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Steve Page Dec 2018
Sitting in darkness
Waiting for the light to come

The prosecco waits
Lying still, cold and alone

A gentle humming
The blue cheese fragrance escapes

The door opens wide
The light shines in the darkness


The turkey won't keep
Between Christmas and New Year
Thank you to
for the inspiration.
LolaPark Aug 2018
I want to be cool...
at least, cooler than your demeaning gaze as I walked past you.
And as I sat by the river,
I penned down all the other reasons I want
to be cooler than you.

Cooler than your cold eyes
cooler than your cruel smile
cooler than your calculating mind
cooler than the chill you send
down my spine.
Cooler than your caved eyes
cooler than your crooked smile
cooler than your cautious mind
cooler than the cold water you pour
down my back.
cool cold calm and collected I'm not.
Ian Mackenzie Aug 2018
Today, the heat has faded away
And as I lie here the cool air of this July night plays across the bed

As it moves through the darkness I hear the sound of music in the air
And slowly the gods of might draw in

Taking me to that place where I shall dream
Dream of innocence gone, of a remembered touch
July 2018
Ajit Saigal Jun 2018
I want to hold my head up high
I want to fly till I touch the sky
I want to make my angel smile.

Days will be hard and nights cooler
Life won’t draw your card any more
The storm outside would rage on & on
Yet your music would raise me strong.

The wounds keep bleeding
The tears keep falling
I may not matter any longer
But I promise to not let them monger.

Nothing can glimmer your dazzling light
Believe me, you can scale pristine heights
You are the brightest star ever
Just let it shine sharp and clear.

Keep smiling
Remain happy
Brighten up my Angel of Joy
You will always be my Phantom of Delight.
This was written for my little daughter whom I hadn't met for 6 long years.
My last memory of her flashed & paused,
at me kissing her tiny forehead,
she was just 1 month old then, sleeping peacefully on her mom's lap,
cuddled within caring silken arms.
Stephen E Yocum Jul 2018
He was my first idol,
Being too young to
pronounce Brother,
I called him “Baba “
Then later “Bobby”
Neither his name
of course.

Tried to follow
him everywhere,
his nuisance shadow,
pain in the neck.
He seemed everything
I wanted to be,
First taller, bigger,
Later smarter, cooler
swab and debonair.

Grown he seemed a
reluctant father,
yet became a stellar,
tender loving parent,
a teacher, life scholar,
A tinkerer of things,
A deep thinker.
A mentor to others,
******* always for
Answers and knowledge.
For a time, between us
some distance did follow.

The older we’ve grown,
that sibling playing field
has finally leveled.
The closer we grow,
The deeper our mutual
Respect and love shown.

Blood is always
Thicker than water.
Cherishing forever
"Phillip Colby Yocum",
my forever big brother.
With Love for him,
At year of birth #76
July 31 2018
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