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 Mar 2019 amavi
 Mar 2019 amavi
And with a sincere smile,
she looked to the stars
knowing the future was worthwhile,
even, with a thousand scars.
 Jan 2019 amavi
Skyler M
 Jan 2019 amavi
Skyler M
Repeating words,
Stanzas become remade,
Over and over,
Read the words,
It's exhausting,
The clock as it's ticking,
I want to write well,
I want to write meaning,
But some things like these,
Is just simply boredom.
 Jan 2019 amavi
Hand over hand
 Jan 2019 amavi
Sometimes I wonder why,
People are

They're so young
full of youth
There's more months to live
Another sunrise
a moon's grin

It's depressing
reading how
depressed they are

They remind me of myself
that's why I hate it the most
 Jan 2019 amavi
I have talent, I suppose
But what I truly fear is
not r
f  a  r
I really despise this poem.
Unbecome everyone’s dreams
Unbecome everyone’s scars
Unbecome everything fake
To be what you truly are.
 Jan 2019 amavi
 Jan 2019 amavi
Born from ashes,
I am anew,
With no more clashes,
To the sorrow, adieu.

Red is the fire,
Which is my blood,
The flames of heart aspire,
To end this tragic flood.

Yellow is joy,
Rushing through my veins,
For a little flower whose blooming I enjoy,
Freed of all chains.

On passions wings,
I will take a flight,
And sing a song to everlasting springs,
There shall be no more fright.

Reflected in the mirror,
Eternal flame of the soul is what I desire,
It is indeed clearer,
The wish to be forever consumed in this fire.
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