masaya sa una tignan
Pag iyong hnawakan maglalaho nlng sa kawalan

Para ding tao na dumaan sa buhay mo
Pilit kang pinatawa, pilit kang pinasaya
Nang buo na ang loob mo para mahalin cya
Saka naman unti unti syang nawala

Tanong mo sa sarili
San ka ngkamali
Di ba cya masaya na ngaun mahal mo na cya
Bakit cya lumayo ng panahon na gusto mo na
Para kang pinahawak sa tali at bigla nalng nya binitawan
Fog  Mar 2019
Aight cya
Fog Mar 2019
no socks,all bets are off
Faron Hymn Yang Apr 2020
ink is the same color
as a certain canvas

when you look hard enough
you can almost see
the stars sprinkled in there
Matthew Harlovic  Jun 2018
Matthew Harlovic Jun 2018
I’m sorry Dad, I probably won’t be around next year.
Once I graduate I think I’m gonna be out of here.
I only say I think because I’m never really sure
where I’m going and whether I’ll endure.

© Matthew Harlovic
jennifer ann Jan 2015
"what are you drawing?" Cassie asked curiously as she leaned over to try and look at Emilys notebook. emily quickly picked the notebook up and held it to her cheast. "it's private, sorry."  
"oh thats okay i understand." Cassie nodded.
"can i ask you a question emily?" Cassie questioned, a sad look in her eyes.
"yeah, sure." Emily replied nervously.
"you... don't think i'm 'weird' or 'annoying' or anything do you?" Cassie looked Emily in the eyes filling her with chills.
"oh of course not." Emily nervously lied.
"thats great." cassie grinned from ear to ear. "because i'd hate to think that, i know that my personality can be a bit much sometimes but thats just me, i'm just kinda OUT THERE." Cassie explained, her eyes wide and her hands up in the air.
"yes, you are." Emily replied, gulping.
"well, i'm going to breakfast. cya." Casssie skipped away cheerfully.
Emily took a deep breath and sighed, looking down at the picture in her notepad. it had been a picture of Cassie talking and Emily tying a noose to hang herself with.
OnwardFlame  Apr 2016
Safe Space
OnwardFlame Apr 2016
Reckon this is just kinda how it's gonna roll, roll down the rainy Windows outside the worm hole cafe

Every weekend gonna be big
It was so much easier to just
Hold the camera in my hands
Just my 3 sisters and me
But it's about scope
I urge and persuade
I nod and calm my nerves
To Animal Collective
Sitting in a blue lounge chair

Probably just need to get ****** pretty soon.

But I feel so, feel so

Backless dress, so inviting
We hum across ocean waves
What makes me special?
Does anything I do actually matter?
I turn my music up louder.

Nod. Nod. Remember remember.
I don't know
I don't know
Early 20s.
Modern day flapper
Movie maker.

I went from dedicating poetic words
To him
Nope scoot over
Door shut so unexpectantly
Nope. He's gone too.
Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.

I give away charms and gems
Like the facade of espresso I drank
It tasted so bad
But I bought a beautiful necklace
A treat a treat a treat.

Let's go.
In time.
My prince will come
I'm Cinderella at the ****** ball
But my shoes
I never lose any of them.
Akemi Aug 2019
we make ourselves intricate
to pull the other
but the closer we come
the more we unravel apart?

******* god acid *****
Max Apr 2020
I was just wondering how's everbody doing? The introverts, the extroverts and people not included.

Hope y'all doing well and doing some fun things.

Keep yourself happy, loved and creative.

Cya lads.
Just looking out for some amazing people!

— The End —