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Saliva of the mouth
Or mucus of the nose
Dirt of a horse’s hair
Or ***** training of a rose.
We call these ***** things
But nature’s ways only nature knows.

Cherish the magnificent beauty
That nature has composed.
Cherish your gorgeousness
No matter what comes and goes.
I’d been in a rush all my life chasing people, love and work.
I’d been in a constant hurry to meet someone, to do something,
Always did I feel something missing
Chasing something unknown, as if tied to some unknown string.

I’d been in a constant battle with myself
I was afraid to be frozen and to feel out of control.
I’d been hurting myself so much to hold on to this temporary world
Oh! I was so afraid to be numb, still and all alone.

Like a roaring cyclone wearing jackets of ice
I was afraid to melt in front of anyone new.
So I trusted too much but I loved a few.
Clinging to them, I let my head become an a 24x7 open zoo.

Out of it I got nothing
I got lost, feeling powerless and suddenly all alone.
On roads full of racing people, lights and cars
I dragged myself like a dead pole tuned out into a sleepy zero zone.

But then I realized
That all of this isn’t that bad at all.
When there is no one alongside
Suddenly I can start melting, I can break my walls.

I got no one to show, I can enjoy myself
The pinkening orange skies and quiet long walks.
I release myself, I let go of anything, everything and all
In warmth of my tears, I can listen to my own talks.

I got nothing to look forward to,
I got nothing to lose.
So I start building a life
A life I, myself can choose.

Let’s rush, let’s roll
But not like a machine, instead like a waterfall.
Let’s hurry, let’s chase
But only the passing breeze, and not some unknown maze.

We’re too afraid to bear the pain of a scratching, blistering and burning heart
But be thankful every time your heart gets broken.
As Rumi also says,
Keep breaking your heart until it opens.
Weak people will try to pull you down
So that they can feel powerful.
Weak people will blame you, shame you
They will crush you in ways that are awful.

Strong people will inspire you
They will ignite a fire in your heart.
Strong people will teach you to be happy alone
To live to the fullest even when they are apart.

Weak people will sound lovely on the face
But attack you behind your back.
Strong people will encourage you to push harder
They will inspire abundance in you, not lack.

No matter what life throws at us
We ought to be strong, not weak.
We ought to look beyond words and dualities
And speak only with love and truth if we wish to speak.

We ought to build each one up
And live in harmony, not competitions.
We ought to keep our heart open
And learn to share our love without conditions.

Those who blame and hurt are already suffering
Bless them love and let go of what is already gone.
What’s the use of fighting with those
Who are weak, who have no strength of their own.
Be strong, and let go of what is gone.
Unbecome everyone’s dreams
Unbecome everyone’s scars
Unbecome everything fake
To be what you truly are.
Life is hard. Yes it is.

All motivations are temporary,
And so is all the outside attention.
When life slaps you, take it as a new break
Life’s slaps are still permanent but its claps are all fake.

If you take a decision, don’t look back
Don’t live in apologies and permissions.
Even if you do, don’t blame yourself, don’t regret
Never feel guilty for following your unique path in any condition.

Never let someone else’s beliefs
Become a barrier in your way.
Act with love not with aggression
Don’t let someone else’s bitterness harden your heart’s clay.

Don’t suppress your love, don’t suppress your voice
Just because people are afraid of your roars.
Don’t depend on anyone for believing in yourself
Learn to find and open your own doors.

Life is tough. Yes it is.

Cherish your sensitivities
But never let them become your weakness
Love someone with all your honesty and heart
But don’t be afraid to let go, don’t sacrifice your uniqueness.

Prove yourself to yourself
Not to the people, not to the world.
If you ever need to choose, choose yourself
You’re not needy, you’re a free bird.

Shed rivers of tears
Then gather all your gear
If you can’t fight with anyone else
At least fight with your own fears.
There’s snow outside my room’s window
A blanket of white fullness, a fullness of love
And a subtle fire inside my heart, vibrating up and below.

Since the moment I’ve seen someone suffering
In dark clouds of power, control and ego.
I never knew how strong I was
Until I had to move on and let them go.

There’s snow outside my room’s window
And tears trickling down in my shadow
For, I never knew the powerlessness of power and control
Until the power of love defeated the love of power breaking open my heart’s window.
Let’s get a little wild today
After all, freedom isn’t too expensive.
Let’s dance in the rain today
Don’t resist, don’t be defensive.

Let’s re-write the story
Let’s turn the page
This is your life
Have no time for others’ garbage.

Let’s shatter all the bars
Let the dam of emotions break free
Why do you look for permissions
You can become what you want to be.

Let’s stop searching for love
Let’s become it
Let’s begin to live again
Moment by moment, bit by bit.
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