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Sam WG Sep 2015
I pick a rosey
Blush your cheeks
You pucker your lips thick
Smudge my skin
Tug of wardrobe
I love your tours, so revealing

When you're in tide, swim to me
Think of you more so than any other thing
You live across the road from a man named Grim
Other girls smell funny, reside inside inside bins

You've an artistic body, far from shoddy
Insist my knees are weak and legs get wobbly
Rather oddly, I'm eating cod and chips more often
Since I caught the only fish worth catching
In the deep blue sea
Sam WG May 2014
Auras come and go
Perspectives find and lose their tone
In my brain there has been many shows
Different filters and colours of visions presented and grown
Certain vibes have been and gone home

Forgetting the emotions, the sheer beauty of conciousness
Is what keeps us on the road
Knowing that we are the Cosmos made conscious
And life is the means by which the Universe is able to understand itself
That's enough to keep my little ego in place
And stay running the race for another day
Sam WG Jun 2015
Everybody in this place is dreaming
It's been that way forever
They're all gonna wake up soon
They'll all be hell for leather

Up the smoky walls of yesterday
And the dusty prints of last year
And nicotine burning sycophants
And the glowing mold of fear

Gonna sweep this house clean out
Gonna blow out all of the lights
We'll dream back up the Amazon
We'll steer her home tonight

In the elegant sails of infinity
And the blowing winds of old love
Are the words from the mouths of the delicate crowds
In the shimmering realms up above

******* home
******* home
******* home
Take me in hold me close
******* home
We're aware of perspective to not be rejected
******* home
******* home
******* home

Now quick to the cut
Are we waking?
And seeing it all as the dream?
The pillars that raised us are shaking
And Samson's will is the theme

That one minute we see and the next we don't
In our minds in the devil's long tail
Slapping sense to its peak and a hard strung out week
And so back to the love in our sails

Gonna sweep this house clean out
Gonna blow out all of the lights
We'll dream back up the Amazon
We'll steer her home tonight
I want to share this song by Johnny Flynn... Always loved these lyrics. Go ahead and search it up!
Sam WG May 2014
People of the Earth
We won't be the first
In the midst of open arms
More stars have given birth
Sam WG Sep 2015
Long time coming in another
You yes you are love see no other
Delicate dandelion seed blows to wish
I stumble found upon final assemble of shattered dish
Clocks tut tick tock as our stew so brews thick

Lengthy shower of a boiler ripe
Yearn to bathe two throw hours
Dance with me in the water love
I, You, scrub scour sequins and shine
Fanfare play, kettle boil, whistle at the last post

Lemon squeeze on a salad zest
Michelin star, fruitful spray
Dust wiped to shine in one tenth a day
Impy ink I'm writing cursive
And quite kinda neat in a waited change
Sam WG Oct 2015
These feet have been around
Plodded in puddles
Clogged and clicked the ground
To you they're safe
To me you're sound
To run round to you
Oh crave I could now

Golden hair
Cartwheel flair
Peppermint breath
Fly in fresh air
Not once whistled
Not even splintered despair
Since good girl
Oh she's been there
Since Queen girl
Oh she's proved rare

Cornish Piskie,
Frisk me
Arrest me
Glisten glitter
Blind my gaze
Can't resist to see
Split open apparel
Dizzy me as does Jimi
Screeching and peaking in a purple haze

Precious stone
Clustered diamond
Element formed in golden flame
Gotta shade my eyes to save
Sight to see, pupils in prime
Condition to view you ripe and shine

Voluptuous mahogany, statue in mind
Polished marble, Amazon ripe
Almond smoke, velvet scent
Dusk swept sun, satin night
Will always be, your favourite gent
Sam WG Sep 2014
Cassie babe,
Your eye don't fix onto anything
What's holding your words in?

Painting up above
It seems you've a love for everything
I just haven't seen you grin

Thoughts on edge
Inside instead
Your legs dangle from a ledge
Gormless expression
Inner canvas expression

Not a thing to say
In your mind all day
You know the way it goes
Drifting to
And floating from
Places to spaces
But never really going anywhere
Well nowhere that she'd like to share
With you or me

Pondering elegantly
Elaborating privately
There is no doubt
Your beauty's on show
Sam WG May 2014
When thing's become full circle
                Do they just go back to square one?
                Will you make me believe I was wrong again
                Just to shy away as a friend

Or could you say there's been progress
              That it's not just another digress
              Save me a fatal wound to the chest
              A quiet, kosher loss at best
Rest away my thoughts for now, coax me to retire
            Obliterate my dumb desires
            My heart
            It starts to tire
(this is a really soppy poem)
Sam WG May 2014
I can hear the Band of Gypsys  
When I find her sitar eyes
But I can guess what she sees
With her moist mouth jarring wide
******* clouds from the sky

