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Sam WG Nov 2015
A song and I'm wayfaring
Me small things tall
No questions I'm guided
Acoustic Travis
Drifting under bridges
Moving with the flow
Nothing degrading
What is a worry
Picked up and taken places
In others arms and eyes
They talk for me
I watch things and play on stuff

This compilation is leading me astray
But I just want to stay
Haven't heard in years
Where have I gone these years
Who have I been
Oh the thoughts are warm
My heart is poached
Sunny side up

I recall
Letters spoke to conceal a word
Tree sap sticky
I climbed not that tall
Idle with my fun plans
Loll to a place holding a safe hand
Stroll through this gate
I'm seeing good people today
Sit down to play
Hard skates won't fit my feet hurt my toes
Old toy car won't turn corners
Make do wear my jelly blue shoes
What's a schedule what is time
I don't think ahead
Explain it to me in a nursery rhyme
Kiss goodbye can't stay
Red sky at night shepherds delight
Blue sky and baby faced sun tomorrow
Going home sleeping tight
Won't let the bed bugs bite
Talk about feeling nostalgic. I just put on The Man Who album by Travis and some of the songs I haven't listened to in years and they took me back.
Sam WG Oct 2015
These feet have been around
Plodded in puddles
Clogged and clicked the ground
To you they're safe
To me you're sound
To run round to you
Oh crave I could now

Golden hair
Cartwheel flair
Peppermint breath
Fly in fresh air
Not once whistled
Not even splintered despair
Since good girl
Oh she's been there
Since Queen girl
Oh she's proved rare

Cornish Piskie,
Frisk me
Arrest me
Glisten glitter
Blind my gaze
Can't resist to see
Split open apparel
Dizzy me as does Jimi
Screeching and peaking in a purple haze

Precious stone
Clustered diamond
Element formed in golden flame
Gotta shade my eyes to save
Sight to see, pupils in prime
Condition to view you ripe and shine

Voluptuous mahogany, statue in mind
Polished marble, Amazon ripe
Almond smoke, velvet scent
Dusk swept sun, satin night
Will always be, your favourite gent
Sam WG Sep 2015
Long time coming in another
You yes you are love see no other
Delicate dandelion seed blows to wish
I stumble found upon final assemble of shattered dish
Clocks tut tick tock as our stew so brews thick

Lengthy shower of a boiler ripe
Yearn to bathe two throw hours
Dance with me in the water love
I, You, scrub scour sequins and shine
Fanfare play, kettle boil, whistle at the last post

Lemon squeeze on a salad zest
Michelin star, fruitful spray
Dust wiped to shine in one tenth a day
Impy ink I'm writing cursive
And quite kinda neat in a waited change
Sam WG Sep 2015
I pick a rosey
Blush your cheeks
You pucker your lips thick
Smudge my skin
Tug of wardrobe
I love your tours, so revealing

When you're in tide, swim to me
Think of you more so than any other thing
You live across the road from a man named Grim
Other girls smell funny, reside inside inside bins

You've an artistic body, far from shoddy
Insist my knees are weak and legs get wobbly
Rather oddly, I'm eating cod and chips more often
Since I caught the only fish worth catching
In the deep blue sea
Sam WG Sep 2015
Scuse' me sweet women,
Did you know you put me on the world's shoulders?
Or did you sleepwalk into the situation like me too?
Either way, it's alright we're up here now
And isn't it a lovely view?

Oh and to think about going back down to earth now
.... I couldn't, could you?

It's funny...
I was wading in the water
Not going far at all
Just cruising, as you do...
Until I swan up and out,
And I breathed the air
And I tell ya, I did shout, I did
But I said "Oh hello, um how do you do?"


Next thing, we're traveling half way to the moon!

And it is at this place that I sing to you,
Oh Angel, Oh Dharma!
Is this mortal living or what they call Nirvana?
Alas, it makes no difference to me what is the answer
All that does, I tell you
Angel, Lover, Newfound Owner of my heart whole!
Keep wearing your silver armour,
But remember,
With me by your side,
No sinister soul,
Or a man that means foul,
Could push past my passion to harm ya!
Sam WG Aug 2015
Your love spreads over me
Sun rays travel yellow like butter
Our thoughts wisp the airways
Hearts triple padlock knot together

Common traits fit a foot saddle
Silver slippers speak the truth
By first sunset we knew enough to know we can have it all
Rain patter drizzle ascends my roof

A spectrum stain on the sky
Soaked up and set in view
Must mean a monkey's birthday
Must mean I love love love you
Sam WG Aug 2015
One and only girl
Give me a tease
Give me a twirl
Let my love inside you
Let me plunder your pearl

Oh what a girl
I'm thinking so frequent
Such royalty and majesty
P.S. I'm really loving your curls

You wear my medallion
Pride of a stallion
We stay so happy
Come lye in my lappy

Our magnetised flesh
So careful to caress
Oh Honey I'm coming
And I'm gonna be your best

In a grey moment I think of you
It is glorious it is
In my mind I can picture your treasures
It is wonderful indeed

I'm so enthralled by you lovely
Never heard of the world appalled
Might have to start a new language
Thinking of suited words to use
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