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Sarah Sep 2019
love comes to us in many forms
and oftentimes
we question if it even exists
this thing of fairytales
but all I know
is that when I first saw her
time stopped
and the world became brighter
and I would question no longer
Sarah Sep 2019
I remember her as she was in the morning
limbs soft, unending
entangled within a cloud of cotton sheets
hair wild, rampant
a halo surrounding her porcelain features
eyes brilliant, welcoming
blinking away the dreams of a night passed
Sarah Sep 2019
she looked at me with anxious eyes
biting her lip as if to hold on to a secret
"love me slowly"
she whispered with fear in her heart
as if the love I had for her
would run out
like sand through an hourglass
Sarah Sep 2019
sometimes I forget
what a miracle it is
to be alive
Sarah Sep 2019
oh darling
I don't need much
to be happy
just your laughter
the way you look at me
and some place quiet
with your arms wrapped around me
tucked away from the world
Sarah Sep 2019
it takes every ounce
of self restraint
to not kiss you
Sarah Sep 2019
I don't believe in mistakes
even as I watched you walk away
through a flood of tears
but if I did
you were my favorite
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