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City of eternal wonders
An empire built,
fallen, re-animated
alive and never broken.
There lay ruins
old and modern,
monuments of marble
stumbled on by hoofs
and carriages shrieking
on the cobbled streets
poisoned by uncultured
But in the little streets
lay a calm
silence not many
can hear.
The beauty is underneath
hidden, not all will see.
It's heart keeps beating:
like fine wine,
it improves with time.
You wonder why I left?
It seems you've forgotten
All the time that I was there

Those months you dragged me
Through all your confusion
You pushed and pulled;
A balancing act
Keeping me by your side

It stayed that way for a while
But your ability to push
Has ******* your ability to pull
It threw me away for good

So you wonder why?
I'll tell you:
Ask yourself
Why you pushed so hard
 Feb 2017 Brandon
 Feb 2017 Brandon
Pinup girls swinging from the trees
Rosy cheeks and shiny knees
Flickering lights behind my eyes
Rolling clouds hanging in the sky
Closing my lids to the sweet respite
Beautiful euphoria sweeping through the night
Twinkling stars burning up in light
Lovers basking in the moon's delight
Cotton sticking in my throat
Like the words I never spoke
Dragonflies humming above the pond
Fleeting notes of lovers song
I feel the nerves beneath my skin
Alive and buzzing from the warmth of winds
Kissing collarbones with empty lips
Like it did when we were kids
Bees crawling up my neck
With fragile wings and dainty legs
I dreamed I was the queen of them
Proctecting me in the face of death
Smile because on this day last year you were going through something horrible and even though you thought things wouldn't get better they did.
Smile because the person who attempts to dim your shine needs to be reminded that not everyone is a **** and out to hurt them.
Smile because you're alive.
Smile because your favorite song played on the radio five times already and you wish it would play again.
Smile because even though you have no plans today that's fine because now you can spend time with yourself and give yourself some undivided attention.
Smile because you love yourself.
Smile because whether your teeth are perfect or crooked your smile is beautiful as ****.
Smile because everytime you smile you send a dose of magic into the world that makes someone else's day that much better.
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: February. 16, 2017 Thursday 12:00 P.M.
 Feb 2017 Brandon
 Feb 2017 Brandon
My favorite poem is your hands on my neck.
I know you need my lips all over you,
baby we'll keep it in check.
What about you?
You see I don't write love poems on paper,
I write them on the sheets.
Enough of all these, just show me
where your bedroom is.
What about you?
What is your favorite poem?
I hope it's your hands on my neck.
 Feb 2017 Brandon
Sydney Bittner
Good things end in the fluorescent lighting
of an apartment hallway on a Tuesday night
With a whispered “text me” and a slow nod.

You and I are two separate worlds,
impossibly rotating around each other
Star-crossed by an ending beauty.

There is nothing I want more
than the light behind your eyes
blinking awake at me in the early hours
than the shape of your head, silhouette
against a sunset of emotion.

But sometimes dusk comes too soon
With no gift to wash me through
Human words sharp through the rays of passing sun.
Taken in by the cold moon, we are undone.

It is hard to heal a wound that doesn't scab
even harder to forgive an unapologetic action
My soul still intertwined with yours
I close the door.
take out the scissors and cut me lose, all I'm attached to is you.
 Jan 2017 Brandon
Sydney Marie
Love is selfish.
Love is not a game to be played or won.
It is a selfish act.
And boy,
You make me want to be on center stage.
Happy Holidays to those who are celebrating this week. I wish you all a safe and lovely time with friends and loved ones.
 May 2016 Brandon
Sydney Marie
 May 2016 Brandon
Sydney Marie
Time is moving much quicker.

and I,

cannot keep up.
 Mar 2016 Brandon
 Mar 2016 Brandon
Sometimes thoughts
can't be expressed.
So I'm wondering
how poetry
is full of
human's darkest
with meaningless meanings.
I want to be like poetry
and learn what the souls of humanity
are hidding.
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