Hoodoo Voodoo Medicine Girl
In a thunderstorm of dirt stained pearls
Tranquillity is everything
As we all float down to hear her sing
And she knows full well
That she can pollinate anything
Simply without the need to sting

The half mast will be put in place  
As your heart's pump gathers in pace

If you're anticipating to catch her near
Don't act surprised if you're left to persevere
When you finally catch a glimpse
Things won't quite be as they appear  
She'll be floating in the stratosphere
Soaring high with no fear
Cos if you did not know
The Hoodoo Voodoo Medicine Girl
Burns on the fuel of your fresh tears.
Sam WG Apr 2015
Hey ** don't you know
I've got a stitch for you to sow
Call me in the morning I'll be out of bed
Oh yes, "You can never get too much rest!"
Half a day working at the circus
How about we juggle an English breakfast, side of French Toast
Tie my lace and tighten my waist
I'd hate to have to save face, before the birds have barked

I can't wait to see you next evening
You know I might jump off the swing early
Hit the ground running
so you won't see me coming
Well anyway I've ruined the surprise now haven't I
But anyhow hey **, it was wishful thinking
I'll still step-stone through the snow
And you know it'll melt like it always does
This is me doing my best (well, the first time I've tried) to write lyrics like Syd Barrett. By the way it's supposed to be recited like a nursery rhyme would, it doesn't sound right if you don't make it a right old song and dance kind of tune. It could be longer but I'm going to bed so I'll just post it as it is.
Sam WG May 2014
Afflicted by the sickness of spirit
Falling desperately in love
This one is for the memories
To feed the pondering that flows above

In and out of passages
Shadows dark as night
Forever they are resting
Beside straight edged flows of light

And as solumn as it sounds
What is here foretold
May well turn out to be right
As the story unfolds

Solitude.. rain storm.. then silence
Brewing up a thought of lust
Convinced by the illest form of wisdom
Now, quite surely, in love
Sam WG Jun 2014
Thinking that maybe there is music on planets other than our own
With different tones that we just can’t seem to hone
And instruments like triple necked trombones made of recycled robotic bones
Rockstar aliens playing in bands and doing gigs on planets in neighbouring zones
A gigantic galactic space tour to call their own and silver and chrome skyscraper cities to rock and roam
I'm writing a song and really like this verse so thought I'd share !
Sam WG May 2014
You were my Electric Enigma
                                                 Before I even had a clue
                                       I tried to rig the riddle
                                                 But it led me right to you
Oh, what am I to do?

                                       The ivy vine of your intelligence
                                                 So intertwined in relevance
                                       Latched to the walls I'm leaping
                                                 Spreading further each time I'm sleeping

                                       Fictitious thoughts fermenting for a fortnight
                                                Avoidin­g a gaze on in foresight
                                       Steady steps approaching the haze
                                                Around a camp-fire light and a wild night daze
                                       Righteous rituals will lead the way
Hope ya like!
Sam WG May 2014
She was the gypsy Queen Of Texas
In the day when what you saw
Wasn't quite what you were expecting to see.
No time to compromise, lookin' like a Bird-of-Paradise -
A blinding sight to be seen.
Making me wonder just how? or why?
Whatever got into this girl, it had to be right

Into California she was taken high
And to the lights
So bright
And so high

Oh scream baby scream
Such a sight to be seen
Bust me a note
Blues vibe running deep

Yeah Gypsy Queen of Texas
Send me some of your new found soul
Gypsy girl of Texas, long gone left your home
My mind is where your music, to this day, still roams.
I love this women. Shame she died early but she had all that I love in a girl. A one of a kind lady, much to be admired.
Sam WG Aug 2015
Your love spreads over me
Sun rays travel yellow like butter
Our thoughts wisp the airways
Hearts triple padlock knot together

Common traits fit a foot saddle
Silver slippers speak the truth
By first sunset we knew enough to know we can have it all
Rain patter drizzle ascends my roof

A spectrum stain on the sky
Soaked up and set in view
Must mean a monkey's birthday
Must mean I love love love you
Sam WG May 2014
Moon child
Chameleon soul
'Spirit animal' we're told

Tonight there's beauty in her sleep
Her mind wanders
On the back foot of a restless day
She takes a stroll to the red house over yonder

What to do, forever pondered
No matter,
The outcome
Of course
Is destined to please her

