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Dance like a bee.
Read in the library.
Drink tea.
Sleep under a tree.
Be a fairy.
Watch the sea.
Marry Mary.
And do whatever makes you merry.

*But please don't tell Cherry.
Darling, thank you.
Your love had made me
But please forgive me
for sanity had never been
is just a passing summer day,
but was never meant to stay.
When you find the one,
          all the hours, days
          and years before
          cease to exist.
It's a birth
          of a new star
          with your names
          written in it.
Hope turns to desperation.
    You waste your pennies and wishes
    on a well gone dry.
Funny how we both
    don't believe in forever
but here you are
    lying with  me
    on my death bed.
After 50 years,
    we're still together

*and maybe even after death.
You loved me when
   I was loved by everyone else

but when I was lonely,

*you only made me lonelier.
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