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Night Flyer Jun 2014
Work your magic across the sky
Midnight Moon, pearlescent queen
To your smile, my spirit flies
Through the clouds and mists pristine.

Drawn by your hypnotic glare
Proud Selene, eternally
Captured by your silver stare
And the spell you've put on me.

Pearly mistress, guide me home
To my castle by the sea
Blessed, these miles that I roam
Neath your shining mystery.

From the fires in my heart
With rhyming verse, I honor thee
Before the morning makes its start
Thou blazing orb of poetry.
one of several poems I've written dedicated to Luna...
Night Flyer Jun 2014
A forest pathway I follow
Through a distant misty hollow
To a far place where thoughts unwind
That's buried deep within my mind
To the smooth banks of a clear stream
In this fair dream within a dream
My River Lethe gently calls
And to her depths, my spirit falls
In her sweet waters, I forget
This life of sorrow and regret
Perhaps this river, flowing free
Will pull me to the endless sea
Where Nereids live within the caves
So deep beneath its swirling waves
And lifetimes pass in depths pristine
As sun glints through aquamarine
And there one senses pure delight
As currents dance in pearly light
So to the sea where dolphins play
On this river, I'll drift away.

Note: Lethe, from Greek mythology, is pronounced:
This is a poem I wrote in 2009 after a walk in the woods.  Last year a music composer contacted me and asked if he could use this in a public choral performance, and I gave him my permission. Am waiting to see how this turns out.
Night Flyer Jun 2014
We meet again one dreamy night
Of emerald green on midnight's shore
Warm waves reflected in the light
Of silver moon forevermore.

I listen to your soaring voice
That echoes cross the sapphire waves
And causes my heart to rejoice
For music of the sea, it craves.

In this Aegean dream, we play
This magic beach of windswept sand
In pale moonlight, we've lost our way
Here where the ocean meets the land.

Sweet Mari Ann, your poet ways
Through endless dunes, you lead me on
Way past the rocks, lost in a daze
Enraptured by your mermaid song.
This poem talks about the sea and my good friend Mari Ann. She is a kindred spirit to me, being a song writer, singer, poet and artist. We spent many years together. Now, sadly, she is a resident of a nursing home in Miami and I am living in Massachusetts.
Night Flyer Jun 2014
Rivers flow down towards the bay
And with them, lifetimes swept away
Of cobble stones and windswept sand
And legends of our native land
I walk alone down avenues
Of shifting sands and ocean hues
And faces from another time
From road to sandy bluffs, I climb
Down by the sea, the windy shore
Whispers their names, who are no more
Pale ghosts who wander by the sea
Up from the waves, they call to me
Of whalers, who for glory, yearned
And sailing ships that ne'er returned
Of sailors brave and lovely maids
To them, the ocean serenades
I sip my beer and hear a gull
Lost on these timeless streets of Hull.
Was looking through one of my notebooks and saw a poem that I had started last year after visiting Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. After reading what I had, I thought it would be more effective as a rhymed poem. This is the result...
Night Flyer Jun 2014
The misty firmament above in the hours before the rising sun,
Swirls patterns deeply etched into the grey sky,
Windy realm of night with its soaring echoes,
A play of wind, clouds and dancing moonlight,
The spirits of the ages play, spread across the invincible night,
They play unseen, yet fill the Arcadian meadows with their presence,
To the wind, they vow a burning promise,
To the night, their unquenchable energies,
In the windy sea sky, adrift with misty cloud schooners,
The season of the Solstice sweeps her glowing gown,
Drawn by oceanic breezes,
Her midnight tempest spawns vaporous clouds across the gloomy moors,
Her Druid song haunting the moonlit fields,
This swirling mirth of darkness strips the tired senses spellbound in these seasons of the night.
Some years ago I used to read my poems at Stone Poetry in Cambridge, MA. When I read this one, they made a video of it. Hope you like.
Night Flyer Jun 2014
In swirling clouds of silver lace
The disk of Luna lies concealed
Across the Autumn skies they race
Over this shadow realm surreal.

On evening shadows now, I gaze
A gentle wind swirls through the trees
From depths of sleep, I watch half-dazed
Thin branches stirring in the breeze.

Lights flickering neath mystic skies
Through gaps in trees, they shine within
Entranced, my mind, I watch surprised
This spectral beauty in the wind.

In these dark shadows, spirits drift
Translucent ghosts and dryads old
From this meadow, I sense their gift
Strange stories from the wood untold.

Oh let me join thy sylvan fest
Pale spirits of this Solstice night
Before the Moon sets in the west
We'll revel neath her misty light.
Wrote this in 2008 while living in Florida. Much of my poetry was inspired by walks beneath the stars.
Night Flyer May 2014
In the depths of azure of my mystical dream
The warm summer winds that pull me downstream
On a river of gold that runs through my mind
Past billowing curtains of tropical vines
To a verdant green garden that captures my eye
Neath the circling dance of the birds in the sky
My poetry goddess, she waits for me there
So graceful in form with a beauty so rare
She’s calling me back with a warm serenade
From heavenly meadows of blossoming jade
In the depths of azure of my mystical dream
And the warm summer winds that pull me downstream.
This poem was inspired by my walks at Botanical Park in Plantation, FL. It is a very pleasant, serene park with lots of exotic trees.
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