Her mind wanders
Sam WG May 2015
Resting back on pillows in my attic hideaway
Feeling satisfied on a full stomach
Gazing through the top roof window that rests higher than wide
Clear clouds pass by at a snails pace
To the backdrop of the faintest watercolor-blue sky
And the early moon rests in perfect parallel to my line of sight
Daylight peels away at the same speed of the approaching night
I can't pluck a single reason to complain from my mind
So I may as well just stay here and sit tight
And let my music ring on
Oh  so mellow
Oh so right
Where are you at right now?
Sam WG Aug 2015
One and only girl
Give me a tease
Give me a twirl
Let my love inside you
Let me plunder your pearl

Oh what a girl
I'm thinking so frequent
Such royalty and majesty
P.S. I'm really loving your curls

You wear my medallion
Pride of a stallion
We stay so happy
Come lye in my lappy

Our magnetised flesh
So careful to caress
Oh Honey I'm coming
And I'm gonna be your best

In a grey moment I think of you
It is glorious it is
In my mind I can picture your treasures
It is wonderful indeed

I'm so enthralled by you lovely
Never heard of the world appalled
Might have to start a new language
Thinking of suited words to use
Sam WG Sep 2015
Scuse' me sweet women,
Did you know you put me on the world's shoulders?
Or did you sleepwalk into the situation like me too?
Either way, it's alright we're up here now
And isn't it a lovely view?

Oh and to think about going back down to earth now
.... I couldn't, could you?

It's funny...
I was wading in the water
Not going far at all
Just cruising, as you do...
Until I swan up and out,
And I breathed the air
And I tell ya, I did shout, I did
But I said "Oh hello, um how do you do?"


Next thing, we're traveling half way to the moon!

And it is at this place that I sing to you,
Oh Angel, Oh Dharma!
Is this mortal living or what they call Nirvana?
Alas, it makes no difference to me what is the answer
All that does, I tell you
Angel, Lover, Newfound Owner of my heart whole!
Keep wearing your silver armour,
But remember,
With me by your side,
No sinister soul,
Or a man that means foul,
Could push past my passion to harm ya!
Sam WG Apr 2015
I know a girl that let a broken butterfly fly from her hand
It gave her thanks
As it flew through the rain that pattered down and rested upon her hair
Oh the fair things she'd do for a creature in pain

And she kindly shared a half jar of honey to the sweet honey bees
Then they invited her back to their place for supper and tea
She even let a restless blackbird rest upon your knee
Even with that beak of his I could see a look of glee

Baby all these things you do are so lovely indeed
So is there any chance
Even just once
That you could be this nice to me?
A bit of an arbitrary rhyme if I'm honest. I was pretty much making it up as I went along and now that I think about it, it could be about searching for a one night stand. On second thoughts, give it your own meaning!
Sam WG May 2014
Lest you loosen your grip on the strings of the season
Once again you answer with a question -
Leaving the inevitable in resting, rather than reason

Undesirable as is underwhelming to one
Yet to another,
Nothing short of writhing and wreathing

There's no way of stopping what is to be
As if you were a child in their time of teething

Subsequent is the simmer
The boil down of your glimmer
For the final time, no matter
I crown you the winner
Really enjoying this poetry shabang
Sam WG Sep 2014
Through the act of speaking vividly, we enter into a flirtation with the domain of the imagination.
The ability to associate sounds, or the small mouth noises of language, with meaningful internal images, is a synesthetic activity.
I'm reading Food of The Gods and I love this little quote. It is almost poetic.
Sam WG Aug 2014
Searching for tranquillity to take her to town
Board a train of thought in solitude with the absence of sound
Quietude is my preference and presented proud
A glance to the blue cloud clustered sky and any sense of self is swiftly lifted as high as I feel
The door of my favourite place is secure and sealed

A rough trail of thought winds it's way through my mind
Like a green forest's walking track
A feeling of worth on Earth
No longer considered to lack
I have no purpose but to live
Earn my bread and yearn to give
Create and indulge in art
Satisfy my soul
Reach for the status quo and tear it apart
A century or so to call my own
People of the future and people of the past
In the end we all go just as far
Sam WG May 2014
They say
"Is it really worth it,
To read between the lines?
I've never really cared that much
And It's done me just fine!"

