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The Unwritten Father

Easy and passive, like rolling hills of green.
Sprouting favorable wine over the course of time.
Plain as snow, as a beam of light filtered through a window pane.
Silence lazily shadows in a strange delight.
Kindness untouched, feelings unearthed.
Laughter escapes the pitter patter of the lost and found.

The brush of innocence and words of joy;
The eyes to the window, the depths of its trust.
The curious nature and all it’s fuss.

To have love and to have loved, It crushes and expands.
As fate would have, like faith, it demands.
I miss the days of her long blonde hair,
The pouty lips and that angry stare.
The nights and days and her bouncing carefree steps.

There is no love that will ever compare
To that of a child whose love was so rare.
I’ll mis her all my days and she will never know
How this unwritten father loves her so.
Intelligence deludes you from that thing called heart,
That which you drank down years, it fell apart.
No one worthy to show you the way,
Half of you surface, only to see a cloudy day.
Time bent and broken though laughs provide,
Money well spent and Education supplies.
Ineffective in a cycle that spins,
In a world that screams more
How it shaped your inner core.
Iron circles crumble and shatter like stained glass,
A myriad of memories  shaken,  gone so fast.
So many goals and roads to take,
What a betrayal of the simplicity you forsake.
What a contrast and battle of two extremes,
Light never changes but still…It waits.
The Old Brings New

Some make it most don’t to be sweeter and refined
To walk slowly not because of age but with enjoyment of time.
To sit on a bench or to stare out endlessly
Taking in moments with glee as the sun shines brilliantly.
The time for haste has come and gone
The spirit moves on and on
The laughter of children become like music
And the crowds become more like human
Materialism has faded from bright to dead last
Art and talk blend like coffee in leathery hands
Peace at last my soul does sing
In A Time Of Old, All will ring…..
*  By E.P'erez 2014
People of depth have so much to share
They simply glide in mid-air.
Words and beauty like warm smiles peek,
When one is without a clue or in depths of a shallow creek.
It’s a tongue held firmly in place
When there is no grace
A loving stare with room to spare
A forgiving heart in times of need
A charity pulling on the heartstrings in we.
Stories yet unfold
Of people yet untold
A learning process proceeds
Like those who fly on Golden Wings.
The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Left crumbs in my bed,
Clothes on the floor and taken me for a lot more.
It’s a movement of a different eye,
A different shape
A different style,
Place and time.
The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Left dishes in the sink
A bald tire here and there.
Bills on the table and no food to spare.

The sweetest smile I"ve ever seen;
Shook its judgmental head and left me squarely dead.
Running off in tow.
Screaming words obscene, Then laughing in-between!

The sweetest smile I"ve ever seen;
Wraps around upside down, then pulls me through.
Each year comes anew.

The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Comes in red, green, orange and even yellow too.
Some bright and others blue.
Different laughs that echo and others that heckle.

The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Snored so loudly!
On the floor! I could take no more!

The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Hogged the bed – slurred, read and purred in my head.

The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Never drove, not one inch! – so the distance I would go.
Just to hear its passionate sigh, steamy desire and gaze into its bedroom eyes.

The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Has depth and vibe. It has a way to survive.
With all its doubts, screams and shouts.
It sometimes hides before it completely backs out.

The sweetest smile I've ever seen;
Will always be, a treasure from those who just can not be.
Will there be a smile just for me?
I’ll just have to wait and see…

Copyright E Perez 2013
Oh passion how it loses its luster with eyes of old and hands of taint never to woo the love of past’s mistakes.
Oh how the well is dry between fiery eyes that once lit up the skies;
In the days I called you mine.
Yet, it still steams endlessly with youthful grip and fists clenched with heart.
Some let it flow like sand, never taking part….
In the right hands passion burns like no other sun!
The old becomes new under the watchful churn of breaking sweat..
Sweet as sin, those dark shadows give in and passion sweeps laying to rest the heart beneath your dying chest.
Copyright Eperez 2013
What will I endure today or laugh away.
What things will I see that will come my way.
What sights or sounds or new music will be found.
What smiles and photos or rants will there be jotted down.
What games to play or drinks to pass.
What new lips to taste, to dine so fast.
What charms, what words, what rhymes to spout and shout!

What friend or foe or spirit will I plunder;
Finding a heart that beats asunder.
What a life this is! What colors and culture and people I find.
Such a joy I tell you what can be found.
Copyright E. Perez 2013
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