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I kissed the spiraling sunlight when it traced my teared cheek. I felt the glow, way down below, graze upon my feet. I lifted lips and limbs until I reached the sorrowed sun. It whispered flames, and fumes to say, "it's only just begun.."
Staring at the ceiling
Feeling like nothing
Sticky stars that don't glow
The chipped polish on my toes
I don't know

Leaning barey breathing
Feaning to feel something
cool breeze from the window
The way my guitar echos
I don't know

Grieving never sleeping
Trying to stop sighing
But this heat is overwhelming
Where do I go can you tell me
You don't know
Speak again in your angel voice. I know whats coming next. How could I forget?
Soft eyes, and smile.. warmth. We are entangled , veins just doesn't move without the other anymore.. it was like that for so long, even before.. I saw a darkness in you, you can't escape it, it pulls you into its deapths..but my love is stronger than my fear, and that is what has always been keeping me here. Where I am is where you are , its crippling when keptĀ apart... why has it come to this? To know such love and such pain.. I know you are insane. Lifes trickery pulled us together like magnets , giving us all we ever wanted with a price. A fatal price. On one corner Love and a purity and in the other corner anger and pain.. let's not fight it out, let neither of them win. Even if we have to dance in a masochistictic harmony until the end.
Is this pain worth it? Am I worth anything?
Who's to say? Who's to judge?
I love. Thats it. The only thing I'll ever really be good at.
How can I describe, the pain I feel inside. The embers In my throat when I speak your name. My thoughts thicken weighing me down, like a hot summers night sweat, I can't sleep.. I miss you. The words aren't meaningless they are physical. The pain of missing, it's the pain of longing, of needing. I need you. I need to feel you. I need to hold you. Please. I love you.
But I love you is not good enough for
you. I need you but that is to much for you. I long for you, but you don't long for me too..
So how can I describe the pain I feel inside? I feel as if you've died I feel as though I am caught dying but can't let go. Like a ghost trapped between worlds . Like a lost soul forever floating with no purpose other than to wish for what was lost, what I had. I had you.
And with one last breath she said his name, with one final step not made in vein.. A glassy glance at a picture in hand, a final dance, but not hand to hand. Her tears run hot, down her pale white cheek. she just wants to close her eyes and fall asleep..
I still hear your voice sometimes. Or maybe I'll feel your hands running through my hair, your hair. I look
Like you, I have so much of you in me. I wish you could watch me grow, but you'll never know me. I didn't know you when you died.. I knew the person you used to be. I still miss you sometimes. The pain isn't getting less worse, just less heavy..
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