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SA Feb 2015
She has this unexplainable power upon my well-being. A power stronger than the moon when it’s guiding the waves home. The impact she has on my mentality cannot be described through words. Every thought disappears by her sweet and lovely kisses. Her kisses are ever so gentle, like no other. It’s like when the tide meets the shore in the midst of the night. All of a sudden, I feel these strong tides crashing the shore. They connect as if they're meant to be forever, and so do our lips.
And in that moment,
I knew.
My love for her was deeper than any ocean could ever be.
SA Nov 2014
I'm looking at you,
You're looking at her.
I melt for you,
While you burn desire for her.
I spark when you turn,
Turns out you're admiring someone else.
I'm like your shadow,
Always there, never appreciated.
You only see me at night,
When you need me most.
When the sun rises, I'm gone.
You forget about me,
Don't even think about me,
Until the sun sets once again.
  Nov 2014 SA
This pain,
This addiction.
A love letter —
Carved in skin.
A ****** red itch.
My scars are medals,
Tragic measurements.
Precise in their torment.
SA Nov 2014
Your love was black and white.
Both evil and kind,
Sour and sweet
I crave both,
Knowing that they will make my heart ache.
My heart will be damaged,
And will forever be scarred.
SA Nov 2014
I will never understand whether being alone is your choice or someone else's.
Left broken-hearted,
Left in tears,
Thoughts are wandering,
Whether it's your fault.
All of a sudden, you're one step away from wanting THAT feeling.
That feeling that'll repair all the damage,
And one you'll cherish forever.

— The End —