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annh Feb 2019
Spooling shallows,
In which spring reflected,
Soothes the jagged edges,
Of today's unwelcome certainties.
Seasonally out of sync, I know. This wee poem was written in the spring of 2017. I remember the day well as I lost thousands of photos in a glitch-filled download. Went for a walk. My default approach to life's problems.
Traveler  Nov 2019
Traveler Nov 2019
I don't always mean
These words I say
Nor these things I recklessly do
In the pitch dark of night
I suddenly awake
And frantically reach for you
Somehow you're still here
Then I realize my greatest fear
To be alone in this broken world
A single man without a girl
So I must admit
I need your love
Even though
I abhorred the crutch
Nothing is as it's suppose to be
Thank  god
For cursing me!
ok okay Dec 2018
If I **** myself
Does it make me a bad person?
Or does it make me a good person for realizing how bad the world is
just a thought, maybe i could help making the world better, but i don't believe in fairy tales.

I need an answer
Thinking to himself, he wondered, why it mattered so much? He is a loose cannon on his way to his destination, You see we are mortals to this world just as everyone else.

He always considered himself as an intellectual individual. Yet he simply couldn't put his finger on the point of addiction to intimacy, no night seems complete in lonesomeness.

Some say he is comfortable, others feel as if anywhere he is he doesn't fit in, a person lost in time. Trying so desperately to get ro that point.

The point where he can just forget that there isn't a signifant time or place to be, and at that second he deceived himself into understanding the fact that he is where he needs to be, in a loss.
Outside point of view
annh  Jan 2019
I Am That: So Hum
annh Jan 2019

Do you hear that sound?
The strains of distant music
Do you recognise the tune?
The way you used to sway to its rhythm
Do you know the words?
It’s an old favourite

And remember
‘So Hum’ - a yogic mantra which translates from the Sanskrit as ‘I am that’ and is used in contemplation meditation.
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