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Sam WG Jul 2015
Calm King Crimson
On a sweet slow saunter
Sibling whistles to his self
Hound sniffs and wolves whistle
Leaps and bounds
Across the cool green ground

Ambiance is here
Lying all around
Lingering there before we met her here
Eagerly waiting to be found

Take her to bed
Or let her lead the way
Tonight there's no debating
She's already had her say

What's greater,
The living or the unlovable?
The unmoveable or those who can't stay?
Who's to say we're not all equal?
Who's to say that they're great?

In the shadow of a leaning tree
Older than all of those I know
It says nothing but I speak for it
As a wood splinter in a forest
In this case
My whispering impact is up for debate
Started out as an observational poem, turned into full blown existential questioning when I started floating off
Sam WG Jun 2015
Everybody in this place is dreaming
It's been that way forever
They're all gonna wake up soon
They'll all be hell for leather

Up the smoky walls of yesterday
And the dusty prints of last year
And nicotine burning sycophants
And the glowing mold of fear

Gonna sweep this house clean out
Gonna blow out all of the lights
We'll dream back up the Amazon
We'll steer her home tonight

In the elegant sails of infinity
And the blowing winds of old love
Are the words from the mouths of the delicate crowds
In the shimmering realms up above

******* home
******* home
******* home
Take me in hold me close
******* home
We're aware of perspective to not be rejected
******* home
******* home
******* home

Now quick to the cut
Are we waking?
And seeing it all as the dream?
The pillars that raised us are shaking
And Samson's will is the theme

That one minute we see and the next we don't
In our minds in the devil's long tail
Slapping sense to its peak and a hard strung out week
And so back to the love in our sails

Gonna sweep this house clean out
Gonna blow out all of the lights
We'll dream back up the Amazon
We'll steer her home tonight
I want to share this song by Johnny Flynn... Always loved these lyrics. Go ahead and search it up!
Sam WG May 2015
Resting back on pillows in my attic hideaway
Feeling satisfied on a full stomach
Gazing through the top roof window that rests higher than wide
Clear clouds pass by at a snails pace
To the backdrop of the faintest watercolor-blue sky
And the early moon rests in perfect parallel to my line of sight
Daylight peels away at the same speed of the approaching night
I can't pluck a single reason to complain from my mind
So I may as well just stay here and sit tight
And let my music ring on
Oh  so mellow
Oh so right
Where are you at right now?
Sam WG Apr 2015
I know a girl that let a broken butterfly fly from her hand
It gave her thanks
As it flew through the rain that pattered down and rested upon her hair
Oh the fair things she'd do for a creature in pain

And she kindly shared a half jar of honey to the sweet honey bees
Then they invited her back to their place for supper and tea
She even let a restless blackbird rest upon your knee
Even with that beak of his I could see a look of glee

Baby all these things you do are so lovely indeed
So is there any chance
Even just once
That you could be this nice to me?
A bit of an arbitrary rhyme if I'm honest. I was pretty much making it up as I went along and now that I think about it, it could be about searching for a one night stand. On second thoughts, give it your own meaning!
Sam WG Apr 2015
Hey ** don't you know
I've got a stitch for you to sow
Call me in the morning I'll be out of bed
Oh yes, "You can never get too much rest!"
Half a day working at the circus
How about we juggle an English breakfast, side of French Toast
Tie my lace and tighten my waist
I'd hate to have to save face, before the birds have barked

I can't wait to see you next evening
You know I might jump off the swing early
Hit the ground running
so you won't see me coming
Well anyway I've ruined the surprise now haven't I
But anyhow hey **, it was wishful thinking
I'll still step-stone through the snow
And you know it'll melt like it always does
This is me doing my best (well, the first time I've tried) to write lyrics like Syd Barrett. By the way it's supposed to be recited like a nursery rhyme would, it doesn't sound right if you don't make it a right old song and dance kind of tune. It could be longer but I'm going to bed so I'll just post it as it is.
Sam WG Sep 2014
Through the act of speaking vividly, we enter into a flirtation with the domain of the imagination.
The ability to associate sounds, or the small mouth noises of language, with meaningful internal images, is a synesthetic activity.
I'm reading Food of The Gods and I love this little quote. It is almost poetic.
Sam WG Sep 2014
Cassie babe,
Your eye don't fix onto anything
What's holding your words in?

Painting up above
It seems you've a love for everything
I just haven't seen you grin

Thoughts on edge
Inside instead
Your legs dangle from a ledge
Gormless expression
Inner canvas expression

Not a thing to say
In your mind all day
You know the way it goes
Drifting to
And floating from
Places to spaces
But never really going anywhere
Well nowhere that she'd like to share
With you or me

Pondering elegantly
Elaborating privately
There is no doubt
Your beauty's on show
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