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Jan 2015
Her ageless beauty often greets me along with the time.
I cannot rhyme a song on her beauty,
For it's just a fine line that enhances beauty.
Beauty knows no bound to bounce,
For its just her beauty so profound.

Her beauty did not fade with the time.
It's the wingless beauty that ever chime.
Her beauty swims to depth of ocean,
Her knowledge is deep as good as vast ocean.
Her humility ever shines like golden rays of sun
Her countless hair so shining bounces with the time.
Her ageless beauty often greets me along with the time.

Her melodious voice so captivating ever
That soothes ones heart and soul
And light a lamp on ones heart so bright.

Her glowing face dwells in ones heart so lovingly
Each lines on her face tells stories of untold time.

Her tears speaks in silence of love and pain
But she spells words of only love and peace
Her eyes are deep as good as ocean blue
Even if one sink on it cannot unfold her mysteries untold.

Her Beauty is merged with the past, present and future.
Well, Its all how I look upon her age and time.
Every age has its beauty defined.
Ageless beauty remains glowing ever, along with the time.

She is a lady of mysterious character.
With a friendly smile she wins the heart of others.

Beauty of soul is ageless and priceless.
It remains the same right from birth till death.
Beauty of soul is forever young and greener.
In fact beauty of soul is priceless ever.
Her ageless beauty often greets me well with the time.

Geetha Jayakumar

Β© 2014.
Written by
Geetha Jayakumar  Mumbai
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