           I say
          "To see something naturally deemed perfect?
           With an eye always turned blind
           And comfortably concealed
           Behind the clouded thoughts of kind -
           Mothers and Fathers of times past by
           That you've suffered and you've fought
           Sometimes left feeling distraught
           There's nothing left to have faith in now
           No royal of the sort
           To kneel before and hide your thoughts
           Be loyal to yourself for once
           You know that you're worth more, have pride
           Morality is an ability of yours
           There since birth and always will be
           The reality is richer rather than poor

           So Yes! you should question
           Find out more open intentioned
           Open up and peak outside
           Logic beckons you not to hide
           What answers may arise
           Is far beside this point of mine
           Just swim the sea
           Just ride the tide
           Earth is our own playing ground
           Look for things inside
           If these discoveries could sing at you
           I think they surely would
           Just waiting for knowledge to be took from them
           Beckoning to be found!".
This poem is about science and learning and how I think people should be enthusiastic to gain as much knowledge as possible in life, questioning everything that is put in front of you!
Sam WG May 2014
           each single cell and fibre
An event horizon  
                      briskly scathing wider
A hyper-nova powerhouse
                               The death of a Sun
Quiet as a mouse on Earth
                                      In Space perhaps a hum

Quite the sight we've never seen
                                            From our eyes to the sky
But envisioned by a telescope
                                                 The vastest contrasts of realities
Exist so far and wide
                                                     Hard to fathom
Tiny atoms
                                                       Galaxies like grains of sand
What is big?
                                                          What is small?            
Whatever the answer
                                                             Space is ******* cool!
One thing that completely knocks me on my **** is attempting to comprehend the size of the Universe. It's a big old place so I just chucked down some thoughts out there. Hypernovas are the the biggest form of Nova's (I think) and when you look into the amount of space these thing take up and the energy they release you really just feel like a piece of dust. Which is good!
Sam WG May 2014
Shiver for me now
Deliver for me my darling
A living that I could
Be giving to you my sweet love
Swim for your smile in a blue rock quarry
Make it for me baby you won't be sorry
Shot from the pages of love and glory
Sleeping next to you and I'm in your dream
Love this song, great lyricism written by Anthony Kiedis of the RHCPs
Sam WG Aug 2014
What are we doing as a species?
Where are we going to end up?
When do we decide to look within?
How do we go back to how it was before?
Why did it get to this point?

This male dominated society we live in
There was once coexisting unisex tribes
Goddess worshipping lovers
Plant foraging, wisdom consuming
Harmonious humans

There was a time when everything was a mystery to our ancestors
In this day and age
Before we've been somewhere or seen something
We've seen a picture
Word of mouth has made sure that we're not in doubt
But there was a time that every new horizon
Bought suspense, surprise and uncertainty

A time when we had to work together to survive
Learn how to do things that mattered to stay alive
When exploring our own consciousness wasn't a crime
What are we now?
The majority
Spoon fed junk all our precious lives

We are forgetting that we are primates, cousins of the great apes
We're forgetting our extraordinary circumstances
Alive on a habitable planet
Evolved through processes just learning to explain
In a minute amount of time
A universe the size our minds alone fail to fathom
But I'm going too far
The reality we're supposed to believe in is money and cars!
I look around and I hardly see people any more. Not people that care about how they got here, the Earth, that appreciate their situation.. just a load of mindless zombies that have to human instincts left to spare. Sorry this is a bit of a rant.
Sam WG Jul 2015
Calm King Crimson
On a sweet slow saunter
Sibling whistles to his self
Hound sniffs and wolves whistle
Leaps and bounds
Across the cool green ground

Ambiance is here
Lying all around
Lingering there before we met her here
Eagerly waiting to be found

Take her to bed
Or let her lead the way
Tonight there's no debating
She's already had her say

What's greater,
The living or the unlovable?
The unmoveable or those who can't stay?
Who's to say we're not all equal?
Who's to say that they're great?

In the shadow of a leaning tree
Older than all of those I know
It says nothing but I speak for it
As a wood splinter in a forest
In this case
My whispering impact is up for debate
Started out as an observational poem, turned into full blown existential questioning when I started floating off
Sam WG Nov 2015
A song and I'm wayfaring
Me small things tall
No questions I'm guided
Acoustic Travis
Drifting under bridges
Moving with the flow
Nothing degrading
What is a worry
Picked up and taken places
In others arms and eyes
They talk for me
I watch things and play on stuff

This compilation is leading me astray
But I just want to stay
Haven't heard in years
Where have I gone these years
Who have I been
Oh the thoughts are warm
My heart is poached
Sunny side up

I recall
Letters spoke to conceal a word
Tree sap sticky
I climbed not that tall
Idle with my fun plans
Loll to a place holding a safe hand
Stroll through this gate
I'm seeing good people today
Sit down to play
Hard skates won't fit my feet hurt my toes
Old toy car won't turn corners
Make do wear my jelly blue shoes
What's a schedule what is time
I don't think ahead
Explain it to me in a nursery rhyme
Kiss goodbye can't stay
Red sky at night shepherds delight
Blue sky and baby faced sun tomorrow
Going home sleeping tight
Won't let the bed bugs bite
Talk about feeling nostalgic. I just put on The Man Who album by Travis and some of the songs I haven't listened to in years and they took me back.

— The End —