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Amy Leigh Jun 7
Billowing with green
The brook cuts the landscape in half
I  too,  am  divided

© A. Leigh
Amy Leigh May 27
I  loved  you  like  spring
blooming   and    full    of    flowers
sunshine   on   days  with   warmth
under  trees, cool  like  the evening
breeze, or rain sometimes for days
as  if  we  should  just   stay   inside
and cry

© A. Leigh
Amy Leigh May 6
What are the good of words?
We  write  about  love  about
life about lust about  longing
  — yet you:

He is
the essence of a sunny day
I am speachless

© A. Leigh
Amy Leigh Apr 6
.        into love
sprung      and      newly    colored
like  young   birds — surprise  fall
once  and  all  in  or  none  leaving
here  now  we  go  down to  go  up
        head first
breaking barriers escape into new
territory  and  oh!  these   heights !
        just let go
as  if  they  told  us  how  to   forget
it's you — jump soar, fly! I'm ready
now   everything   always  and   all
         at once

© A. Leigh
Amy Leigh Mar 31
fast, feet first
walk    in    slow
I wade water waiting
He  is  the  rocks   beneath
He  is  the   ice   cold   current
Swift,  I   am   swept  into   danger
Quickly,  I lash out  thrashing splashing
I gasp for air, respire; to keep inhaling - gulp!
it fills my lungs, gently, as if serene I begin to die.

© A. Leigh
Amy Leigh Jan 7
How easy to
give   ourselves    over    in   skin   and
sentimental   patterns   yet    thoughts
traced   in   darkness   dishonest   and
daunting as if our bodies could really
tell lies

© A. Leigh
Amy Leigh Dec 2018
Cold red roses like
when the tips  turn  black and
the edges start  to  wither. His
fury — words   of   ice.   These
shattered  illusions  of   subtle
situations  gone  astray.  He  is
the  read  betweens.  He­ is the
metaphor that lingers.  It  cuts
deep and this time there is no
going back.

© A. Leigh
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