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axr  Oct 2014
axr Oct 2014
'I am happy.'
'It's her bipolar.'
'I am sad.'
'It's her bipolar.'
'I am scared and confused.'
'It's her bipolar.'
Why..just why
Shang  Apr 2015
vertigo [20w]
Shang Apr 2015
If the thought ever did
cross your mind
that nobody cares
about you-
then baby,
you can
call me
© Shang
For every shade
     of green you see
For every wave
       you catch in the sea

*I hope you remember me.
Brittany Wynn Mar 2015
You fell asleep before I even got my bra off
Giving me a B for half-assed, dreaded, and deadened effort
Elioinai  Oct 2014
Feeling 20w
Elioinai Oct 2014
When I'm not writing,
I have the terrible feeling,
That I do not have feeling,
And can no longer write
poetry is my joy
Amy Leigh  Sep 2014
Skin (20w)
Amy Leigh Sep 2014
Little cracks like weeping windows
we grow opaque
and under the pale blue moon
you seep into my soul

© A. Leigh
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
To be what they want
Is to win a battle
To be who you are
Is to win a war
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
I've always liked gingers
But I've never met a ginger I liked until you.
Your flaming hair echoes my desire.
Jeffrey Pua Feb 2015
Those hands,
Cleaned with our clothes,
Washed with the rice,
Rough like these days
Are feet that kept me going.*

© 2015 J.S.P.
Love  Nov 2014
Liking (20w)
Love Nov 2014
I say I've moved on
And yet I find myself still liking
Every new status
Every new picture.
How pathetic.
I really need to move on but I can't when she took my heart and ran away.
Just Melz  Aug 2016
Fall (20W)
Just Melz Aug 2016
If the person you love
Is truly
Holding you up
Then there's no way
You could fall
For someone else

— The End —