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an oath—
broken by the
mouth, unspoken,
that spoke it, broken
not by word but by deeds,
kissing, and a marriage bleeds.
life is time borrowed
a wheat field softer than fur
flows,          under the scythe
Half -minded. It was raining
red. The vampire was getting ready.
My home was burning.

Disinvesting my love. The
road in my heart goes to the river. The
slender moon is sad. Negotiation drops

I am dragging a broken
pillar. Your body becomes bone china.
I clan write the ****** dates.
A ***** drags you
to smell the identity of Neanderthal.
How will you define the small human?

Now as I am hurt
I collect my poems from nostalgia.
The olive has the magic. This is not true.

I have to win at any
cost. Will you die for a lie? There
was no afterword after the ****.
 Aug 16 neth jones
Fire isle ferry,
fizzy-pop surprise

tutti frutti flave
lick tequila salted skies

Soaked in lemon, seaside breeze
strolling hand in hand

Fleeting footprints fade so fast
on Robbin's Rested
sweet candy crush
memories in beautiful
Fire Island
soon we'll say goodbye
to winter's boreal order
of freezing disdain
 Jun 2 neth jones
Take away, take it all, take my life, go on, why not
Bandits everywhere taking my women
Theives right there taking my money
Murderers in front of me taking my life

Opened my eyes and looked at the past,
Not interested in a monster like you
Not sparing some gold on worthless *** like you
Not stopping this addiction like you

Love? Who needs em
Money? Who needs it
My life? What about it?
My destination? Not your problem
sleep deprived right now so just spouting non sense
Do not show your dog
On your dating profile pic
Not dating your dog

Sometimes, I think
I love coffee more than *****
It’s still there in the morning

Your love lights me up
Like a neon sign
But it seems, I’m just the moth

(by Douglas Aucoin and Ryan P. Kinney)
If I promise you the moon and the stars
Would you believe it?
I gave a woman this once.
She left me for her own universe.

What if I’m ****** up beyond repair
When the sky falls
And the world crumbles
And I wonder why I still get to wake up

You will just have to learn how to live broken
Make the flaws part of the story
And seal in the cracks with precious golden moments
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