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Night Flyer Jul 2015
The castle songs, they drift tonight,
From Spain to the heights of Palmyra,
They ride the waves beneath moonlight,
Spinning sounds of dulcimer and lyre.

From where do you call, angel of the night,
From what castle, do you, my heart, inspire,
From the depths of my mind, your smile bright,
Stirs the embers of my desire.

So I send this poem, a voice in the wind,
To the angel of the night, I sing,
To a heart as parched as the desert sand,
True love, your kiss will bring.

Like the castle that rules that dusty *****,
O'er Palmyra's arid plain,
I'll wait from this hill with endless hope,
Till my desert's quenched with rain.
Romantic poem stirred up by my looking at photos of the ancient preserved city of Palmyra in Syria.
Night Flyer Jul 2015
Blossoms rustle in the wind
Crocus bright and thistle blue
Lilac, myrrh and hyacinth
Summer's bow to Autumn's rule.

They wave farewell to memories
Locked inside the season's sun
A sad serenade in the jasmine breeze
The end of all that we'd begun.

Though the noble myrtle strives
To make its stand in breezy shade
Quick are the years that span our lives
Like the winds that pass this glade.

The Summer birds now sweetly sing
Yet Fall clouds fill horizons blue
Harbingers of Winter's sting
And the end of dreams that we once knew.
Night Flyer Jul 2015
Brave sailors who sailed distant seas
In ages, crossing Neptune's realm
Sweet treasure's call, their minds, it pleased
Through surging waves, they took the helm.

With sextants held neath silver stars
They plied swift currents in the breeze
And sailed their ships to islands far
Past harbor lights and port cities.

For what rich treasures spurred their quests
For gold or silver, were they sent
With wanderlust that never rests
To ends of earth they gladly went.

But give me treasure that is real
The chance to write some poetry
On swirling waves, this heart will heal
And feel the freedom of the sea.

Don't want to stay here anymore
And drown in my uncertainties
I'd rather hear the ocean's roar
And see Gibraltar's majesty.

And know that I shall join someday
Those ancient mariners of yore
And reach that land so far away
Elysium's enchanted shore.
Night Flyer Jul 2015
Of distant dreams that call in the silence of dusk,
Their resonance in tropic humidity
Calling to me through the jacaranda and palm
past the swirling spanish moss
Their melodies resounding like bells in the lilac evening
And the chorus of crickets that drifts out to a harvest moon sky
O distant dreams that calm my sadness
and wrap me in their warmth
on passing ocean breezes,
Meander through stirring branches of twilight forests
to greet my Summer desolation,
sweeping me to your fabled lands,
beyond evening's gateways.
A poem I wrote while viewing a sunset in Florida.
Night Flyer Jul 2015
October winds, they came at last
Across the hills and ponds, they passed
And strewed bright autumn leaves around
So wonderful, their stirring sound
Relentlessly, they lured my mind
Down ancient paths that ever wind
So forthwith I sped through my door
Toward Massapoag's long sandy shore
And to the windy beach, I came
As waters glowed with twilight's flame
I felt your love on me enfold
As I gazed out on waters gold
So movingly, our hearts were one
Neath crimson rays of setting sun
Though far across the land, you dwelt
Eternal was the love I felt
That spanned the mountains and the seas
And rode the wild Autumn breeze
Now Autumn days to Winter, turn
This vision will, in my heart, burn.
This a poem I wrote in 2010 after I came up to New England temporarily and was missing my best friend in Florida, Mari Ann.
Night Flyer Apr 2015
You spent your last days in a hospital room
One month before your beating heart stopped
You were drifting away to the door of your tomb
I bought your last gift from the hospital shop.

They brought to your room a brown teddy bear
A soft, furry friend to make you feel loved
A message from me, to show you I cared
To hold on your journey to Heaven above.

No family or friends to comfort you there
Forgotten and lonesome, in white sheets, you lay
I picture you clutching your brown teddy bear
Kind gift from my heart as your life slipped away.
This is a poem about my last gift to my friend, Mari Ann, who passed away in a hospital last November.
Night Flyer Sep 2014
Small town, it sleeps neath darkened skies
Time to reflect as I unwind
The Summer moon cannot disguise
Her memory, so warm and kind.

Of dreams we chased, and silly lies
We had it all and then resigned
Her cheery laugh and smiling eyes
Lay buried deep within my mind.

The gentle wind begins to rise
To travel on, this life's designed
But memory, it slowly dies
My mirthful friend I left behind.
This poem refers to my best friend and fellow musician in Florida who I separated from when I moved back to New England some years ago.
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